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Marriage: Children:
  1. Annetje Aukesz Van Nuys: Birth: Bef 28 Jan 1646 in Amsterdam, N Holland, Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada. Death: 1740 in Nyc, , New York, United States

  2. Geertruyd Auke Van Nuys: Birth: Abt 9 Jun 1647 in Nuis, Groningen, Netherlands. Death: Bef 1690

  3. Jannetje Auckes Van Nuys: Birth: 10 Dec 1648 in Nuis, Gronigen, The Netherlands.

  4. Jan Auckesze Van Nuys: Birth: Abt 1650 in Nuis, Groningen, Netherlands. Death: Aft 1710 in Flatbush, Kings, New York

  5. Pieter Aukersz Van Nuys: Birth: Bef 13 Oct 1652 in New Amsterdam R NY New Amsterdam, Ny.

  6. Jacobus Auckesze Van Nuys: Birth: Abt 1654 in Flatbush, Kings County, New York. Death: 6 Dec 1710 in New Utrecht, Kings County, Long Island, New York

  7. Abigail Auckesze Van Nuys: Birth: 1654 in Brooklyn Ferry, Long Island, New York. Death: 19 Jul 1748 in Longe Island, Kings, New York, United States

  8. Yda Aukes Van Nuys: Birth: Abt 1656 in Flatbush, Kings County, Long Island, New York. Death: WFT Est 1665-1758

  9. Femmetje Auckesze Van Nuys: Birth: Bef 4 Mar 1662 in Breukelen, Breukelen, Nieuw Nederland. Death: Aft 20 Nov 1735 in Flatlands, USAgs, New York, Usa

  10. Marytje Van Nuys

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a. Note:   I am looking for any info you find on Abraham Jansen christened 23 Mar 1718. I think he was Abraham Johnson my 4th great grandfather.. The Sheriff of Hampshire Co., VA My Y-DNA is of the hapalogroup G2A4 I am pretty sure they are the descendants of The Van Nuys from Holland
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  Patricia Herrington Zumwalt, P. O. Box 1166, Susanville, CA 96130 Pennie Lindsey, 24 Pebblewood Pines, Chico, CA 95926
  OneGreatFamily standardization changes, July 17, 2006
  Birth Places:
 "Nuis, Holland" was changed to "Nuis,,, Holland"
  Auke, by the way, is a nickname for Augustine, much like "Auggie" in
 English would be. It is not related to the name Abraham or Abram at all
  Origin of Immigrant: Netherlands
 Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: Abt 1621 Netherlands
 Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: Abt 1698, Flatbush, Kings, New York
 Immigrant's Spouse: Magdalena Pieterse
 Source of Information: The Van Nuys Genealogy 1651-1916 by Carrie E Allen & Early Settlers of Kings Co. NY
 Immigrant's Children:
 Annetje Van Nuys, Chr Jan 28, 1646 Amsterdam, m 1661 Winant Pieterse Van Eck
 Gertruyd Van Nuys, Chr Jun 9, 1647 Amsterdam, m 1666 Franz Joosten
 Janneke (Jennetje Auckes) Van Nuys, b Holland, m 1673 Barbara Provoost
 Abagail Van Nuys, b 1651, d. 1748, m Leffert Pieterse
 Pieter Van Nuys, b. Oct 22, 1652 New Amsterdam
 Jacobus Auckes Van Nuys, b. abt 1654 New Amsterdam, d. 1710, m. April 26, 1685 Maria Willemse Cornel
 Femmetje Aukes Van Nuys, b March 2, 1662, Brooklyn, Kings, NY, m Oct 8 1680 Jan Stevense Van Voorhees
 Ida Van Nuys, b 1664 Flatbush, Kings, NY, m Auke Rynierse
  Notes: Forefathers of Aucke Janse Van Nuys fled from France to Holland at the time of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew in 1572. His name appears in numerous records in the New Amsterdam, Brooklyn and Flatbush area. On May 6, 1653 he sold his house and lot in New Amsterdam, and in 1654 he was employed as master carpenter in the erection of the first church on Long Island, in Flatbush, near New Amsterdam. There are records of purchases of several tracts of land in this region. In 1673 he was appointed Schepen or magistrate, by Governor Clove. In 1674 he was one of the representative to the "Convention of Delegate" called by the governor to meet in New Orange after the capture of the Netherlands from the British. His name is in the list of those who in 1687 took the oath of allegiance to Great Britian after New Netherlands had been re-taken by the British. He was three times married. His second marriage was to Lysbert Clausen and the third to Gurtruyd Jacabse.
  �b�Re: Auke Jans/a.k.a.Van Nuys
 �/b�Citation RECORD:
 �i�Carrie E. Allen, A record of the family of Isaac Van Nuy (or Vannice) of Harrodsburg, Kentucky : son of Isaac Van Nuys of Millstone, NJ, Chicago. 1916; 313 pages., �/i�Page 7-. History of Auke Janse Van Nuys and his wife, Magdalena Pieterse and some of his children who emigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam (now New York).
 States he was married 3 times. Second to Lysbert CLAUSEN, and third to Gurtruyd JACOBSE. He had nine children of whom five were born in America:
 The nine children: Annetie, Gurtruyd, Janneke, Jan, Abagail , Pieter, Jacobus, Femitie and Ida. His will given as dated May 15 1694 and probated in 1693.
 He removed from New Amsterdam/New York to Long Island. �b��i�Sorting the children and marriages of Auke Jans the first who was born in 1621 in Holland and migrated in 1651.
 �/b��/i�Regarding Ida "Yda" and one "Abigail",both stated to be daughters of Auke Jans and Magdelena PIETERSE.
 Re: Ida "Yda" Van Nuys �/b�Citation RECORD:
 �i�Teunis G Bergen, Genealogy of the LEFFERTS FAMILY, 1650-1718, 1878, Albany, N.Y. Joel Munsell.,�/i� page 15-16.
 Ida "Yda" Aukerse, a supposed child, and married to Auke Reinierse.
 Re : one Abigail Van Nuys // the below makes her birth date circa 1658.
 �/b�Citation RECORD:
 �i�Teunis G Bergen, Genealogy of the LEFFERTS FAMILY, 1650-1718, 1878, Albany, N.Y. Joel Munsell.,�/i� page 15-16.
 Said she died at the age of 94 in 1748. Mother of Pieter LEFFERTS; her spouse being Lieffies "Petersen" van Hagewout and married about 1680. This surname begins to become LEFFERTS at this time.
 �b�Re: Lefferts
 �/b�Citation RECORD:
 �i�Walter Kenneth Griffin, B. Sc. (Lond.), B.A., L..L..B., THE BAPTISMAL RECORDS of the REFORMED PROTESTANT DUTCH CHURCH of NEW UTRECHT, LONG ISLAND 1718 - 1741, page 8.
 �/i� Child named Antie, baptized in Utrecht on May 12, 1728. This is a grandchild of Abigail and Peter, daughter of their son, Peter.
  �b�Re: Auke Jans a.k.a Van Nuys
 �/b�Citation RECORD:
 �i�Rev. Theodore W. Welles, of the N.Y. Genealogiclal & Biographical Soc. and N.J. Historical Society. , ANCESTRAL TABLETS from COLONIAL DAYS to the PRESENT ERA, The Press Printing and Publishing Co., Paterson, N.J., page 318.�/i�
 Immigrated with several children and his wife about 1651. Possibly born in the village of Nuis, in Groningen, Amsterdam, Holland. He settled in Flatbush, New York and was a carpenter. He built the first church in Flatbush, was a Magistrate of the town in 1673, and represented the town in convention at New Orange on March 20, 1764. His wife died prior to October 1662 and he married a second time to Lysbet Jans, widow of Jan Clausen. After she died, he married a third time to Geertie Gysbrechtsz, the widow of Jan Jacobse. Neither of the other two marriages produced issue.2. P L van die Grift; P Stuyvesant; Will Beekman; Olof Stevenson, etal....., The records of New Amsterdam from 1653 to 1674 anno domini, New York; Pub under the authority of the City of New York by the Knickerbocker Press, 1895., vol 1, several page notations Auke Jansen, carpenter, was noted on about 9 occasions as being in default at court for actions by plaintiffs; he also offered as, being aged, service to the city as per wages and keep years of 1653 thru 1655.
  �b�Re: Auke Jans/ a/k/a Van Nuys
 �/b�Citation RECORD:
 �i�Teunis G Bergen, Genealogy of the LEFFERTS FAMILY, 1650-1718, 1878, Albany, N.Y. Joel Munsell., �/i�Page 15.
 Accordng to the author, Teunis G. Bergen, Auke Janse Van Nuyse emigrated from Amsterdam in 1651 to colonial America/New Amsterdam. He was a Carpenter or Builder who had his first house and lot in New Amsterdam which he sold in 1653.
 He was residing at Brooklyn ferry in 1661, was in Flatbush in 1665 where he built the first church upon which the work commenced in 1664 and finished in 1660.
 He is stated to have married : 1st : Magdalena Pieterse who was from Langdendyck
 2nd : Elizabeth Janse, the widow of Jan Classes
 3rd : Geertie Gysbrechts, widow of Jan,. Jacobse.
 He named all the children by his first wife in h is will dated May 15, 1694.
 1st wife Magdalena buried prior to Oct. 1662 in the burial plot of Brooklyn Ref. Dutch Church [Protestant]
 Chidren named:
 Annatie or "Anneken" Aukerse who m. her first spouse, Winant Pieterse Van Eck on Dec. 4, 1661 and her 2nd spouse, Derick Janse Woertman on 2 April 1691.
 Gertruyd Aukerse who married Frans Jooste. Janncke Aukerse, who married 1666 to Reiner Arntz Jan Aukerse, born in amsterdam who married 1st spouse Barbara Provoost on July 29, 1673 and 2nd spouse Eva Janes on 2 April 1680.
 Jacobus Aukerse, who married Leffert Pieterse. Pieter Aukerse, who was bapt. on Oct 27, 1652. Femmetie Aukerse, who was bapt. on March 12, 1662; and married to Jan Stevense Voorhies on Oct. 8, 1680.
 and assumed or supposed Yda Aukerse, who married Auke Reinierse.
 �b�Re: Auke Jans/ a.l.a. Van Nuys
 �/b�Citation RECORD:
 �i�Teunis G Bergen, Genealogy of the LEFFERTS FAMILY, 1650-1718, 1878, Albany, N.Y. Joel Munsell. �/i�Bergen notes the date of the writing of the will of Auke Jans in May of 1694; other sources note the death as in 1698. It is likely the will was written previous to his death due to the multiple marriages and the inheritance issues of the children and dower responsibilities.
  great site on Van Nuys
  Page 255.\emdash\emdash AUCKE JANS VAN NUYS In the name of our Lord, Amen. Whereas I, Aucke Janse Van
 Nuys, of the Town of Flatbush, in Kings County, considering the certainty of death and the uncextainty of the hour, And not willing to depart out of this world before he should have disposed of his worldly estate. Leaves "to his eldest son, John Anke, procured by his lawful wife Magdalena Anke," �1, 4s. in money. Leaves to "all his children, procured by his first wife, Magdalena Anke, deceased, and to the children of his present wife, Geetie Ankes, procured by her first husband, John Jacobse, that are named and baptized Anke," each 6 shillings. Leaves all estate, houses and lands, to his Wife Geetie for life, and then to his children by his first wife Magdalena, viz., Anatie, wife of Dirck Janse Woertman, and the two children of Geetie Anke deceased, procured by Joost Fransen, viz., Sara Joosten, and Magdalena Joosten for one share. And Janettie Anke, wife of Ryne Aertsen, Jan Anke, Peters Anke, Abigail, wife of Leffert Peterse, Jacobus Anke, and Fainettie wife of Jan Stevense. And to the children of his present wife Geetie, procured by her first husband Jan Jacobse, viz.. Lysbett Janse, wife of Direk Janse Van Sutplien, and Eva Janse, wife of Jan Anke. Dated May 15, 1694.
  In December 1666 Aucke married as his second wife and as her third husband ELIZABETH JANSE, the widow of Christopher Schaets and Jan Claesen. Prior to 17 July 1681, prob. on Long Island, NY, Aucke married as his third wife and as her second husband GEERTJE GYSBRECHTS, widow of Jan Jacobszen Van Rheenen.
  Aucke emigrated to America from Amsterdam in 1651. He was a carpenter, residing at first in New Amsterdam, where on 6 May 1653 he sold his house and lot to Hendrick Hendricksen. In 1661 he resided at Brooklyn Ferry; in 1665 in Flatlands, and in 1669 in Flatbush, where he had built the church in 1654 and 1660. He was appointed schepen in 1673 under Governor Clove, and took the oath of allegiance in 1687. He was living in New Utrecht in 1675, where his name appears on the assessment roll for that year. On 15 October 1681, he bought of Bartel Claesen his house and farm in Flatbush of 19 morgens; also Claesen's share of the land lying at the Paerde Gat, patented by Governor Andro on 17 March 1677 to said Claesen and Louis Jansen. He also purchased 10 morgens on the plains of "Amersfoort," which Claesen bought of Samuel Spicer; and also 2 morgens on the "Midwoute" plains known as No. 10, with salt-meadows. His will was dated 15 May 1694 and proved in 1698.
 Nuis, Groningen, Netherland
 New Amsterdam
 Breucklen Ferry, New Netherland in 1661
 Flatlands, Kings County, New York in 1665
 Flatbush, Kings County, New York in 1669
 Genealogy of the Lefferts Family by Teunis G Bergen 1878 page 10
 William Adriaense Bennett by Kenneth A Bennett 1998 page 140, 143, 220
 Jacob Milton Bergen Senior by William S Bergen 1995 page D 140
 Isaac Van Nuys of Harrodsburg, Kentucky by Carrie E Allen 1916 page 11
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 NAME Pieter <Aucke> Van Nuyse (baptized 13 October 1652 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam)
 NAME Ida <Aucke> Van Nuyse Reynier {Auke} "Page 247. August 23rd, 1674, �b�Jan Barentse�/b�, & �b�Auke Janse�/b�, with Simon Hanssen, as Gardians of the children of Barent Janse dec'd all living in Midwourt or Flatbush, set over & transport to Dirck Janse Woertman certaine upland & doshland as in the bill of agreement dated May 16th, 1671, as also as the patent or grant given by the Director Kiefft to the above named Barent Janse as by him possessed & used --- signed in presence of Commisioners Jan Strycker, Nicasius de Sille, Sect."
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