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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elijah Hopkins: Birth: 28 Jun 1741 in Harwich, Massachusetts.

  2. Anna Hopkins: Birth: 5 Jun 1747 in Harwich, Massachusetts.

  3. Rebecca Hopkins: Birth: 27 Sep 1749 in Harwich, Massachusetts.

  4. Judah Hopkins: Birth: 25 Oct 1751 in Harwich, Massachusetts.

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  6. Desire Hopkins: Death: 20 Nov 1821

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1. Title:   Harwich Massachusetts vital records
Page:   4
Publication: pages numbers refer to "Vital records, town of Harwich, Massachusetts, 1694-1850" 1982. Harwich Historical Society
Note:   Please note: Harwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts is 100 miles from Hardwick, Worcester, Massachusetts. There is no 'Harwick.'
2. Title:   Descendants of Stephen Hopkins
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