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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jonathan Godfrey: Birth: Abt 1701 in Monomoit (Chatham), Massachusetts. Death: 18 Mar 1729 in Lost At Sea

  2. Moses Godfrey: Birth: 1703 in Monomoit (Chatham), Massachusetts. Death: Aft Feb 1773 in Barrington, Nova Scotia

  3. Samuel Godfrey: Birth: Abt 1705 in Monomoit (Chatham), Massachusetts. Death: Abt 1768 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

  4. George Godfrey: Birth: Abt 1707 in Monomoit (Chatham), Massachusetts. Death: 4 Dec 1768 in Chatham, Massachusetts

  5. David Godfrey: Birth: Abt 1709 in Monomoit (Chatham), Massachusetts. Death: 1782 in Horton, Nova Scotia

  6. Mary Godfrey: Birth: 4 Sep 1711 in Monomoit (Chatham), Massachusetts. Death: 24 Apr 1782 in Chatham, Massachusetts

  7. Desire Godfrey: Birth: 1713 in Chatham, Massachusetts.

  8. Benjamin Godfrey: Birth: Abt 1715 in Chatham, Massachusetts. Death: Bef Sep 1756 in Chatham, Massachusetts

  9. Elizabeth Godfrey: Birth: 15 Mar 1718 in Chatham, Massachusetts. Death: 1 Dec 1742 in Chatham, Massachusetts

  10. Deborah Godfrey: Birth: Abt 1721 in Chatham, Massachusetts. Death: Bef 1763 in Chatham, Massachusetts

  11. Joshua Godfrey: Birth: 30 Apr 1723 in Chatham, Massachusetts.

  12. Richard Godfrey: Birth: 1724 in Chatham, Massachusetts. Death: Bef 6 May 1760 in Chatham, Massachusetts

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