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  1. (36G ) Ecgbeorht : Birth: 775 in King of England 825-838/. Death: 04 FEB 838

a. Note:   H266
Note:   He is believed to be identical with Eanmund, called a joint king ca 760 with Sigered, who some believe to be identical with Sigered, King of Essex His father was Eafa son of Eoppa and grandson of Ingild, great grandson of Coenred, a sub-king in Somerset. Coenred, a sub-king in Somerset kiving in 644-694 According to Florence of Worcester he was a sub-king. Coenred's father was Cutha (Cuthwulf), under- king of Wessex. Siblings, Ine, King of Wesses 688-726, Cwenburh, Abbess of Wimborne, Cwength (Quoengyth), Cuthburh Founder of the monastic community of Wimborne, was married, but separated during his lifetime, He is generally accrfedited with the founding of the monastery of Glastonbury (though traditions make its founding much earlier), abdicatged and went to Romein 726 accompanied by his wife ,and Kente (Given to be a legendary brother of Ine, King of Wessex) one child, Ealdhelm b 0705/0709 . is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.