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1. Title:   Trails and Tales of My Haas Ancestors, Volume I
Publication:   Name: 1984;
Author:   Evelyn Haas Jones
Note continued:   Source Medium: Book
2. Title:   Early Pennsylvania Births 1675-1875
Publication:   Name: 1947, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania;
Author:   Charles A. Fisher
Note continued:   Source Medium: Book
3. Title:   Tombstone Inscriptions of Snyder County, Pennsylvania
Publication:   Name: Wagenseller Publishing Company; Location: Middleburg, Pennsylvania; Date: 1904;
Author:   George W. Wagenseller
4. Title:   Probate and Orphans Court Records of Snyder County, Pennsylvania 1772-1855
Publication:   Name: Genealogical Publishing Company; Location: Baltimore, Maryland; Date: 1974, reprinted;
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