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Albert Alfred Sutcliffe: Birth: 20 Mar 1885 in Northern Ireland. Death: 27 Jan 1959 in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Ann Cecilia Sutcliffe: Birth: 4 Feb 1882 in Sydney, NSW. Death: 1972 in Sydney, NSW
Charles Ernest Sutcliffe: Birth: 1880 in Sydney, NSW. Death: 1880 in Sydney, NSW
Charlotte Sutcliffe: Birth: 1881 in Morpeth, NSW.
Daisy Sutcliffe: Birth: 1895 in Morpeth, NSW. Death: 1970 in Newcastle, NSW
Enoch Edwin Sutcliffe: Birth: 8 Nov 1856 in Morpeth, NSW. Death: 1935 in Ryde, NSW
Esther Frances Sutcliffe: Birth: 1869 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 25 May 1878 in Sydney, NSW
George Immanuel Sutcliffe: Birth: 15 Nov 1851 in Hunter River, NSW. Death: 6 Sep 1853 in Morpeth, NSW
George Sutcliffe: Birth: 29 Sep 1816 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1859 in Morpeth, NSW
George Sutcliffe: Birth: 1879 in Morpeth, NSW. Death: 1892 in Newcastle, NSW
Jane Sutcliffe
Jeremiah Patrick Sutcliffe: Birth: 3 Nov 1860 in Wooragee, VIC. Death: 1935 in Temora, NSW
Joan Sutcliffe: Birth: 1894 in Young, NSW. Death: 7 Jul 1967 in South Hurstville, NSW
John James Sutcliffe: Birth: 1879 in Sydney, NSW. Death: 1879 in Sydney, NSW
John P. Sutcliffe: Birth: 1877 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 1877 in Sydney, NSW
John Raymond Sutcliffe: Birth: 3 Mar 1914 in Corowa, NSW. Death: 6 Jul 1984 in Queanbeyan, NSW
John Sutcliffe: Birth: Abt 1831 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. Death: 26 Oct 1908 in Granville, NSW
Joseph George Sutcliffe: Birth: 1875 in Gundagai, NSW. Death: 1936 in Canterbury, NSW
Lily Sutcliffe: Birth: 1883 in Morpeth, NSW. Death: 1911 in Merewether, NSW
Mary Elizabeth Sutcliffe: Birth: 1871 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 1879 in Sydney, NSW
Mary Virginia Scarborough Sutcliffe: Birth: 14 Dec 1843 in Sydney, NSW. Death: 1891 in Bega, NSW
May Sutcliffe: Birth: 1890 in Morpeth, NSW. Death: 1903 in Newcastle, NSW
Olive Sutcliffe: Birth: 1892 in Newcastle, NSW. Death: 1957 in Newcastle, NSW
Ronald Jack Sutcliffe: Death: 18 Jul 1971
Rose Sutcliffe: Birth: 1885 in Morpeth, NSW. Death: 1899 in Newcastle, NSW
Sarah Jane Sutcliffe: Birth: 12 Aug 1848 in Sydney, NSW. Death: 18 Mar 1934 in Pokolbin, NSW
Sarah Margaret Sutcliffe: Birth: 8 Mar 1873 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 1926 in Chatswood, NSW
Sarah Millisant Emily Sutcliffe: Birth: 13 Nov 1845 in Sydney, NSW.
Shirley Anne Sutcliffe: Birth: 12 Mar 1942 in Canberra, ACT. Death: 30 Dec 1979 in Narellan, NSW
Violet Sutcliffe: Birth: 1887 in Morpeth, NSW.
William A. Sutcliffe: Birth: 1855 in Sydney, NSW. Death: 1925 in Granville, NSW
William Sutcliffe: Birth: 1889 in Morpeth, NSW. Death: 1899 in Morpeth, NSW
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Alfred James Stewart Suter: Birth: 1887 in Newcastle, NSW. Death: in New Zealand
Alice Mary Suter: Birth: 1910 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 21 Jul 2000 in Lakemba, NSW
Dorothy May Suter: Birth: 24 Dec 1932 in Jerangle, NSW. Death: 23 Oct 1991
Henry John James Suter: Birth: 8 May 1916 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 20 Jan 2005
Ronald Mervyn Suter: Birth: 1928 in NSW. Death: 20 Mar 1928 in Cooma, NSW
Roy Alfred Suter: Birth: 1930 in NSW. Death: 9 Jul 1978 in Yass, NSW
Stanley William Suter: Birth: 1913 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 4 Aug 1987
Walter Suter: Birth: 1875 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 22 Jan 1943 in Cooma, NSW
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Alice Esther Suters: Birth: 1892 in Taree, NSW. Death: 1965 in Wauchope, NSW
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Agnes Elizabeth Sutherland: Birth: 1895 in Cooma, NSW.
Agnes Maud Ida Sutherland: Birth: 25 Jan 1875 in Kiandra, NSW. Death: 30 Mar 1972 in Tumut, NSW
Albert Andrew Sutherland: Birth: 1873 in Young, NSW. Death: 1945 in Young, NSW
Albert James Sutherland: Birth: 1916 in Rockhampton, QLD. Death: 1966 in Moree, NSW
Alexander Charles Sutherland: Birth: 1879 in Broulee, NSW. Death: 1954 in Redfern, NSW
Alexander George Sutherland: Birth: 16 Aug 1855 in Latheron, Caithness, Scotland. Death: 3 Dec 1931 in Belmore, NSW
Alexander Gordon Sutherland: Birth: 21 Oct 1852 in Broulee, NSW. Death: 1 Jan 1937 in Bega, NSW
Alexander Sutherland: Birth: 1886 in Shoalhaven, NSW. Death: 1957 in Ryde, NSW
Alexander Sutherland: Birth: 7 Apr 1827.
Alfred John Sutherland: Birth: 1 Feb 1895 in Moruya, NSW. Death: 20 Dec 1960 in Bega, NSW
Alice Christina Sutherland: Birth: 22 Jun 1866 in Binalong, NSW. Death: 1946 in Young, NSW
Allison James Sutherland: Birth: 3 Aug 1915 in Dignams Creek near Cobargo, NSW. Death: 15 Sep 1965 in Dandenong, VIC
Amelia Cecilia Sarah Sutherland: Birth: 1899 in Moruya, NSW. Death: 1963 in Parramatta, NSW
Angus William Sutherland: Birth: 1888 in Albury, NSW. Death: 1941 in Albury, NSW
Benjamin George Sutherland: Birth: 26 Aug 1883 in Glebe, NSW. Death: 24 Aug 1974 in North Parramatta, NSW
Bertha Mary Sutherland: Birth: 16 Feb 1914 in Mount Morgan, QLD. Death: 24 Oct 1968 in Liverpool, NSW
Bertram Roy Sutherland: Birth: 1898 in Bega, NSW. Death: 4 Mar 1970 in Zillmere, NSW
Bessie Edna Sutherland: Birth: 1915. Death: 1 Dec 2003 in Mudgee, NSW
Bridget Catherine Sutherland: Birth: Aug 1880 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 28 Oct 1880 in Cooma, NSW
Carl Bernard Sutherland: Birth: 8 Feb 1917 in Cobargo, NSW. Death: 1973 in Newcastle, NSW
Catherine Anastasia Sutherland: Birth: 1897 in Cooma, NSW. Death: 15 Jul 1975 in Panania, NSW
Catherine B. Sutherland: Birth: 1897 in Bega, NSW. Death: 1897 in Bega, NSW
Catherine Elizabeth Sutherland: Birth: 1864 in Binalong, NSW. Death: 1942 in Chatswood, NSW
Catherine Mary Sutherland: Birth: 25 Aug 1906 in Yowrie near Cobargo, NSW. Death: 8 Apr 2002 in Bega, NSW
Catherine Sutherland: Birth: 7 Jul 1839 in Avoch, Rossshire, Scotland. Death: 24 Sep 1873 in Queanbeyan, NSW
Charles Alfred Sutherland: Birth: 1884 in Euroa, VIC. Death: 27 Mar 1903 in Euroa, VIC
Charles F. Sutherland: Birth: 1875 in Young, NSW. Death: 1875 in Young, NSW
Charles Herbert Sutherland: Birth: 1876 in Young, NSW. Death: 1933 in Newtown, NSW
Christina C. Sutherland: Birth: 1893 in Moruya, NSW.
Clarice S. Sutherland: Birth: 1897 in Euroa, VIC. Death: 1968 in Moorabbin, VIC
Collin Sutherland: Birth: 4 Feb 1930 in Nowra, NSW. Death: 14 Mar 2012
Cyril Roy Sutherland: Birth: 1892 in Young, NSW. Death: 1955 in Newtown, NSW
Cyril Vance Sutherland: Birth: 1 Aug 1896 in Yowrie near Cobargo, NSW.
Daniel Joseph Sutherland: Birth: 8 Aug 1856 in Yowrie near Cobargo, NSW. Death: 26 Jun 1938 in Bega, NSW
Daniel William Clarence Sutherland: Birth: 1901 in Bega, NSW. Death: 1975 in NSW
Daniel William Sutherland: Birth: 1882 in Moruya, NSW. Death: 1897 in Bega, NSW
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