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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mike Pachasa: Birth: Feb 1877 in Austria-Hungary. Death: 28 Jan 1915 in PA

  2. Andrew Pachasa: Birth: 26 Oct 1878 in Ni�NY Hrabovec, Austria-Hungary. Death: 18 Nov 1944 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH

  3. Anna "Annie" Pacsasza: Birth: 1881 in Austria-Hungary.

  4. J zeph Pacsasza: Birth: 1885.

  5. Julia Pacsasza: Birth: 1886 in Austria-Hungary. Death: 1943 in PA

  6. M ria Pacsasza: Birth: 1890.

  7. J nos Pacsasza: Birth: 1894 in Ni�n� Hru�ov, Michalovce, Slovakia.

  8. Joseph Pachasa: Birth: 20 Nov 1898 in Austria-Hungary. Death: Feb 1977 in Allegheny Co., PA

a. Note:   In Eastern Europe, the genders have different surname endings. The Poles
 usa "i" for men and "a" for woman.
 This is from birth not just marriage. If Pavel Kenwiza had a daughter
 named Maria, her name would be Maria Kenwiza.
  If Maria Kenwiza married Stanley Kowalski, she would become Maria
 Kowalska. Her sons would be named Kowalski, and her daughters would be
 named Kowalska.
  In Czechia, Slovakia and Russia, the women's names have "ova" added to
 the masculine. If Katerna Zakova married Jan Jagos, she would become
 Maria Jagosova.
  Sometimes letters are dropped when the name is changed from masculine
 to feminine. The daughter of Jiri Brokes would be Anna Broksova.
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