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William Brewster: Birth: 1566 in Scrooby, Nottingham. Death: 16 Apr 1644 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony
Wrestling Brewster: Birth: Abt 1642 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony. Death: 1 Jan 1696 in Duxbury, Massachusetts
Wrestling Brewster: Birth: Abt 1611. Death: 1627-1651 in Plymouth Colony
Edward Brian: Birth: est 1764 in of Harwich, Massachusetts.
Abigail Briant: Birth: Abt 1723 in Reading, Massachusetts.
Tabitha Briant: Birth: 29 Sep 1685 in Reading, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 13 Dec 1758 in Lynn, Massachusetts
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Anna Bridge: Birth: est 1730 in Wenham, Massachusetts.
Martha A Bridge: Birth: 1842 in Gilsum, New Hampshire.
O Bridge: Birth: est 1820.
Samuel J Bridge: Birth: 1 Jun 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: Aft 1879
Bethiah Bridges: Birth: Abt 1645.
Edmund Bridges: Birth: 4 Oct 1637 in Rowley, Massachusetts Bay. Death: Abt 24 Jun 1682 in Salem, Massachusetts Bay
Julia A Bridges: Birth: 2 Oct 1829 in Massachusetts. Death: 1929 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sarah Bridges: Birth: 1 Apr 1744 in Littleton, Massachusetts. Death: 15 Feb 1829 in Littleton, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Bridgham: Birth: 4 Aug 1727 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 3 Dec 1790 in Barnstable, Massachusetts
Benjamin F Bridgman: Birth: 1827. Death: 3 Oct 1841 in Lost At Sea
N W Bridgman: Birth: est 1835 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Theodore Bridgman: Birth: 3 Oct 1803 in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Death: 30 Mar 1871 in Paxton, Illinois
Lizzie M Brien: Birth: <1860> in Massachusetts.
Marcia Helena Brierly: Birth: 1955 in Hyannis (Barnstable), Massachusetts. Death: 14 Feb 2007 in West Harwich, Massachusetts
Briggs: Birth: est 1710. Death: Bef Dec 1755
Abner Briggs: Birth: 10 Aug 1739 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Anna Briggs: Birth: 14 Aug 1783 in Rochester, Massachusetts. Death: 7 Jun 1817 in Rochester, Massachusetts
Anne Briggs: Birth: 1726 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Death: 15 Jul 1768 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Barnabas Briggs: Death: Aft May 1812
Barnabas Briggs: Birth: 23 Aug 1788 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Benjamin Briggs: Birth: 20 Jan 1696 in Scituate, Massachusetts.
Bennett Briggs: Birth: 14 Oct 1667 in Sandwich, Plymouth colony.
Betsey Briggs: Birth: 7 Jun 1784 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Catherine C Briggs: Birth: est 1815 in (Eastham, Massachusetts).
Clement Briggs: Birth: 1 Jan 1642 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay.
Clement Briggs: Birth: Abt 1600 in Southwark, Surrey. Death: 23 Dec 1648 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay
Content Briggs: Birth: est 1712 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
Cornelius Briggs: Birth: est 1645.
David Briggs: Birth: 23 Aug 1640 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay. Death: Abt 1684 in Southampton, Long Island, New York
Deborah Briggs: Birth: 16 Oct 1674 in Dartmouth, Plymouth colony. Death: 25 Jan 1712 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Ebenezer Briggs: Birth: 9 Jun 1671 in Sandwich, Plymouth colony.
Elisha Briggs: Birth: 1 May 1789 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Elizabeth Briggs: Birth: 3 Apr 1665 in Sandwich, Plymouth colony.
Elizabeth Briggs: Birth: Abt 1743. Death: 7 May 1836 in Truro, Massachusetts
Ephraim Briggs: Birth: 3 Mar 1769 in Halifax, Massachusetts. Death: 22 Apr 1816 in Chatham, Massachusetts
Ephraim Briggs: Birth: 1 Jul 1803 in Chatham, Massachusetts. Death: 4 Jan 1840 in Boston, Massachusetts
Ephraim Briggs: Birth: 19 Apr 1736 in Norton, Massachusetts. Death: 22 Dec 1799 in Halifax, Massachusetts
George Briggs: Birth: 1806 in Dedham, Massachusetts. Death: 5 May 1864 in Lowell, Massachusetts
Hannah Briggs: Birth: Aug 1781 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Henry Briggs: Birth: 7 Nov 1797 in Chatham, Massachusetts. Death: 1 Jan 1820
Isaac Sampson Briggs: Birth: 9 Jul 1807 in Chatham, Massachusetts. Death: 5 Jun 1855 in Dryden, Tompkins, New York
Jedediah Briggs: Birth: 27 Nov 1708 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Jesse Briggs: Birth: 2 Mar 1741 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Joan Briggs: Birth: 1637 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay. Death: May 1685 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island
John Briggs: Birth: 1615 in England. Death: Bef Jun 1641 in Sandwich, Plymouth colony
John Briggs: Birth: Abt 1647 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay.
John Briggs: Birth: est 1742 in Wareham, Massachusetts.
John Briggs: Birth: 19 Aug 1737 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
John Briggs: Birth: 13 Feb 1672 in Taunton, Plymouth Colony. Death: 18 Mar 1764 in Berkley, Massachusetts
John Briggs: Birth: 28 Apr 1687 in Connhassett (Scituate), Massachusetts. Death: Abt 1722
Jonathan Briggs: Birth: 14 Jun 1635 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay. Death: Bef 18 Nov 1690 in Taunton, Massachusetts
Joseph Briggs: Birth: est 1797. Death: Aft 1864
Joseph Briggs: Birth: 19 Feb 1678 in Scituate, Plymouth Colony. Death: 26 Mar 1770 in Scituate, Massachusetts
Judith Briggs: Birth: 20 May 1725 in Scituate, Massachusetts. Death: 1793 in Scituate, Massachusetts
Julia F Briggs: Birth: 1 Apr 1895 in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Death: 2 Jul 1945 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Katy Briggs: Birth: 19 Jun 1786 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 16 Apr 1827 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Keziah Briggs: Birth: 6 Sep 1702 in Rochester, Massachusetts. Death: 20 Feb 1777 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Lois Briggs: Birth: 14 May 1790 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Lydia Briggs: Birth: est 1668 in Plymouth Colony. Death: Aft 14 Aug 1734
Mahala Briggs: Birth: 24 Sep 1791 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Marcy Briggs: Birth: 11 Oct 1734 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Mary M Briggs: Birth: est 1825.
Mary Briggs: Birth: est 1723 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
Mary Briggs: Birth: Oct 1778 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Mary Briggs: Birth: est 1738 in Wareham, Massachusetts.
Mathias Briggs: Birth: Abt 1623 in Hingham, Norfolk. Death: 24 Feb 1697 in Hingham, Massachusetts
Mercy Briggs: Birth: 3 Aug 1780 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Aug 1849 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Nabby Briggs: Birth: 30 Dec 1786 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Nathan Briggs: Birth: 1748. Death: 25 May 1817 in Wareham, Massachusetts
Nathan Briggs: Birth: Aug 1781 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Phebe Myrick Briggs: Birth: Jul 1801 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 4 Apr 1881 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Phebe Briggs: Birth: 25 Aug 1771 in Nantucket, Massachusetts.
Rachel Briggs: Birth: 25 Mar 1764 in Norton, Massachusetts. Death: 8 Sep 1843 in Fayston, Vermont
Remember Briggs: Birth: 8 Jan 1644 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 22 May 1696
Richard Briggs: Birth: Abt 1640 in England.
Ruth L Briggs: Birth: 1920 in Rhode Island. Death: 26 Mar 2014 in West Chester, Pennsylvania
Ruth Briggs: Birth: est 1710. Death: in (Petersham, Massachusetts)
Sally Briggs: Birth: 29 Jul 1784 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Samuel Briggs: Birth: Abt 1640.
Samuel Briggs: Birth: 12 Feb 1674 in Sandwich, Plymouth colony.
Sarah M Briggs: Birth: 1859 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Sarah P Briggs: Birth: est 1821.
Sarah Briggs: Birth: 25 Nov 1775 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Sarah Briggs: Birth: Bet 1635 and 1641 in Sandwich, PC or Lynn, Mass. Bay. Death: 26 Mar 1689 in Sandwich, Massachusetts
Seth Briggs: Birth: 24 Sep 1778 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Susan P Briggs: Birth: 1832 in Paris, Maine.
Susannah Briggs: Birth: 9 Apr 1681. Death: 2 Apr 1744
Sylvanus Briggs: Birth: 30 Dec 1786 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
Thomas Waterman Briggs: Birth: 8 Sep 1801 in Chatham, Massachusetts.
Thomas Briggs: Birth: 14 Jun 1633 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 1 Apr 1696 in Taunton, Massachusetts
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