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a. Note:   THE FORREST LINEAGE Written by Mrs. Annie Sue Idol of Winston-Salem, N.C. 1935 (General Information coming from the McMinnville Genealogy Center) ORIGIN OF THE FORREST NAME The surname Forrest, though generally accepted as Scottish, is really Norman origin! The name in its original form being de Forrest. It is obviously derived from an extensive woods as indicated by the area of those bearing it. Though the name is often found in the early records of Scotland, the exact date in which they came from France to Scotland is not known. The name Forrest appears as early as 1533. FIRST KNOWN OF THE NAME One of the early martyrs of the Reformation in Scotland was a Benedictine Friar, named Henry Forrest, of whose parentage, descent and previous history is known. He is said to have been a young man. His martyrdom took place in 1533. (Ref. "The Scottish Nation", by William Anderson, Vol. II, P. 249) SCOTTISH RECORDS OF THE FORRESTS According to history the Forrest family was prominent in Scotland, many by that name living in and near Edinburgh. The Scottish records give the names of Henry, James, John, William, Margaret and Barbara. Those names are repeated in the American branch of the family. The particular branch of the Forrest in which we are interested is (unreadable) whom we usually speak of as Scotch-Irish. Those who left Scotland on account of religious oppression and took up residence in Ireland. The Forrests settled in Dublin where they were prominent and influential. John Forrest was Lord Mayor of Dublin; and from this family were descended six brothers: Joseph, Henry, James, Walter , and John Forrest (1) as indicated by the arms of the Forrests of Dublin. This family bears the following arms: Sable on a fesse three hinds erect and erased argent, an oak tree ppr. crest. Out of a dual coronet an oak tree ppr. Motto: Vivunt dum Virent. {They live as long as they are green}. Ref. Burke's Colonial Gentry. Vol II, p. 748 Fairbairn's "Crest of the Leading Families of Great Britain and Ireland". A pen sketch of the arms of the family accompanies this lineage. (No sketch included). These six brothers are the first of the name of Forrest to appear in America. (2) FORRESTS CAME TO AMERICA BEFORE 1676 John Forrest's name appears in the list of those who signed the "Concessions and Agreements of the Proprietors, Freeholders and Inhabitants in the Province of West Jersey in America", which bears the date March 3, 1676. This agreement between the Proprietors and the people of West Jersey, in which the Proprietors relinquished the power which they possessed and in which they recognized the ability of the people to govern themselves, is remarkable because it precedes by a century the assertion of that in the Declaration of Independence. This is the first definite record we have of the family in America. (Ref. History of Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties, New Jersey by Thomas E. Cushing and Charles E. Sheppard, pages 17 and 18 Addendum to the preceeding: 1. Brother Francis was omitted. Francis arrived in West Jersey aboard the Willing Mind. He held polical office in 1664 as a memebr of the General Free Assembly of West Jersey for the Salem Tenth. James Paul Forrest joined the Navy in 1915 when he was not officially of age, his mother signed papers giving her permission for him to join and he was accepted. The 1920 Census shows him stationed in San Diego, Calif. He wanted to sign up after Pearl Harbor for the Second World War but was considered to be in "Essencial Industy" as he was a casket maker, and his application was refused. He and his family lived in several States, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, Indiana, and again in Illinois. He loved to travel and would take his family on driving vacations every year. They visited just about every state in the continental United States, Several trips to Mexico and Coast to Coast in Canada. When he retired he moved to Jupiter, Florida with his wife Alta. They lived there happily until he died of a heart attack in his sleep. His daughter married Walter Scott Roberts and moved to the Bahamas where she had three daughters, all married with their own families. Two still live in the Islands, one lives at the moment in Japan. "Scottie" died in 1996 and was buried On Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas, his birthplace and for the last five years their home. His wife remarried three years later and lives in Missouri. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.