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Stephen Tracy: Birth: 28 Dec 1596 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Death: Abt 1654 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Stephen Tracy: Birth: Abt 1673 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Susanna Tracy: Birth: 14 Mar 1745 in Windham, Connecticut. Death: 22 Apr 1827 in Danvers, Massachusetts
Susannah Tracy: Birth: 1676 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony.
Thomas Tracy: Birth: Abt 1630 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.
Wilfred J Trahan: Birth: 12 Jan 1908 in (New Bedford, Massachusetts). Death: 18 Mar 2003 in North Eastham, Massachusetts
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Benoni Train: Birth: Nov 1693 in (Watertown, Massachusetts). Death: Nov 1693 in (Watertown, Massachusetts)
Deborah Train: Birth: 16 Dec 1698 in (Watertown, Massachusetts). Death: 25 May 1718 in (Watertown, Massachusetts)
Henry J Train: Birth: 1845. Death: 23 Aug 1925 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
John Commins Train: Birth: 24 Sep 1810 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 27 Aug 1814 in Truro, Massachusetts
John Train: Birth: 17 Apr 1786 in Gerry, Massachusetts. Death: 17 Feb 1865 in Truro, Massachusetts
Massah Rich Train: Birth: 18 Jan 1813 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Mercy Rich Train: Birth: 18 Jan 1813 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 28 Nov 1813 in Truro, Massachusetts
Rebecca Train: Birth: Apr 1696 in (Watertown, Massachusetts). Death: May 1696 in (Watertown, Massachusetts)
Rebecca Train: Birth: 1 Dec 1701 in (Watertown, Massachusetts). Death: 1736
Samuel Train: Birth: est 1780 in (Boston, Massachusetts).
Thomas Train: Birth: 1653 in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 23 Jan 1739 in Watertown, Massachusetts
Ann Trapp: Birth: est 1670. Death: Abt 1753 in Martha's Vineyard
Beulah Trapp: Birth: 1718. Death: Oct 1779 in Edgartown, Massachusetts
Thomas Trapp: Birth: est 1685.
Charles F Trask: Birth: 1847 in Orrington, Maine.
Cynthia Johnson Trask: Birth: 12 Jun 1811 in Augusta, Maine. Death: 11 Jun 1888 in Chelsea, Massachusetts
Edgar S Trask: Birth: 1837 in Orrington, Maine.
Georgiana Trask: Birth: 18 Apr 1865 in Waterville, Maine. Death: Aft 1920
Isaac F Trask: Birth: 1829 in Orrington, Maine.
John H Trask: Birth: 1827 in Orrington, Maine.
Joseph F Trask: Birth: 1833 in Orrington, Maine.
Joshua H Trask: Birth: 1836 in Orrington, Maine.
Louisa Trask: Birth: 1842 in Orrington, Maine. Death: 12 Dec 1923 in Revere, Massachusetts
Mary A Trask: Birth: 1832 in St. George, Maine. Death: 7 Dec 1907 in Somerville, Massachusetts
Mary A Trask: Birth: 1845 in Orrington, Maine.
Samuel Trask: Birth: 30 Sep 1804 in Orrington, Maine. Death: Aft 1870 in Orrington, Maine
Sarah H Trask: Birth: Dec 1830 in Rockport, Maine. Death: 7 Oct 1909 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Sarah Trask: Birth: Abt 1636 in Salem, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 26 Dec 1696 in Salem, Massachusetts
William Trask: Birth: 1578. Death: Abt May 1666 in Salem, Massachusetts Bay
William Trask: Death: Abt 1691 in Salem, Massachusetts
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Martha Travers: Birth: 29 Aug 1872. Death: 18 Oct 1933 in New York
Abigail Travis: Birth: 8 Jan 1662.
Hannah Treadway: Birth: Abt 1680. Death: 19 Sep 1714 in Barnstable, Massachusetts
Hannah Treadwell: Birth: 25 Sep 1709 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Death: 18 Aug 1750 in Ipswich, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Treadwell: Birth: 13 Jun 1677 in Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 13 Aug 1723 in Ipswich, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Treadwell: Birth: 13 Feb 1639 in Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay.
Treat: Birth: Abt 1812 in Wales, Maine. Death: Abt 1812 in Wales, Maine
Abigail Treat: Birth: 13 Jun 1686 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Abigail Treat: Birth: 4 Mar 1721 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Abigail Treat: Birth: 10 Mar 1716 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Albert Kilburn Treat: Birth: 16 Mar 1846 in Cohasset, Massachusetts.
Amos Buck Treat: Birth: 17 Apr 1808 in Frankfort, Maine. Death: Aft 1870 in Maine
Amos Treat: Birth: 18 Jan 1781 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Death: 11 Dec 1858 in Frankfort, Maine
Ann Treat: Birth: 3 Sep 1804 in Wales, Maine.
Ann Treat: Birth: 16 Nov 1772 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 13 Sep 1793 in Truro, Massachusetts
Anna Treat: Birth: 13 Aug 1749 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 20 May 1832 in Haverhill, Massachusetts
Anna Treat: Birth: 1753. Death: 29 Jun 1770 in Truro, Massachusetts
Anna Treat: Birth: est 1730 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: Abt 1769
Aquila Rich Treat: Birth: 24 Jun 1799 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 17 Mar 1876 in Cohasset, Massachusetts
Aquilla Rich Treat: Birth: 17 Sep 1829 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 3 Jan 1889 in Cohasset, Massachusetts
Benjamin Lombard Treat: Birth: 23 Dec 1784 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 1799 in Havana, Cuba
Betsey A Treat: Birth: 1 Oct 1834 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 21 Oct 1836 in Truro, Massachusetts
Betsey N Treat: Birth: 19 May 1843 in Cohasset, Massachusetts.
Elisha Treat: Birth: 19 Jul 1810 in Wales, Maine. Death: 23 Jul 1891
Elizabeth Treat: Birth: 1752 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 10 Mar 1847 in Lowell, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Treat: Birth: 24 Jul 1676 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony. Death: 3 Mar 1755 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Treat: Birth: 10 May 1723 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 27 Oct 1803 in Truro, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Treat: Birth: 8 Jan 1712 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 25 Feb 1749 in Lebanon, Connecticut
Eunice Treat: Birth: 27 Sep 1704 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 17 Oct 1747 in Weymouth, Massachusetts
Experience Treat: Birth: 25 Mar 1717-1718 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Ezekiel Treat: Birth: 14 Sep 1806 in Wales, Maine. Death: 26 Jun 1879
Ezekiel Treat: Birth: Abt 1773 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 24 Jun 1861 in Canton, Maine
George Washington Treat: Birth: 29 Apr 1819 in Canton, Maine. Death: Aft 1893 in Canton, Maine
Hannah Treat: Birth: 4 Mar 1719 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Irene Treat: Birth: 4 May 1806 in Frankfort, Maine.
Jane Treat: Birth: 6 Dec 1675 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony. Death: 1 Sep 1729 in Truro, Massachusetts
Jemima Treat: Birth: est 1720 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Joanna Treat: Birth: 16 Jan 1723 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: in Boston, Massachusetts
Joanna Treat: Birth: 16 Jun 1714 in Truro, Massachusetts.
John Allen Treat: Birth: 17 Jun 1838 in Truro, Massachusetts.
John Treat: Birth: 17 May 1693 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 1762
John Treat: Birth: Abt 1725 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 1758 in Louisbourg, Cape Breton
Joseph Treat: Birth: 19 Nov 1690 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: Feb 1756 in Boston, Massachusetts
Joseph Treat: Birth: Oct 1720 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 19 Feb 1727 in Truro, Massachusetts
Joseph Treat: Birth: Abt 1731 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: Young
Joshua Treat: Birth: 17 Mar 1692 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 6 Nov 1753 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Joshua Treat: Birth: 22 Sep 1729 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Aug 1802 in Prospect, Maine
Laura L Treat: Birth: 12 Aug 1831. Death: 16 Nov 1914 in Winterport, Maine
Louisa Treat: Birth: 22 Apr 1838 in Canton, Maine.
Lucy Fuller Treat: Birth: 20 Feb 1831 in Canton, Maine. Death: 9 Feb 1859
Lucy Wiley Treat: Birth: 16 Oct 1848 in Cohasset, Massachusetts.
Manderville Treat: Birth: 3 Nov 1823 in Canton, Maine. Death: 7 Sep 1828 in Canton, Maine
Martha Treat: Birth: 17 Mar 1733 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 27 Dec 1770 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Mary Hinks Treat: Birth: 14 Sep 1827 in Canton, Maine. Death: 20 Mar 1871 in Monmouth, Maine
Mary Treat: Birth: 1826 in Canton, Maine. Death: 1826 in Canton, Maine
Mary Treat: Birth: 10 Jun 1776 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 14 May 1844 in North Bucksport, Maine
Mary Treat: Birth: 16 Mar 1682 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony. Death: 4 Jan 1723 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Mary Treat: Birth: est 1730 in (Eastham, Massachusetts).
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