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 Robert Henning /Nelson/
B: 22 MAY 1921
P: Brooklyn, NY
M: 28 FEB 1943
P: Woodhaven, NY or Forest Hills, NY
D: 27 MAR 1985
P: Huntington, NY

 Mildred Blanche /Poole/
B: 25 MAR 1921
P: Brooklyn, NY
D: 11 JUL 1992
P: Huntington, NY

 Erik (Eric) Adolph Alexander /Nelson/
B: 12 DEC 1889
P: Stockholm, Sweden
M: 3 FEB 1917
P: Brooklyn, NY
D: 26 MAY 1968
P: Huntington, NY

 Esther Debora /Johansson/
B: 7 FEB 1891
P: Kristine Parish, Gothenburg, Sweden
D: 1993
P: Woodbury, New York

 Arthur Henry /Poole/
B: 8 AUG 1892
P: New York, NY
M: 28 FEB 1920
P: Brooklyn, NY
D: 9 APR 1978
P: Delray Beach, FL

 Blanche Elizabeth /Sammis/
B: 2 FEB 1893
P: Brooklyn, NY
D: 25 OCT 1961
P: Wantaugh, NY

 Claes (Klas) /Nelson (Nilsson)/
B: 15 JAN 1861
P: Gothenburg, Sweden
D: 18 DEC 1942
P: Brooklyn, NY
 Matilda Wilhelmina /Adamson/
B: 1 SEP 1856
P: N�ttraby, Karlskrona, Blekinge County, Sweden
D: 26 DEC 1905
P: New York
 Carl August /Johansson/
B: 3 MAY 1852
P: Foss Parish, Gothenburg County, Sweden
M: 12 JAN 1879
 Ida Margareta /Abrahamson (or Abrahamsdotter)/
B: 20 JUL 1849
P: M�nstorp (Norrg�rd farm), Vellinge Municip...
 William Augustus /Poole/
B: 30 MAR 1863
P: Federalsburg, MD
D: 20 OCT 1949
P: Woodhaven, NY
 Lavinia Marie /Duncan/
B: 15 DEC 1863
P: New York City, NY
D: 23 JUN 1931
P: Woodhaven, NY
 Myron Augustus /Sammis/
B: 7 APR 1862
P: Huntington, NY
M: 1 APR 1883
P: Huntington, NY
D: 31 OCT 1927
P: Brooklyn, NY
 Mary Elizabeth /Smith/
B: NOV 1862
P: Huntington, NY
D: 25 OCT 1954
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