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Jane Whiticker: Birth: 17 Jan 1859 in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Death: 9 Aug 1949 in Mt Adrah, NSW
Martha Whiticker: Birth: 1861.
Mary Ann Clarke Whiticker: Birth: 18 May 1896 in Adjungbilly, NSW. Death: 6 May 1994 in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Mary Ann Whiticker: Birth: 26 Oct 1863 in Mundarlo near Gundagai, NSW. Death: 16 Jul 1895 in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Muriel Kathleen Ellena Whiticker: Birth: 10 Jul 1908 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 2 Nov 1985
Richard Henry Whiticker: Birth: 21 Jan 1872 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 6 Aug 1908 in Sydney, NSW
Richard Henry Whiticker: Birth: 11 Nov 1897 in Adjungbilly, NSW. Death: 1955 in Wollongong, NSW
Richard John Whiticker: Birth: 6 Apr 1890 in Jellingroo, Tumblong, NSW. Death: 12 Jun 1956 in Tumblong, NSW
Richard Whiticker: Birth: 28 Aug 1908 in NSW. Death: 15 May 1978
Richard Whiticker: Birth: 4 Nov 1834 in NSW. Death: 2 Oct 1912 in Gundagai, NSW
Rosanna Whiticker: Birth: 10 Aug 1865.
Rosannah Jane Whiticker: Birth: 2 Aug 1900 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: Jan 1987
Ruby Irene Whiticker: Birth: 21 May 1905 in Adjungbilly, NSW. Death: 21 May 1984
Sarah Ann Whiticker: Birth: 15 Jul 1855 in Buckingbong, NSW. Death: 25 Aug 1923 in Gundagai, NSW
Sylvia S. Whiticker: Birth: 1899 in Adelong Crossing, NSW. Death: 1900 in Gundagai, NSW
Sylvia Whiticker: Birth: 1880 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 1956 in Gundagai, NSW
William Henry Whiticker: Birth: 9 Feb 1902 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 17 Mar 1976
William Whiticker: Birth: 5 Jun 1877 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 7 Apr 1939 in Gundagai, NSW
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Albert Reginald Whiting: Birth: 21 Jan 1900 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 29 Mar 1981
Alfred George Whiting: Birth: 1885 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1961 in Tumut, NSW
Alice Victoria Whiting: Birth: 23 Sep 1913 in Albury, NSW. Death: 28 Feb 2003 in Nowra, NSW
Amos H. Whiting: Birth: 1890 in Millfield, NSW.
Amos H. Whiting: Birth: 1901 in Wollombi, NSW.
Ann Whiting: Birth: Abt 1828 in Kilham, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1875 in Cooma, NSW
Arthur Charles Whiting: Birth: 22 May 1918 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 21 Jun 1994
Arthur George Whiting: Birth: 1889 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 29 Jun 1970 in Guilford, NSW
Bertha Whiting: Birth: 24 Mar 1897 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 30 Nov 1973 in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Burnet James Whiting: Birth: 23 Dec 1884 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 20 Apr 1964 in Adelong, NSW
Caroline Laura Whiting: Birth: 1901 in Broken Hill, NSW. Death: 23 Feb 1990
Cecil Richard Whiting: Birth: 1872 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 8 Apr 1874 in Goulburn, NSW
Cecil Roy Whiting: Birth: 18 Feb 1906 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 7 Feb 1981 in Adelong, NSW
Cecilia May Whiting: Birth: 1894 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1981 in NSW
Charles Henry Whiting: Birth: 25 Feb 1872 in Mudgee, NSW. Death: 12 Aug 1950 in Tumut, NSW
Charles Thomas Whiting: Birth: 1882 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1919 in Tumbarumba, NSW
Daisy A. Whiting: Birth: 1888 in Millfield, NSW.
Daniel J. Whiting: Death: 1917 in Sydney, NSW
Daniel Joseph Whiting: Birth: 1893 in Leichhardt, NSW. Death: 31 Mar 1925 in Newtown, NSW
Doris Whiting: Birth: 8 Jul 1905 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 19 Jul 1979 in NSW
Dorothy M. Whiting: Death: 1921 in Adelong, NSW
Edith Mary Whiting: Birth: 14 Aug 1896 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 8 Feb 1897 in Goulburn, NSW
Edward Whiting: Birth: 1888 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 7 Oct 1966 in Croydon Park, NSW
Effie S. Whiting: Birth: 1898 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1899 in Adelong, NSW
Elizabeth Harriett Whiting: Birth: 1 Nov 1867 in Forbes, NSW. Death: 7 Apr 1954 in Batlow, NSW
Ella J. Whiting: Birth: 1886 in Argyle, NSW.
Ellen May Whiting: Death: 1971 in Newtown, NSW
Ellen Whiting: Birth: 1892 in Millfield, NSW.
Elsie Alice Whiting: Birth: 1879 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 30 Aug 1880 in Goulburn, NSW
Emily Whiting: Birth: 10 Jun 1892 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1986 in Gulgong, NSW
Eric Whiting: Birth: 1896 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1967 in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Ernest J. Whiting: Birth: 1895 in Millfield, NSW.
Ernest Whiting: Birth: 23 Aug 1886 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 19 Sep 1967 in Newtown, NSW
Esther Maude Whiting: Birth: 1904 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 19 Mar 1988 in Tumut, NSW
Ethel Daisy Whiting: Birth: 1884 in Argyle, NSW. Death: 7 Nov 1978 in Lane Cove, NSW
Ethel M. Whiting: Birth: 1892 in Adelong, NSW.
Florence Anne Whiting: Birth: 11 Feb 1907 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 28 Oct 1965 in Murwillumbah, NSW
Freda May Whiting: Birth: 1920. Death: 25 Sep 2003 in Port Macquarie, NSW
Frederick P. Whiting: Birth: 1885 in Millfield, NSW.
Frederick Whiting: Birth: 1887 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1979 in NSW
Geoffrey Donald Whiting: Birth: 30 May 1962 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 13 Oct 1970 in Canberra, ACT
George Whiting: Birth: 1861 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 1931 in Adelong, NSW
Hannah E. Whiting: Birth: 1897 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1897 in Adelong, NSW
Harold George Whiting: Birth: 23 Jan 1913 in Yass, NSW. Death: 1977 in NSW
Harry Best Whiting: Birth: 1870 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 26 May 1932 in Goulburn, NSW
Hazel Lillian Whiting: Birth: 11 Aug 1922 in Adelong, NSW. Death: Feb 1982
Henry George Whiting: Birth: 27 Mar 1889 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 24 Jan 1977 in Campbelltown, NSW
Henry Oliver Whiting: Birth: 19 Jul 1919 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 9 Apr 1996 in Manly, NSW
Henry Whiting: Birth: 1884 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 9 Aug 1918 in Villers Bretonneux, France
Herbert Wilfred Whiting: Birth: 1901 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1955 in Tumut, NSW
Hilda Whiting: Birth: 1900 in Albury, NSW. Death: 6 Jun 1990 in Batlow, NSW
Ivy E. Whiting: Birth: 1898 in Millfield, NSW.
Ivy I. Whiting: Birth: 1899 in Adelong, NSW.
James Roy Whiting: Birth: 8 Oct 1890 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 14 Jun 1966 in Ryde, NSW
James Whiting: Birth: 19 Apr 1856 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 10 Feb 1944 in Adelong, NSW
James Whiting: Birth: 1880 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1955 in Tumut, NSW
John Whiting: Birth: 1852 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 10 Sep 1938 in Adelong, NSW
John Whiting: Birth: 1873 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1962 in Tumut, NSW
Joseph Charles George Whiting: Birth: 16 Mar 1903 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 5 Oct 1974 in Tumut, NSW
Joseph Edwin Whiting: Birth: 1870 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 1941 in Young, NSW
Joseph Ernest William Whiting: Birth: 18 Feb 1919 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 2 Dec 2005 in Nambour, QLD
Joseph Henry Whiting: Birth: 1846. Death: 1927
Joseph W. Whiting: Birth: 1884 in Wollombi, NSW.
Joseph Whiting: Birth: 1812. Death: 2 Feb 1893 in Goulburn, NSW
Julia Kate Whiting: Birth: 1887 in Central Cumberland, NSW. Death: 19 Sep 1923 in Tumut, NSW
Kate Whiting: Birth: 1886 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 15 May 1959 in Rosebery, NSW
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