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Marriage: Children:
  1. John II de Savage: Birth: ABT 1370 in Clifton,Runcorn,Cheshire,Eng. Death: 1 AUG 1450 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng

  2. Margaret Savage: Birth: 1374 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

  3. Elizabeth Savage: Birth: ABT 1375 in Cheadle,Cheshire,Eng.

  4. Dorothy Savage: Birth: 1376 in Clifton,Runcorn,Cheshire,Eng.

  5. Isabella (Isabel) Savage: Birth: ABT 1376 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

  6. Petronel Savage: Birth: ABT 1377 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

  7. Blanch Savage: Birth: ABT 1378 in Cheadle,Cheshire,Eng.

  8. Roger Savage: Birth: 1380 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

  9. William Savage: Birth: JAN 1381 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

  10. Lucy Savage: Birth: 1382 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

  11. Anne Savage: Birth: 1385 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

  12. Dowsa (Alice) Savage: Birth: 1389 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

  13. George Savage: Birth: 1395 in Clifton,Cheshire,Eng.

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