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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mabel Lavinia Crain: Birth: 31 Jan 1882 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 14 Sep 1973 in Wagga Wagga, NSW

  2. Lillian Jane Crain: Birth: 5 Dec 1883 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 18 Jun 1970 in Wagga Wagga, NSW

  3. Irvine Crain: Birth: 10 Apr 1885 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1940 in Newtown, NSW

  4. Florence Violet May Crain: Birth: 10 Jul 1886 in Mt Adrah, NSW. Death: 12 Feb 1952 in Mt Adrah, NSW

  5. George Percival Crain: Birth: 13 Dec 1888 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 27 Oct 1976 in Adelong, NSW

  6. Edith Ellen Crain: Birth: 6 Apr 1890 in Adelong, NSW.

  7. Rosetta Mary Myrtle Crain: Birth: 21 Apr 1892 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 1968 in Wagga Wagga, NSW

  8. Jane Crain: Birth: 26 Sep 1893 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 25 Nov 1985 in Wagga Wagga, NSW

  9. Richard Thomas Stephen Leslie Crain: Birth: 31 Jul 1895 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 3 Oct 1978 in NSW

  10. Victoria Ethelinda Ruby Crain: Birth: 12 May 1897 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 21 Sep 1977 in NSW

  11. William Consort Crain: Birth: 23 Dec 1898 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 6 Dec 1978 in Adelong, NSW

  12. Wallace Oliver Crain: Birth: 3 Apr 1902 in Adelong, NSW. Death: 18 May 1984 in Adelong, NSW

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