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Lindsay Linford Laundess: Birth: 28 Jul 1896 in Grenfell, NSW. Death: Aft 1942
Mabel Merle Laundess: Birth: 4 Mar 1919 in Grenfell, NSW. Death: 25 Apr 1986 in Cowra, NSW
Marie May Laundess: Birth: 1917 in Canterbury, NSW. Death: 1945 in Marrickville, NSW
Robert Henry Laundess: Birth: 1903 in Grenfell, NSW. Death: 1906 in Grenfell, NSW
Seymour Louisa Laundess: Birth: 17 Dec 1872 in Grenfell, NSW. Death: 3 Aug 1943 in Darlinghurst, NSW
Sydney C. Thomas Laundess: Birth: Abt 1908 in Grenfell, NSW. Death: 1940 in Orange, NSW
Themio Laundess: Birth: 1833 in P�trai, Acha�as, Greece. Death: 6 Jun 1886 in Eualdrie, NSW
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Frederick Elliott Laundry: Birth: 1864 in Rostron's Diggings near Ararat, VIC. Death: 1947 in Cobden, VIC
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Emily Laurence: Birth: 1888 in Kiama, NSW. Death: 1954 in Ryde, NSW
Maria Laurence
Mary Catherine Laurence: Death: 27 Mar 2006
Stirling Bathurst Laurence: Birth: 1 Jul 1894 in Newtown, NSW. Death: 20 Sep 1950 in Hornsby, NSW
William Joseph Laurence: Birth: 1855 in Creswick, VIC. Death: 15 Jun 1939 in Mortlake, NSW
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Elsie Lauridsdatter: Birth: 1814. Death: 1854
Nellie Lauridsen: Birth: 1 Aug 1912 in Dapto, NSW. Death: 2 Mar 1969 in Darlinghurst, NSW
Ada Julia Laurie: Birth: 1880 in Braidwood, NSW.
Annie Jennette Laurie: Death: 14 Jan 1995 in Mortdale, NSW
Bertha Laurie: Birth: 1881 in Braidwood, NSW.
Brenda Laurie: Birth: 31 Dec 1950. Death: 1 Jan 1951 in Braidwood, NSW
Bruce Saunders Laurie: Birth: 22 Jul 1928 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 15 Sep 2011 in Braidwood, NSW
Christina M. Laurie: Birth: 1884 in Braidwood, NSW.
Daisy Catherine May Laurie: Birth: 1895 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 20 Jun 1981 in Majors Creek, NSW
Eliza Laurie: Birth: 18 Oct 1889 in Warialda, NSW. Death: 26 Oct 1979 in Goondiwindi, QLD
Elizabeth Ann Laurie: Birth: 1872 in Braidwood, NSW.
Foster Edmund Laurie: Birth: 1891 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 1977 in Queanbeyan, NSW
Frances M. Laurie: Birth: 1878 in Braidwood, NSW.
Francis Roy Laurie: Birth: 1897 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 3 Jul 1978 in Braidwood, NSW
Herbert P. J. Laurie: Birth: 1886 in Braidwood, NSW.
Kate Lillian Laurie: Death: 1962 in Braidwood, NSW
Kathleen Mary Laurie: Birth: 1902 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 7 Sep 1980 in Majors Creek, NSW
Margaret Ann Laurie: Birth: 1871 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 1934 in Burwood, NSW
Margaret Laurie: Birth: 5 Aug 1850 in Braidwood, NSW.
Margaret Laurie: Birth: 5 Aug 1857 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 1939 in Casino, NSW
Mary Jane Laurie: Birth: 26 Apr 1850 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 1938 in Canterbury, NSW
Oscar Edgar Raymond Laurie: Birth: 1893 in Majors Creek, NSW. Death: 12 Oct 1941 in Braidwood, NSW
Peter Laurie: Birth: 14 Feb 1855 in Berlang near Majors Creek, NSW. Death: 14 Mar 1934 in Majors Creek, NSW
Raymond Edgar Laurie: Birth: 29 Mar 1921. Death: 21 Sep 2005 in Ginninderra Gardens, ACT
Roland Peter Laurie: Birth: 1899 in Braidwood, NSW.
Thomas Laurie: Birth: 1817 in Tynson, Dumfreshire, Scotland. Death: 1884 in Braidwood, NSW
Thomas Laurie: Birth: 1847 in Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Thomas Laurie: Birth: 1860 in Braidwood, NSW. Death: 1935 in Goulburn, NSW
William Laurie: Birth: 1845 in Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland.
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James Leslie Laut: Death: 1974 in NSW
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Elizabeth Lauterton: Birth: 1849 in England. Death: 1939 in Auburn, NSW
Sarah Lauterton: Birth: 1844 in Lincolnshire, England. Death: 8 May 1932 in Goulburn, NSW
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Ada Susannah Lavegrove: Death: 1897 in St Peters, NSW
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Alice May Lavell: Birth: 1899 in Bombala, NSW. Death: 9 Dec 1987 in Canberra, ACT
Gladys Maud Lavell: Birth: 1902 in Bombala, NSW.
Lavinia Gwendoline Lavell: Birth: 3 Jan 1896 in Bombala, NSW. Death: 22 Feb 1954 in Bombala, NSW
Margaret Evelyn Lavell: Birth: 1898 in Bombala, NSW. Death: 25 Sep 1978 in Coffs Harbour, NSW
William James Lavell: Birth: 1872 in Bairnsdale, VIC. Death: 9 Sep 1929 in Bombala, NSW
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Alice G. Lavelle: Birth: 1900 in Boorowa, NSW.
Anthony Lavelle: Birth: 1881 in Windsor, NSW. Death: 1953 in North Sydney, NSW
Digby Hamilton Lavelle: Birth: 1894. Death: Sep 1970 in Kyogle, NSW
Edmund Lavelle: Birth: 1890 in Liverpool, NSW. Death: 1971 in Sydney, NSW
James Lavelle: Birth: 1855. Death: 1908 in Carcoar, NSW
John Lavelle: Birth: 1858.
Kate Lavelle: Birth: 1897 in Boorowa, NSW.
Mary T. Lavelle: Birth: 1892 in Carcoar, NSW.
Michael John Lavelle: Birth: 1895 in Boorowa, NSW. Death: 1931 in Gundagai, NSW
Michael John Lavelle: Death: Bef 7 Feb 2004 in Bathurst, NSW
Thomas James Lavelle: Birth: 1887 in Liverpool, NSW. Death: 1944 in Chatswood, NSW
Thomas Lavelle: Birth: 1884 in Liverpool, NSW. Death: 1884 in Liverpool, NSW
Vivian Huxton Lavelle: Death: May 1965 in Wiangarie, NSW
William James Lavelle: Birth: 17 Jul 1904. Death: 5 Mar 1966 in Armidale, NSW
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Ann Elizabeth Lavender: Birth: 6 Nov 1866 in Camden, NSW. Death: 1937 in Liverpool, NSW
Charles Alexander Lavender: Birth: 1882 in Central Cumberland, NSW. Death: 1957 in Parramatta, NSW
Charlotte Lavender: Birth: 1814 in Icklesham, Sussex, England.
Clarrisa Margarita Lavender: Birth: 31 Jan 1878 in Bellingen River, NSW. Death: 18 Dec 1967 in Newcastle, NSW
Dorothy May Lavender: Birth: 19 Apr 1912 in Windsor, NSW. Death: 30 Jun 1968 in Lightning Ridge, NSW
Edith Maud Lavender: Birth: 1875 in Redfern, NSW. Death: 11 Feb 1944 in Botany, NSW
Edward Henry Thomas Lavender: Birth: 12 May 1874 in Brownlow Hill, Camden, NSW. Death: 8 Feb 1958 in Narellan, NSW
Emeline "Emily" Lavender: Birth: Abt 1830. Death: 1912 in Narellan, NSW
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