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Joshua Booby: Birth: 23 Feb 1877 in Native Dog Creek near Gundagai, NSW. Death: 11 Jun 1958 in Darlinghurst, NSW
Joshua Booby: Birth: 1793 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. Death: 9 Jul 1882 in Gundagai, NSW
Kathleen May Josephine Booby: Birth: 1892 in Gundagai, NSW.
Louisa Jane Booby: Birth: 1875 in Kimo near Gundagai, NSW. Death: 1898 in Gundagai, NSW
Mary Anne Booby: Birth: 3 Apr 1849 in Gundagai, NSW.
Mary J. Booby: Birth: 31 Dec 1925 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 16 Jul 1984 in Gundagai, NSW
Mary May Booby: Birth: 1897 in Gundagai, NSW.
Mary Booby: Birth: 6 Feb 1879 in Nangus, NSW. Death: 1957 in Auburn, NSW
Maxwell Guy Booby: Birth: 23 Dec 1910 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 21 Sep 1992 in Tumut, NSW
Mona Myrtle Grace Booby: Birth: 20 Apr 1896 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 8 Dec 1995 in Wee Waa, NSW
Noeline Joyce Booby: Birth: 10 Jul 1934 in Wee Waa, NSW. Death: 29 Sep 1992 in Newcastle, NSW
Percy William Booby: Birth: 30 Nov 1895 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 17 Jun 1944 in Wee Waa, NSW
Reginald K. Booby: Death: 1919
Reginald L. Booby: Birth: 1907 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 1907 in Gundagai, NSW
Ronald Charles Booby: Birth: 25 Mar 1938. Death: 25 Sep 1993 in Wee Waa, NSW
Thomas Henry Booby: Birth: 1889 in Spring Flat, near Gundagai, NSW. Death: 18 Feb 1978 in Gundagai, NSW
Vera E. Booby: Birth: 29 May 1899 in Gundagai, NSW.
Wallace Herbert Booby: Birth: 1894 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 1906 in Gundagai, NSW
William C. Booby: Birth: 1901 in Gundagai, NSW.
William Booby: Birth: 31 Dec 1873 in Kimo near Gundagai, NSW. Death: 16 May 1958 in Wee Waa, NSW
William Booby: Birth: 25 Aug 1869 in Gundagai, NSW.
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David George Book: Death: 1965 in Hornsby, NSW
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Alexander Bookallil: Birth: 10 Nov 1909 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 29 Apr 1981 in Cooma, NSW
Emily R. Bookallil: Birth: 1901 in Cooma, NSW.
Ernest Nahem Bookallil: Birth: 1908 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 1971 in Sydney, NSW
Frederick William Bookallil: Birth: 1903 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 1963 in Sydney, NSW
Gordon Michael Bookallil: Birth: 5 Nov 1918 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 2 Jan 1988 in Cooma, NSW
Hassad Bookallil: Birth: 1853. Death: 21 Sep 1928 in Cooma, NSW
John Bookallil: Birth: 1906 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 1971 in Sydney, NSW
Margaret Bookallil: Birth: 1883. Death: 12 Sep 1934 in Cooma, NSW
Neheam Bookallil: Death: 1966 in Balmain, NSW
Nicholas Bookallil: Birth: 1867. Death: 17 Sep 1930 in Cooma, NSW
Phillip Azziz Bookallil: Birth: 1906 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 1943 in Newtown, NSW
Rose M. Bookallil: Birth: 1899 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 1900 in Cooma, NSW
Samuel Wilfred Bookallil: Birth: 1897. Death: 30 May 1969 in Cooma, NSW
Sophie Bookallil: Death: 20 Apr 1971 in Cooma, NSW
William Norman Bookallil: Birth: 1886. Death: 7 Feb 1951 in Kogarah, NSW
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Charlotte Elizabeth Booker: Birth: 28 Apr 1852 in Islington, Middlesex, England. Death: 14 Jan 1935 in Normanhurst, NSW
Parthenia Jane Maud Blanche Booker: Birth: 1858 in Glebe, NSW.
Sarah Booker: Birth: 1826. Death: 1905
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Albert W. Bool: Birth: 1872 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 1874 in Goulburn, NSW
Albin Ebenezer Bool: Birth: 1875 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 25 Jun 1955 in Parkesbourne, NSW
Alice Ruby Bool: Birth: 1903 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 13 Mar 1958 in Goulburn, NSW
Alice Bool: Birth: 1865 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 1866 in Goulburn, NSW
Anice S. Bool: Birth: 1877 in Goulburn, NSW.
Clement Allan Bool: Birth: 23 Mar 1913 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 7 Nov 1995 in NSW
Colin Frederick Bool: Birth: 1906 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 9 Oct 1952 in Goulburn, NSW
Elizabeth Bool: Birth: 1861 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 15 Feb 1932 in Crookwell, NSW
Frederick Augustine Bool: Birth: 1881 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 1915 in Goulburn, NSW
George Bool: Birth: 20 Jun 1835 in Somerset, England. Death: 28 Oct 1900 in Parkesbourne, NSW
George Bool: Birth: 1869 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 14 May 1949 in Lidcombe, NSW
Gladys Winifred May Bool: Birth: 1907 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 30 Dec 1992 in Goulburn, NSW
Gordon Manuel Bool: Birth: 1909 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 3 Nov 1976 in Wollongong, NSW
Lewis Valentine Bool: Birth: 1911 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 23 Nov 1996 in Punchbowl, NSW
Melvin Geard Bool: Birth: 1904 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 10 Jan 1964 in Corrimal, NSW
Mercy Bool: Birth: 1863 in Goulburn, NSW.
Rosana Bool: Birth: 1867 in Goulburn, NSW.
Ruth Matilda Bool: Birth: 1860 in Goulburn, NSW. Death: 1928 in Goulburn, NSW
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Ada Ruth Boon: Birth: 3 Dec 1873 in Ginninderra Creek, NSW. Death: 23 Jul 1951 in Concord, NSW
Alice Henrietta Boon: Birth: 1864 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 2 Jun 1943 in Gundagai, NSW
Alick David Eugene Boon: Birth: 28 Jul 1889 in Queanbeyan, NSW. Death: 31 Dec 1932 in Orange, NSW
Allan Reginald Edward Boon: Birth: 3 Jun 1916 in South Gundagai, NSW. Death: 9 Dec 1985 in Biloela District Hospital, QLD
Annie Matilda Boon: Birth: 24 Dec 1873 in Tarrabandra, NSW. Death: 2 Jun 1950 in Atherton, QLD
Annie Boon: Birth: 10 Jul 1899 in South Gundagai, NSW. Death: 10 Aug 1970 in Gundagai, NSW
Arthur Allen Boon: Birth: 21 Feb 1908 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 15 Jul 1958 in Mount Morgan, QLD
Arthur Daniel Roy Boon: Birth: 1897 in Orange, NSW.
Arthur Levi Boon: Birth: 23 Jan 1866 in Campbelltown, NSW.
Arthur Southwell Boon: Birth: 2 Dec 1897 in "Sunny Corner", NSW. Death: 14 May 1964 in Parramatta, NSW
Beatrice May Boon: Birth: 27 Jun 1894 in Lithgow, NSW. Death: 25 Dec 1954 in Chatswood, NSW
Bernard Boon: Birth: 1847 in Cooma, NSW.
Bessie E. Boon: Birth: 22 Jul 1919 in Granville, NSW. Death: 22 Jul 1919 in Granville, NSW
Celia Marriane Esdail Boon: Birth: 5 Sep 1887 in Queanbeyan, NSW. Death: 24 Feb 1934 in Paddington, NSW
Clement Edward Boon: Birth: 1881 in Queanbeyan, NSW. Death: 31 Jan 1937 in Hornsby, NSW
Daisy Boon: Birth: 11 Nov 1884 in Queanbeyan, NSW. Death: 11 Nov 1884 in Queanbeyan, NSW
Daniel Joseph Boon: Birth: 27 Dec 1868 in Wagga Wagga, NSW.
Daniel Boon: Birth: 25 Nov 1837 in Campbelltown, NSW. Death: 19 Jul 1876 in Wagga Wagga, NSW
David William Boon: Birth: 20 Jan 1861 in Gledswood, Campbelltown, NSW. Death: 25 Jan 1925 in Orange, NSW
David Boon: Birth: 1 Jan 1836 in Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, England. Death: 30 Nov 1912 in Ashfield, NSW
Doris Fanny Boon: Birth: 16 Oct 1907 in Bungendore, NSW. Death: 10 Dec 1964 in Auburn, NSW
Doris Fanny Boon: Birth: 1912 in Burwood, NSW. Death: 1949 in Burwood, NSW
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