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Reece Costella "Bud" Kirkland: Birth: 10 Dec 1879 in Sumpter county, Florida. Death: 2 May 1961 in Collier, Florida, United States
Richard Snowden Kirkland: Birth: 1728 in , Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Death: 5 Mar 1789 in , Effingham, Georgia, USA
Richard Snowden Kirkland: Birth: 29 Jul 1705 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA. Death: March 28, 1772 in South Carolina, USA
Richard Kirkland: Birth: 1670 in All Hallows Pa, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA. Death: 19 May 1743 in , Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Richard Kirkland: Birth: 1764 in South, Carolina, Puerto Rico, USA. Death: 1798 in , Barnwell, South Carolina, USA
Robert Kirkland: Birth: 20 Sept. 1697 in Anne Arundel, Cecil, Maryland, USA. Death: 1768 in Clouds Creek Barnwell, South Carolina
Ruby Ruth Kirkland: Birth: 4 Mar 1911 in Marco Collie, Florida. Death: Sep 1979
Samuel Levi Kirkland: Birth: 1758 in South Carolina.
Sarah Kirkland: Birth: 19 April 1700 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Maryland. Death: in unknown
Sarah Kirkland: Birth: 10 Jul 1768 in Fairfield,,South Carolina,USA.
Sibbell Kirkland: Birth: 1753 in Craven, South Carolina.
Silas Eugene Kirkland: Birth: abt 1939 in Florida. Death: 1993
Susan Ardella Kirkland: Birth: 11 May 1876 in Florida. Death: 4 Dec 1948 in Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, USA
Susannah Kirkland: Birth: 12 Mar 1759 in , , Georgia, USA. Death: 20 Oct 1855 in , De Kalb, Alabama, USA
Thelma Vernie Kirkland: Birth: 16 Jul 1908 in Belle Meade Lee Florida, Collier, Florida, USA. Death: 18 May 1994 in Naples, Collier, Florida, USA
Theodore Madison Kirkland: Birth: 6 Apr 1917 in Naples, Collier, Florida. Death: 15 Jun 1977 in Naples, Collier, Florida
Thomas Henry Kirkland: Birth: 1908 in Henderson Creek, Lee, Florida, USA. Death: 18 Mar 1963 in Naples, Florida, USA
Thomas Kirkland: Birth: 1793.
Vera Marie Kirkland: Birth: 1 Nov 1911 in Florida. Death: 9 Jul 2001 in Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, United States of America
William B Kirkland: Birth: 21 Aug 1857 in Florida. Death: 29 Jun 1907 in , Polk County, Florida, U.S.A.
William Harvey Kirkland: Birth: 20 Oct 1928 in Davenport, Polk, Florida, USA. Death: 26 Jun 1993 in Madison, Madison, Florida, USA
William Riley Kirkland: Birth: 1815 in South Carolina, United States. Death: 1889 in Alabama, United States
William Kirkland: Birth: Mar 1818 in Edgefield Dist, South Carolina, USA.
William Kirkland: Birth: 1730 in , Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Death: 24 Dec 1806 in , Fairfield, South Carolina, USA
William Kirkland: Birth: 23 Nov. 1702 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland. Death: 06 Oct. 1766 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA
William Kirkland: Birth: 1786 in Orangeburgh Dist, , South Carolina, USA. Death: 26 May 1864 in , Henry, Alabama, USA
Willis Kirkland: Birth: Jul 1866 in Florida. Death: 1919 in DeSoto, Florida, United States
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Richard Snowden Kirkland, III: Birth: 1765 in South Carolina. Death: 30 July 1804 in Bullock, Georgia, USA
Aaron Kirkland, Sr.: Birth: 1760 in ,Barnwell,South Carolina,USA. Death: 12 Jun 1842 in Abbeville, Henry, Alabama,USA
Charlie W. Kirkman: Birth: 25 Jan 1871 in Missouri, USA.
Daisy Kirkman: Birth: Aug 1894 in Iowa.
Emma Ruth Kirkman: Birth: 16 Sep 1882 in Missouri. Death: 7 May 1954
Florence "Flora" Bell Kirkman: Birth: 28 July 1889 in Sommersville, Missouri. Death: 9 Nov 1986 in Lakeland, Polk, Florida, USA
Frank George Kirkman: Birth: 14 May 1880 in Missouri. Death: 8 Jul 1947
Henretta Addie Kirkman: Birth: 14 Jun 1884 in Missouri. Death: 14 Aug 1917
Jane Francis Kirkman: Birth: 1 Aug 1872 in Missouri.
Jessie Kirkman: Birth: Dec 1891 in Iowa.
John Will Kirkman: Birth: 30 Mar 1875 in Missouri. Death: 10 Oct 1939
Levin Kirkman: Birth: 17 Jun 1765 in Caroline County, Maryland, USA. Death: 27 Mar 1857
Martha Ellen Kirkman: Birth: 4 Mar 1877 in Missouri.
Nellie Kirkman: Birth: Oct 1898 in Iowa.
Ralph S Kirkman: Birth: May 1890 in Iowa.
Rebecca A Kirkman: Birth: 14 Jun 1892 in Missouri. Death: 6 Jun 1951
Wesley Henry Kirkman: Birth: 30 Jun 1837 in North Carolina. Death: 13 Dec 1906 in Missouri, USA
William Tom Kirkman: Birth: 8 Sep 1886 in Missouri.
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Unknown Kirkland Kirtland: Birth: 1630 in ,,,Scotland. Death: in Maryland
Jennie Ann Kitchens: Birth: Mar 1863 in , , Mississippi, USA. Death: 15 Sept 1930 in Carter County, Oklahoma, USA
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Jane Knox: Birth: 1878 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
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C. Guss Kugler: Birth: 22 August 1878 in Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama, USA. Death: 1 July 1944 in Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama, USA
Leona Kugler: Birth: abt 1881 in Alabama.
Mary Kugler: Birth: May 1853 in Germany.
Richard Neal Kugler: Birth: 22 May 1940. Death: 18 May 2014
Wendelin Kugler: Birth: Oct 1853 in Germany.
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