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1. Title:   George Family History 1752-1979
Page:   page 33
Author:   Mary Doty Gleason, Francis George Brumley, Millard Corneilus George
Publication:   East Tennessee Printing Co., Inc. Rogersville, Tennessee 37857 Copyright1980
2. Title:   George Family History 1752-1979
Page:   Page 33
Author:   Mary Doty Gleason, Francis George Brumley, Millard Corneilus George
Publication:   East Tennessee Printing Co., Inc. Rogersville, Tennessee 37857 Copyright1980
3. Title:   Headstone of the particular person in the cemetery.
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4. Title:   Headstone of the particular person in the cemetery.

a. Note:   7 9 by Frances George Brumley, Mary Doty Gleason,Millard Cornelius George, Greeneville-Green e County Library,Greeneville, TN.
  CHAPTER VIII, PAGE 33, EVE ELIZABETH (GEORGE) GIRDNER - The beginning ofthis chapter found i n Eve Elizabeth George Girdner notes.
  Conrad Girdner was born February 20, 1787. He was the son of Michael andHulda (Beach) G irdner and the grandson of David and Christina Girdner.The Girdner family came to Greene Co unty from Heidelberg Township,Northampton County, Pennsylvania (1790 census for Pennsylvani a andHeidelberg Church records).
 During the War of 1812, Conrad served in the Tennessee militia. Hewas enrolled under t he name of Conrad Gartner as a musician in GreeneCounty, TN, on November 10, 1814. He march ed to Knoxville, TN and wasmustered into the service of the United States for a term of si x monthson Nov. 13, 1814. He served as a Fifer in Capt. Joseph Hale's Company,in the Regim ent commanded by Colonel Samuel Bayless, General Carroll'sDivision. He marched to Camp Ros s in the Cherokee Nation where he wasstationed and remained there due to an accident in whic h he cut hisshinbone while he was employed in camp duty. He marched back toKnoxville and w as honorably discharged there on may 19, 1815, afterserving for six months and eight days . For his service he received aland warrant for 80 acres in 1850 and an additional 80 acre s in 1855.This information is from his application for a pension in 1871.
 A portion of land was set aside by his father for Conrad. Aftertheir marriage, he an d Eve settled on this land and lived there for theremainder of their lives. After the deat h of Eve, Conrad married LydiaBowers on August 7, 1854. She was the daughter of Christian a ndElizabeth (Andes) Bowers.
 At the age of 95, Conrad was the oldest man living in Greene County(The Greeneville Her ald, January 19, 1882). He died May 11, 1882, andis buried in the Solomon Lutheran Church c emetery. His obituary can befound at the of this chapter.
 The names of the children of Conrad and Eve Girdner are taken fromhis obituary and ma y not be listed in the order of their birth. Thereis some confusion about the names of a so n and a daughter. the youngerchildren appear to have middle or nicknames that make tracin g them verydifficult. Letters written by Conrad and others mention a son Isaac whowent t o Indiana. There was a daughter Martha Allan who married JohnDixon George, and her childre n are mentioned in the settlement ofConrad's estate. Neither Isaac nor Martha appear on th e list from theobituary. It is thought that Isaac was a second name of Stephen orAlexande r and that Martha may have been called nancy or Sally. Martha'sfamily is listed in Chapte r IX under John Dixon George. Excerpts fromthe letters that mention Isaac are included in t his chapter.
 Conrad and Eve Girdner were the parents of eleven children. Allborn in Greene County , Tennessee:
 William G. Girdner, Catherine Girdner, John George Girdner, DelilahGirdner, Michael Luther G irdner, Eliza Girdner, Mary Jane Girdner,Stephen Girdner, Alexander Girdner, Nancy Girdner , Sally Girdner.
  GREENE COUNTY TENNESSEE TAX DIGEST 1809-1817 Compiled by Goldene FillersBurgner @1986 - Cap tain Thomas Wilson's District 1810, CONRAD GIRDNER,no land & 1 white poll. He was 23 year s of age in 1810.
  Captain Thomas Wilson's District 1811, CONRAD GURDNER, 100 acres onRichland Creek. this wa s the land he purchased that had belonged to hisgrandfather, DAVID. MICHAEL GURDNER, CONRAD' S father, in this samedistrict with 360 acres on Flag Branch.
  Captain William Guins District 1812, CONRAD GURDNER 100 acres on RichlandCreek, 1 white poll .
  Captain Robert McCalpin's District 1813, CONRAD GURDNER 100 acres onRichland Creek, 1 whit e poll.
  Captain Robert McCalpin's District 1814, CONRAD GURDNER 100 acres onRichland Creek, 1 whit e poll.
  Captain Robert Branson's District 1816, CONRAD GERDNER 100 acres onRichland Creek, 1 white p oll.
  GREENE COUNTY, TENNESSEE GUARDIANS AND ORPHANS COURT RECORDS 1783-1870and 1830 TAX LIST - B y Sandra Kelton Houston @1984 - Captain Susong'sCompany 1830, CONRAD GARDNER, 200 acres Ric hland Creek, 1 white poll.
  GREENE COUNTY, TENNESSEE CIVIL DISTRICTS AND TAX LISTS 1836, by James L.Douthat, @ 1993. C ONRAD GARDNER is listed in District #9 which borderson the Nolichucky River.
  WAR OF 1812, ACT OF FEBRUARY 14, 1871, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,PENSION OFFICE, JULY 21, 1 871 - Sir: You are respectfully requested tofurnish official evidence of the enrollment, mus ter, service, and dutyof CONRAD GIRDNER, who enlisted a musician at Greene Co., Tennessee o nthe 10 day November 1814, in Captain Joseph Hale's company 4th RegimentTennessee Militia , and who was discharged at Knoxville, Tennessee on the19th day of May 1815. Claim No. 5651 , signed J. H. Baker
 Died at his residence in the 9th District of Greene County,Tennessee, of old age an d a consuming sore, on the 12 day of May, 1882,CONRAD GIRDNER, age 95 years, 2 months and 2 2 days.
 The subject of this sketch was born in Hedrick Township, NorthamptonCounty, Pennsylvani a, on the 20th day of February, 1787. He was ofGerman extract. His father's name was Michae l. He was born inNorthampton County. His father married Hulda Beach, and they had ninechi ldren whose names were David, Conrad, Joseph, Christena, Michael,Charlotte, George, Mary an d Nancy.
 The writer was at Mr Girdner's residence the very last days that hismemory was anywis e good and was able to snatch from the mind of one, whoonly a few weeks before, possesse d a most relative memory of past eventswhich had come to his knowledge the past ninety year s and I will givewhat follows in quotations in his own words:
 "I was five years old when my parents, with the oldest ant twoyounger than I, left Penn sylvania for the wilds of Tennessee with twohorses and a wagon. They were accompanied by tw o brothers-in-laws, onenamed Myers and the other Cook, and their families.
 "I walked all the way from our old home to Flag Branch, in GreeneCounty, where my fathe r settled on one hundred acres of land. Heafterwards added to it by purchase. The distanc e we traveled was sevenhundred miles, and I now remember every step of the journey. We lef t inFebruary, 1792, and were fully seven weeks on the way.---When we arrivedthere was jus t a little cabin on the purchase, which property is nowowned and occupied by the widow Perma n. When we came the Indians werestill in possession of portions of East Tennessee, and cont inued toannoy the white settlers till 1805, when a treaty impelled them to goelsewhere, an d leave the white men in full possession of this portion ofour wide domain.
 "During one of the Indian wars, Charles O'Neal, an Irishman, taughtschool in our neighb orhood, and I attended three months. He said he hadtaught thirteen hundred different schola rs and that I was one of thevery quickest to learn. But our facilities for schooling were v erylimited. I learned to read, write some and could cast accountssufficiently for my purpos es through life. The elder children had toget up before daylight and break flax and perfor m other labor beforeschool, in order to enable my mother to spin and weave cloth with whic hto clothe us.
 "I lived with my father till 1807, when I married Elizabeth George,daughter of Yost Geo rge, who came from Germany when he was but fouryears of age. I was twenty years old whe n I married. a portion offather's land was set off to me and I settled down for life. My w ifeand I had eleven children -- six daughters and five sons --- viz:William, Catherine, Joh n, Delilah, Luther, Eliza, Mary Jane, Stephen,Alexander, Nancy and Sally.
 "Years after my father came out grandfather David Girdner came (by1798) to Greene Count y with a span of horses and a wagon. Grandmotherdrove the team and grandfather sat by her s ide. He died on the estate Inow occupy on Richland Creek.
 "I was engaged in the war of 1812 under General Andrew Jackson, andso was my father tho ugh he was a man well stricken in years. He died in1814, aged sixty years. After his deat h my mother married Lewis Wall(Ball)."
 During the recital of the above his mind several times wandered, andI had to give him r est. The next day, he was incompetent to tellanything, and rapidly grew worse, till soon hi s mind gave way entirely.I had intended to have drawn out of him and rescued from oblivion m anyfacts in his knowledge which have gone out with his mind.
 Mr Girdner came to town for the last time in September last toprepare his pension paper s. His mind was vigorous till about February,when it began to weaken, as well as his body . On his 95th birthday,February 20th, he gave a dinner party, which was attended by his so nDoctor William Girdner, his wife and some others. He had been veryfeeble previous to tha t occasion, but seemed quite cheerful and muchbetter on that day. He commenced growing wors e till at the last, theonce brilliant mind flickered out and he was totally ignorant of everything going on around him.
 About fifteen years ago he was afflicted with a cancerous sore onhis nose between the e yes, which he was admonished was dangerous unlesshe would submit to an operation, but he wou ld not, and the sorecontinued to eat into his flesh till it consumed his nose and caused blindness, and ultimately spread through his whole system, till death cameto his relief at th e time above stated.
  Subj: David's Migration to Tennessee
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 Hazel and Everyone,
  Here is something that might be of interest to you. It's an article onDavid's grandson Conra d and contains a little history on the move toTennessee.
  I'm sure many of the people I have copied this to have already seen thisbut I think it is be tter to have duplicates than not to have it at all.
  Pioneer Recalls Migrating to Tennessee in 1792 From "Ansearchin'News", Spring 1997
 Page 30 When Conrad Girdner died at his home in Greene County's 9th District on12 May 1882, he had a ttained the age of 95 years, 2 months, and 22 days.That's an impressive age even d certainly a rare achievementmore than a century ago. His death was attributed to "old ag e and aconsuming sore." Before he died, Girdner was interviewed by J.S. Warnerwho later pu t the facts he had extracted from the old man into a storywhich ran in the Greeneville Heral d. Of German lineage, Girdner wasborn in Hedrick Township, Northampton Co., PA, on 20 Feb 1 787. Hisparents were Michael, who also was born in Northampton, and Huldah(Beach) Girdner . Conrad was the second of nine children born to thecouple. His siblings were: David, Jose ph, Christena, Micheal,Charlotte, George, Mary and Nancy. Here's how Conrad Girdner describ edthe family's migration to Tennessee:
 "I was five years old when my parents, with the oldest and two youngerthan I, left Pennsylva nia for the wilds of Tennessee with two horses anda wagon. We were accompanied by two broth ers-in-law, one named Myersand the other Cook, and their families. I walked all the way fro m ourold home to Flag Branch in Greene County where my father settled on 100acres, which h e later added to by purchase. The distance we traveledwas 700 miles and I well remember eve ry step of the journey. We left inFebruary of 1792 and were fully seven weeks on the way . When wearrived, there was just a little cabin on the property which is now ownedand occu pied by the widow Perman.
 When we came, the Indians were still in possission of parts of EastTennessee and continued t o annoy the white settlers till 1805 when thetreaty impelled them to go elsewhere. During o ne of the Indian wars,Charles O'Neal, an Irishman, taught school in our neighborhood and I attended for three months. He said he had taught 1300 different scholarsand I was the very q uickest to learn. But our facilities for schoolingwere very limited. I learned to read, wr ite some and could castaccounts sufficiently for my purpose through life.
 Elder children had to get up before daylight and break flax and performother labor before sc hool in order to enable my mother to spin and weavecloth with which to clothe us. I lived w ith my father till 1807 when Imarried Elizabeth George, daughter of Yost Geroge who came fro m Germanywhen he was four years of age. I was 20 when I married. Part of myfather's lan d was set off for me and I settled down for life. My wifeand I had 11 children, six daughte rs and five sons -- William,Catharine, John, Delilah, Luther, Eliza, Mary June, Stephen, Ale xander,Nancy and Sally.
 Years after my father came out, my grandfather David Girdner came toGreene County with a spa n of horses and a wagon. Grandmother drove theteam and Grandfather sat beside her. He die d in the estate I now occupyon Richland Creek. I was engaged in the War of 1812 under Gen . AndrewJackson and so was my father, though he was a man well stricken in years.He died i n 1814, aged 60 years. After his death, my mother marriedLewis Wall."
 Girdner made his last trip to town in September 1881 to prepare hispension papers. His min d was vigorous until about the followingFebruary when it as well as his body began to weaken . On 20 Feb.,Conrad gave a dinner party to celebrate his 95th birthday. Among thoseatten ding were his son, Dr. William Girdner, his wife, and some others.
  Subj: More Girdner/Gurtner
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 I went to the Family History Center yesterday for a good day of researchand found several th ings. Attached is an Excel document I typed up withBaptism and Confirmation Records by Danie l Schumacher in PA. It'sprobably the same information Hazel has, but here it is anyway, wit hsome additions. If you have any thoughts about it or find anydiscrepancies please let me k now. Also, if the attachment doesn't workyou, let me know and I will find another way to ge t it to you. I've beenhaving some trouble with forwards and attachments.
  An interesting little tidbit from the 1880 Census. Conrad Girdner, son ofMichael son of Davi d, was age 93 at the time of the census and hadHumphrey Greenway age 55, Nancy Greenway ag e 33 and Eda Woods age 18living with him. The relationship was listed as "other". I plan t o get acopy of the census to see what they were doing.
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