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Marie Pearl Sivley: Birth: 16 Aug 1893. Death: 10 Sep 1895
Marilla Sivley: Birth: 1825 in Alabama.
Martha Jane Sivley: Birth: 4 May 1839 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Martha Sivley: Birth: 1827 in , , Tennessee.
Mary A Sivley: Birth: 1833 in , , Alabama.
Mary A Sivley: Birth: 1839 in Tennessee.
Mary Ann Sivley: Birth: 1825 in , , Tennessee.
Mary Annie Sivley: Birth: 25 Sep 1838 in Alabama.
Mary Florence Sivley: Birth: 1863 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Mary Jane Sivley: Birth: 1828 in Alabama.
Mary Sivley: Birth: 1852 in Christian, Kentucky.
Maud L Sivley: Birth: 1863 in Red River, Texas.
Minnie Mae Sivley: Birth: Abt 1895 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Mollie Sivley: Birth: 1877 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
O. C. Sivley: Birth: Abt 1872 in Red River, Texas.
Parthena Jane Sivley: Birth: 1856 in Hamilton, Tennesse.
Pleasant Sivley: Birth: 1808 in , , Alabama. Death: 12 Mar 1897 in Lawrence, Alabama
Priscilla Sivley: Birth: 28 Jan 1834 in , , Tennessee. Death: 9 May 1911
Rachel J Sivley: Birth: 1840 in , , Arkansas.
Rachel Sivley: Birth: Abt 1855 in Blount , Alabama. Death: 1900-1910 in Lacey's Spring, Alabama
Ransom Henry Sivley: Birth: Abt 1837 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Ray Sivley: Birth: 13 Mar 1914 in Hamilton , Tennessee. Death: 13 Mar 1914 in Hamilton , Tennessee
Rebecca J Sivley: Birth: 1847 in Hamilton, Tennesse.
Rebecca Sivley: Birth: 1832 in , , Tennessee. Death: 1849
Richard Sivley: Birth: 1841. Death: 1843
Robert Swann Sivley: Birth: 1874 in Red River, Texas.
Ruth Sivley: Birth: Abt 1816.
Samuel Sivley: Birth: Abt 1804 in Rockingham , Virginia. Death: 31 Mar 1866 in Fulton , Illinois
Samuel Sivley: Birth: Abt 1835 in Illinois.
Sarah Ella Sivley: Birth: 1872 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Sarah Ellen Sivley: Birth: Aft 1860 in Tennessee.
Sarah Isabella Sivley: Birth: 1856 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Serena F. 'Susan' Sivley: Birth: 12 May 1856 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Susan Sivley: Birth: 1839 in , , Tennessee.
Theodocia Sivley: Birth: 1858 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Thomas Jefferson Sivley: Birth: 1829 in , , Tennessee. Death: May 1863
Thomas Jefferson Sivley: Birth: 29 Aug 1845 in Hamilton, Tennesse. Death: 12 Jul 1902 in Hamilton , Tennessee
Thomas O. Sivley: Birth: Abt 1834.
Thomas Sivley: Birth: 1865 in Hamilton , Tennessee.
Vada Sivley: Birth: 1877 in Red River, Texas.
Vere F Sivley: Birth: 1888 in Clarksville , Red River, Texas.
Virginia Sivley: Birth: 1849 in Illinois.
William Daniel Sivley: Birth: 15 Jun 1865 in , , Tennessee. Death: 5 Feb 1907 in Tennessee River, Chattanooga, Hamilton , Tennessee
William Daniel Sivley: Birth: 17 Aug 1907. Death: 5 Apr 1971
William Frederick Sivley: Birth: Aug 1890.
William H Sivley: Birth: 1829 in , , Tennessee.
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Barbara Sivley, Sievely: Birth: Abt 1761 in Virginia. Death: 1800 in Greenbrier, Virginia. (Now W. VA.)
Betty Sivley, Sievely: Birth: Abt 1770 in Virginia. Death: in Of Virginia
Eve Sivley, Sievely: Birth: Abt 1757 in Shanandoah, Virginia. Death: 12 Dec 1806 in Wilkes, North Carolina
Magdelene Sivley, Sievely: Birth: Abt 1767 in Virginia. Death: in Of Virginia
Mary Sivley, Sievely: Birth: Abt 1768 in Virginia. Death: in Of Virginia
Sarah Sivley, Sievely: Birth: Abt 1764 in Virginia. Death: in Unknown
Sally Sivley,Sievely: Birth: 2 Aug 1806 in Bath Co.VA.
Isaac Six: Death: 1829 in , Shenandoah, Virginia
John Six: Birth: 1761 in Shenandoah , Virginia. Death: 4 Nov 1845 in Mount Sterling, Brown, Illinois
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Barbara Sizemore: Birth: 8 Feb 1947 in Collingsworth, Texas. Death: 13 Feb 1947 in Collingsworth, Texas
Claud Elven Sizemore: Birth: 21 May 1907 in Arkansas. Death: 13 Dec 1956 in McCurtain Oklahoma
Claud Elven Sizemore: Birth: 6 Aug 1934 in Bethel, McCurtain, Oklahoma. Death: 11 Aug 2002 in Mangum, Greer, Oklahoma
Claude Carter Sizemore: Birth: 22 Oct 1944 in Oklahoma. Death: 23 Jul 1985 in Granite, Greer, Oklahoma
Irving Sizemore: Birth: 18 Feb 1877 in Kentucky. Death: Sep 1964 in Salem, Marion , Oregon
John Thurman Sizemore: Birth: 17 Dec 1910 in Missouri,. Death: 11 Jan 1998 in Salem, Marion, Oregon
Mary Beatrice Sizemore: Birth: 5 Jan 1933 in Hedley, Donley, Texas. Death: 26 Aug 2009 in Shelby, Texas
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Heyltje Sjoerts: Birth: 27 Feb 1689.
Aaron Skaggs: Birth: 1739 in Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia. Death: Abt 1796
Adednego Skaggs: Birth: Abt 1769 in Virginia.
Albert Edward Skaggs: Birth: 7 Dec 1872 in Texas. Death: 15 Dec 1970 in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma
Albert Edward Skaggs: Birth: 12 Jul 1912 in Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma. Death: 24 Mar 2000 in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California
Anderson Ellison Skaggs: Birth: 12 Jan 1869 in Logan , Arkansas. Death: 12 Oct 1928 in Hartshorne, Pittsburg , Oklahoma
Andrew Skaggs: Birth: 1798 in Kentucky. Death: 10 Mar 1858 in Scott, Arkansas
Angeline Skaggs: Birth: 1858 in McDonald, Missouri.
Annie Maranda Skaggs: Birth: 20 Jan 1905 in Texas. Death: 1 Nov 1976 in Breckenridge, Stephens, Texas
Archibald Skaggs: Birth: 1759 in South Carolina. Death: 1833 in Adair, Kentucky
Arther L Skaggs: Birth: Abt 1891 in Indian Territory.
Asberry Skaggs: Birth: Feb 1844 in Illinois.
Benjamin Skaggs: Birth: Abt 1817 in Kentucky. Death: Bef 1860 in Cyrus, Bosque, Texas
Benjamin Skaggs: Birth: 1764 in Virginia. Death: Abt 1825 in Missouri
Benjanim Skaggs: Birth: Abt 1844 in Pulaski, Missouri.
Caldonia Skaggs: Birth: 1893 in Indian Territory.
Carrie Skaggs: Birth: 1872 in Texas.
Catherine Taylor Skaggs: Birth: 1857 in Missouri.
Cathrin Skaggs: Birth: 1860 in Arkansas.
Celia ( Nelly ) Skaggs: Birth: 8 Dec 1857 in Pulaski, Missouri.
Celia Skaggs: Birth: Abt 1813 in Kentucky. Death: Bef 1855 in St. Clair, Illinois
Charles Calloway Skaggs: Birth: 9 Mar 1852 in Arkansas. Death: 18 Dec 1929 in Woodson, Throckmorton, Texas
Charles Calvin Skaggs: Birth: 6 Jun 1876 in Texas. Death: 19 Aug 1959 in Farmersville, Tulare, California
Charles Skaggs: Birth: 1730 in Virginia. Death: 2 Sep 1815 in Green, Kentucky
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