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Florence Evelyn Adams: Birth: 16 Nov 1869 in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Death: 27 Jan 1953 in Narrandera, NSW
Florence M. Adams: Birth: 1888 in Delegate, NSW.
Frances M. Adams: Birth: 1895 in East Maitland, NSW.
Francis Harold Leslie Adams: Birth: 3 Jul 1913 in Toowoomba, QLD. Death: 1956 in Chatswood, NSW
Francis Patrick Adams: Birth: 15 May 1885 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 14 Sep 1926 in Newtown, NSW
Frederick George Adams: Birth: 31 Jan 1900 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 11 Jul 1970 in Canberra, ACT
Frederick J. Adams: Birth: 21 Oct 1900 in Braidwood, NSW.
Frederick John Adams: Birth: 1911. Death: 1974
Frederick Norman Adams: Birth: 1900 in Narrandera, NSW. Death: 1986
Frederick Adams: Birth: 1837. Death: 1908
Fredrica Adams: Birth: 1893 in Narrandera, NSW.
George A. William Adams: Birth: 1877 in Tumut, NSW.
George Edward Adams: Birth: 1831. Death: 1904
George Frederick Adams: Birth: 1863 in Broulee, NSW. Death: 1948
George Henry Adams: Birth: 1804 in Frostenden, Suffolk, England. Death: 17 Jan 1866 in Tipperary Gully, Young, NSW
George Hiram Adams: Birth: 1882. Death: 1961
George Joseph Adams: Birth: 3 Apr 1910 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 16 Jan 1974 in Carlton, NSW
George Lot Adams: Birth: 1907. Death: 1942
George Raphael Burnard Adams: Birth: 1889 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 26 Oct 1956 in Queanbeyan, NSW
George William Adams: Birth: 18 Jun 1870 in Bolaro near Adaminaby, NSW. Death: 9 Feb 1941 in Cooma, NSW
George William Adams: Birth: 1843 in England. Death: 31 Dec 1913 in Adaminaby, NSW
George Adams: Birth: 31 Dec 1839 in Wollongong, NSW. Death: 1897 in Narrandera, NSW
George Adams: Birth: 7 Apr 1860 in Benalla, VIC. Death: 22 Apr 1945 in Kogarah, NSW
George Adams: Birth: 21 Nov 1896 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 22 Apr 1979
George Adams: Birth: 1803. Death: 1881
Georgina Joyce Adams: Birth: 1919. Death: 23 May 2000 in Tumbarumba, NSW
Gertrude Helen Adams: Birth: 1871 in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Death: 1938 in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Gladys Eileen Adams: Birth: 1902 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 26 Dec 1991 in Sydney, NSW
Gladys P. Adams: Birth: 1901 in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Death: 1931 in Balmain, NSW
Gladys V. Adams: Birth: 1889 in Rockdale, NSW.
Grace Ann Adams: Birth: 1872 in Sydney, NSW. Death: 22 Dec 1946 in Berridale, NSW
Grace Margaret Adams: Birth: 21 Dec 1873 in Tumut, NSW. Death: 10 Jun 1926 in Redfern, NSW
Gregory Ian Adams: Birth: 28 Jun 1953. Death: 20 Apr 2003
Harley Ross Adams: Birth: 10 Feb 1905 in Manly, NSW. Death: 2 Oct 1969 in Greenwich, NSW
Harold Arthur Adams: Birth: 10 Jul 1887 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 1969 in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Harold Galius Calverhill Adams: Birth: 11 Jul 1903 in Woollahra, NSW. Death: 1 Aug 1964 in Yagoona, NSW
Harriet Adams: Birth: 1856 in Jindabyne, NSW.
Henry Bradley Adams: Birth: 1896 in Narrandera, NSW. Death: 1970 in Narrandera, NSW
Henry Bradley Adams: Birth: 5 Aug 1866 in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Death: 2 Mar 1954 in Narrandera, NSW
Henry Daniel Adams: Birth: 19 Apr 1844 in Kiama, NSW. Death: 14 Aug 1920 in Narrandera, NSW
Henry Deamus William Adams: Birth: 2 Dec 1886 in Narrandera, NSW. Death: 31 Dec 1952
Henry J. Adams: Birth: 1901 in Murrumburrah, NSW. Death: 1907 in Wyalong, NSW
Henry James Adams: Birth: 29 Jan 1860 in Nundle, NSW. Death: 14 Sep 1932 in Crookwell, NSW
Henry Matthew Clarence Adams: Birth: 1887 in Albury, NSW.
Henry Mckenzie S. Adams: Birth: 1881 in Temora, NSW.
Henry Patterson Adams: Birth: 20 Jun 1872 in Jindabyne, NSW. Death: 19 Nov 1883 in Jindabyne, NSW
Henry Patterson Adams: Birth: 10 Aug 1884 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 10 Feb 1965 in Oberon, NSW
Henry Adams: Birth: 1871 in Forbes, NSW. Death: 1943 in Albury, NSW
Henry Adams: Birth: 16 Dec 1872 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 1874 in Cooma, NSW
Herbert Stanley Adams: Birth: 1880 in Albury, NSW. Death: 15 Jun 1948 in Albury, NSW
Herbert Adams: Birth: 30 Mar 1889 in Narrandera, NSW. Death: 1889 in Narrandera, NSW
Hilary Isobel Adams: Birth: 5 Nov 1903 in Dubbo, NSW. Death: 1948 in Melbourne, VIC
Hilda Alice Adams: Death: 1952 in Cooma, NSW
Ida Catherine Adams: Birth: 1887.
Ida Ellen Adams: Birth: 1884 in Albury, NSW.
Irene Beatrice Adams: Birth: 24 Jun 1901 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 6 Feb 1992 in Kogarah, NSW
Iris Muriel Adams: Birth: 1910 in Kempsey, NSW. Death: 19 Aug 1968 in Burwood, NSW
Isabel Victoria Adams: Birth: 1877 in Albury, NSW.
Isabella Susan Adams: Death: 31 Jul 1966 in Berrima, NSW
Isabella Adams: Birth: 20 Oct 1874 in Jindabyne, NSW. Death: 30 May 1876 in Jindabyne, NSW
James C. Adams: Birth: 1894 in Narrandera, NSW. Death: 1894 in Narrandera, NSW
James Daniel Adams: Birth: 25 Nov 1921 in Berridale, NSW. Death: 12 Oct 1943 in Siam (Thailand)
James Daniel Adams: Birth: 1892 in Jindabyne, NSW. Death: 15 Jul 1916 in Fleurbaix, France
James Henry Adams: Death: 1894 in Cooma, NSW
James Adams: Birth: 1860 in Jindabyne, NSW. Death: 21 Nov 1943 in Round Plain near Lake Eucumbene, NSW
Jane Adams
Jean Adams: Birth: 7 Feb 1913 in Glebe, NSW. Death: 3 Oct 1986 in Wyong, NSW
Jean Adams: Birth: 1913. Death: 14 Oct 1983 in Tarago, NSW
Jemmia Adams: Birth: 1849 in Kurrajong, NSW. Death: 1934 in Drummoyne, NSW
Joan Mary Adams: Birth: 1930. Death: 14 Sep 1948 in Cooma, NSW
John C. Adams: Death: 26 Oct 1944 in Wagga Wagga, NSW
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