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Tryphosa Lee: Birth: Abt 1597 in England. Death: Bet 1653 and 1655 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony
William Mason Lee: Birth: 1875 in East Brewster, Massachusetts.
William Lee: Birth: 24 Feb 1728 in Leeds, Yorkshire. Death: May 1795 in Georgetown, Maine
William Lee: Birth: 24 Feb 1753 in England. Death: 26 Jun 1834
Sarah Leeman: Birth: 1793 in Maine.
Toivo Leeman: Birth: 11 May 1914. Death: Jul 1973 in West Barnstable, Massachusetts
Sarah Isabell Leet: Birth: 1841 in Nova Scotia.
Phebe Leete: Death: Bef 1641 in England
Harriot Lefavour: Birth: est 1800 in (Salem, Mass.).
Naomi Leffingwell: Birth: 8 Nov 1638 in Cambridge, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 28 Mar 1681 in Reading, Massachusetts Bay
Oliver David LeGault: Birth: est 1900 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.
Daniel Legg: Birth: est 1700 in of Yarmouth, Massachusetts.
Francis Legge: Birth: est 1740.
John Sinclair Leidel: Birth: 18 Feb 1919. Death: 14 Nov 1993 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Amos L Leigh: Birth: 1847 in Newbury, Massachusetts.
C C Leighton: Birth: est 1845 in (Richmond, Maine). Death: Aft 1913 in Richmond, Maine
Clare Veronica Hope Leighton: Birth: 12 Apr 1898 in London, England. Death: 4 Nov 1989 in Watertown, Connecticut
Edgar Waldo Leighton: Birth: 4 Dec 1907 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 1938
Elizabeth Leighton: Birth: Abt 1634 in Dover, New Hampshire. Death: Aft Oct 1712 in Truro, Massachusetts
Harvard Leighton: Birth: 2 Sep 1905 in Maine. Death: 4 Feb 1999 in Harwich, Massachusetts
Laura Etta Leighton: Birth: 28 Mar 1872 in Richmond, Maine. Death: 1954 in Richmond, Maine
Martha Leighton: Birth: est 1753.
Nathaniel W Leighton: Birth: Jun 1870 in Richmond, Maine. Death: Nov 1913 in Richmond, Maine
Robert Leland Leighton: Birth: 27 Nov 1913 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 1 Jul 1987 in Falmouth, Massachusetts
Waldo Leighton: Birth: 1875 in Jonesport, Maine.
Agnes Chloe Leland: Birth: 8 Jul 1841 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 7 Mar 1907 in Waltham, Massachusetts
Amy Lois Leland: Birth: 1849 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Anne Leland: Birth: 6 Jul 1746 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Asaph Leland: Birth: 4 Dec 1763 in Holliston, Massachusetts. Death: 7 Feb 1827 in Holliston, Massachusetts
Caleb Leland: Birth: Nov 1712 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 25 Aug 1780 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Caleb Leland: Birth: 5 Nov 1742 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 1746 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Caleb Leland: Birth: 28 May 1753 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 1776 in Ticonderoga, New York
Daniel Leland: Birth: 28 Dec 1781 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Deborah Leland: Birth: 1753 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Erastus Leland: Birth: 1830 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 19 Sep 1868 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Hannah Leland: Birth: 17 May 1757 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Jemima Leland: Birth: 17 May 1751 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
John Leland: Birth: 1 Jun 1760 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
John Leland: Birth: 27 Aug 1744 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Sep 1745 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
John Leland: Birth: 1784 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 5 Nov 1855 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Judith Leland: Birth: 14 Apr 1755 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Lemuel Nelson Leland: Birth: 1826 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 1 Feb 1874 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Lemuel Leland: Birth: 4 Apr 1786 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 23 Jan 1851 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Lois Leland: Birth: 11 Jul 1779 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Moses F Leland: Birth: 1835 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Moses Leland: Birth: 7 Feb 1784 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Nancy Leland: Birth: 10 Mar 1788 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Prudence Leland: Birth: 12 Oct 1748 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Rebecca Leland: Birth: 10 Jun 1751 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
William Leland: Birth: 3 Jan 1725 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 30 Jan 1762 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
William Leland: Birth: 1829 in Massachusetts.
William Leland: Birth: 30 Jul 1817 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Feb 1888 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
John Lelandine: Birth: 1826 in England.
Frank Lema: Birth: est 1880.
Palmeda Lema: Birth: est 1900 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Vivian L Lema: Birth: <1916> in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 18 Feb 2006 in Chatham, Massachusetts
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Louis A LeMeur: Birth: 1892 in St. Pierre and Miquelon. Death: 1951
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Hoppy Lemoine: Birth: 10 Sep 1958 in South Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 31 Jul 1992 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Milton Gale Lemoine: Birth: 1 Oct 1931. Death: 17 May 2012 in Orleans, Massachusetts
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Olinda Lena: Birth: est 1895 in (Provincetown, Massachusetts).
Antoine J Lent: Birth: 1847 in Western Isles (Azores). Death: Aug 1879 in lost at sea, sch. Arizona, North Atlantic
Antone F Lent: Birth: 1878 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: Dec 1895 in near New Bedford
Rebecca Lent: Birth: est 1720 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
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Miriam Lenzen: Birth: 14 Apr 1914 in (California). Death: 13 Apr 1983 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Manuel Leo: Birth: 1851 in Western Isles (Azores). Death: 24 Feb 1896 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Andrea Leonard: Birth: 1924 in Osterville (Barnstable), Massachusetts. Death: 22 Jun 2007 in Yarmouthport, Massachusetts
Caroline R Leonard: Birth: 1846 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Eliza P Leonard: Birth: 1840 in England.
Elizabeth Leonard: Birth: 2 Oct 1824 in England. Death: 30 Apr 1901 in (Eastham, Massachusetts)
George Leonard: Birth: 1836 in England. Death: 23 Mar 1876 in Brockton, Massachusetts
Janet F Leonard: Birth: <1947> in Taunton, Massachusetts. Death: 4 Dec 2005 in West Warwick, Rhode Island
Jonathan Leonard: Birth: 17 Feb 1763 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Death: 25 Jan 1849 in Sandwich, Massachusetts
Jonathan Leonard: Birth: 7 Jan 1805 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Death: Bef 1890 in Sandwich, Massachusetts
Kerry Leonard: Birth: 1957 in Dennis, Massachusetts. Death: 20 Mar 2009 in Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Florida
Mary A Leonard: Birth: 1842 in Rhode Island.
Mary Ann Leonard: Birth: 7 Nov 1857 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Mehitable Leonard: Birth: est 1713.
Nathan Knowles Leonard: Birth: 25 Sep 1861 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: Aft 1920 in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Prudence Leonard: Birth: est 1670.
Rebecca T Leonard: Birth: 1836. Death: 26 Dec 1846 in Truro, Massachusetts
Rebecca Leonard: Birth: 1657 in Taunton, Plymouth Colony. Death: 15 Mar 1736 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts
Sarah Leonard: Birth: 1688.
Thomas Leonard: Birth: est 1640.
William H Leonard: Birth: 1848 in Chatham, Massachusetts.
William Jackson Leonard: Birth: 1869 in Hinsdale, New Hampshire.
William Joseph Leonard: Birth: 5 Sep 1885 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 1942
William Leonard: Birth: 1816 in England.
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Victor Joseph Lessard: Birth: 1 Apr 1892 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Death: 28 Apr 1957
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Benjamin Lethe: Birth: 9 Jun 1749 in Grafton, Massachusetts. Death: 18 Mar 1835 in Grafton, Massachusetts
Benjamin Lethe: Birth: 7 Aug 1776 in Grafton, Massachusetts.
Catherine Lethe: Birth: 2 Oct 1787 in Grafton, Massachusetts.
Eunice Lethe: Birth: 27 Jan 1772 in Grafton, Massachusetts.
Matilda Lethe: Birth: 17 May 1773 in Grafton, Massachusetts. Death: 11 Dec 1847 in Grafton, Massachusetts

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