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  1. Hugh 2nd de Wake: Birth: ABT 1145 in Benham, Berkshire, England. Death: BET 1194 AND 1199 in Old Wardon, Bedfordshire, England

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a. Note:   ; as well as his Norman and Guernsey fiefs helf over 16knight's fees in England; living 1142; founder 1168 Benedictine Abbeyof Longues, Calvados; gave Wilsford, Lincs to Le Bec Abbey; marriedEmma (becoming through her feudal Lord of Bourne, Lincs), elderdaughter and coheir of Baldwin Fitz Gilbert/de Clare (brother of 1stEarl of Pembroke of the 1138 creation and son of Gilbert, feudal Lordof Clare, Suffolk and Cardigan, whose father Richard was son of theCount of Brionne, of an illegitimate line of the Dukes of Normandy),by Adeline (daughter of Richard de Rollos, Chamberlain to Henry I,apparently by Godiva, daughter of Hugh d'Envermeu by Turfrida,daughter and heiress of the Mercian Thegn Hereward, who ledAnglo-Saxon resistence to William I (The Conqueror) 1071 and whoapparently got back his pre-Conquest lands at Witham, Barholm, andRippingale about the time of the Domesday Survey 1086), and diedprobably between early autumn 1175 and early autumn 1176. [Burke'sPeerage] HUGH WAC, 1st son and heir, "a noble man," was with King Stephen atStamford in 1142; but was with the Earl of Chester at Devizes in 1153,when he witnessed ex parte comitis the charter for the Earl of Henry,Duke of Normandy. About 1150 he made a feoffrnent of land in Walthamon the Wolds, co. Leicester; in 1161-62 the Sheriff of cos. Warwickand Leicester answered for the scutage of Hugh; in 1164-65 Hugh paid£38 2. 6. in Lincolnshire; and in 1166 he answered for 10 1/8 knights'fees from Bourne, Lincs, his wife's inheritance. In 1168 he foundedthe Abbey of Longues and made numerous gifts thereto for the souls ofhis father and mother, of Baldwin FitzGilbert and his daughter Emma,Hugh's wife, and for the salvation of his children Baldwin andGeoffrey and the others. He also gave Wilsford, Lincs, to the Abbey ofLe Bec. He married Emma, daughter and coheir of Baldwin FiTZGILBERT, or DECLARE, by Adeline, daughter of Richard DE ROLLOS. She was dead in1168. He died probably between Michaelmas 1175 and Michaelmas 1176.[Complete Peerage XII/2:295-6, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)] Seigneur of Negreville in Normandy, France, and, in 1168, founder ofLongues Abbey. Hugh was with King Stephen at Stamford in 1142, and waswith the Earl of Chester at Devizes and Roger Wake in 1153 when hewitnessed the charter for the Earl of Henry, Duke of Normandy. "In 1166 he made the return for the barony of Bourne, and at this timehe was also holding single knights' fees under Humphrey de Bohun, theEarl of Gloucester and Earl Simon of Northampton and probably held ofRobert of Stafford and of the Earl of Chester as well. In Normandy hislands lay at Negreville and St. Hilaire de Petitville in the Contentinpeninsula...and at Longues in the Bessin, whilst to these must beadded his inheritance in Guernsey. This rich baron founded in 1168 aBenedictine abbey at Longues near Bayeux, which he endowed from hisNorman lands, one Roger Wac being witness to his foundation charter."
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