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Mary Cottle: Birth: 1 Sep 1653 in Salisbury, Massachusetts Bay. Death: Abt 1706 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Polly Cottle: Birth: est 1776.
Reliance Cottle: Birth: 3 Apr 1719 in Tisbury, Massachusetts.
Ruth Cottle: Birth: Abt 1693 in Chickemmoo (Tisbury), Martha's Vineyard.
Samuel Cottle: Birth: Abt 1677 in Monomoyick. Death: Abt 1698 in Tisbury, Massachusetts
Samuel Cottle: Birth: 1702 in Chickemmoo (Tisbury), Martha's Vineyard. Death: 5 Aug 1769 in Edgartown, Massachusetts
Sarah Cottle: Birth: Mar 1657 in Salisbury, Massachusetts Bay.
Seth Cottle: Birth: est 1725 in Tisbury, Massachusetts.
Shubael Cottle: Birth: Abt 1705 in Chickemmoo (Tisbury), Martha's Vineyard. Death: 18 Mar 1722 in Tisbury, Massachusetts
Silvanus Cottle: Birth: 15 Jun 1750 in Tisbury, Massachusetts.
Silvanus Cottle: Birth: 9 May 1704 in Tisbury, Massachusetts. Death: in (Rochester, Massachusetts)
Cotton: Birth: 28 Sep 1674 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.
Abigail Cotton: Birth: est 1702 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 17 May 1732 in Scituate, Massachusetts
Anna Cotton: Birth: Abt 1724 in (Nantucket, Massachusetts). Death: 12 Oct 1807 in Nantucket, Massachusetts
Bethiah Cotton: Birth: 8 Jun 1714 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Ebenezer Cotton: Birth: 24 Sep 1818 in Gorham, Maine.
Ebenezer Cotton: Birth: 18 Feb 1764 in Gorham, Maine.
Elizabeth Cotton: Birth: 9 Dec 1637 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 31 Aug 1656 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Elizabeth Cotton: Birth: 6 Aug 1663 in Guilford, Connecticut. Death: 8 Sep 1743 in Salisbury, Massachusetts
Hannah S Cotton: Birth: 1831 in Maine.
Hannah Cotton: Birth: 3 Apr 1709 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
John Cotton: Birth: 15 Jul 1693 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Death: 25 May 1757 in Newton, Massachusetts
John Cotton: Birth: 15 Mar 1640 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 18 Sep 1699
John Cotton: Birth: 3 Aug 1661 in Guilford, Connecticut. Death: 11 Feb 1706 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts
John Cotton: Birth: 4 Dec 1584 in Derby, Derbyshire. Death: 23 Dec 1652 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay
John Cotton: Birth: 5 Apr 1712 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 14 Nov 1789 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
John Cotton: Birth: 16 Feb 1760 in Gorham, Maine. Death: 15 Oct 1847 in New Gloucester, Maine
Joseph J Cotton: Birth: 1834 in Maine.
Joseph Cotton: Birth: 26 Oct 1789 in Gorham, Maine. Death: Aft 1850 in Cumberland, Maine
Josiah Cotton: Birth: 10 Sep 1675 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. Death: Bef 1679 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony
Josiah Cotton: Birth: 19 Jan 1720 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Josiah Cotton: Birth: 8 Jan 1679 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. Death: 19 Aug 1756 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Lucy Cotton: Birth: 19 Feb 1718 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Lydia Cotton: Birth: 20 Mar 1799 in Gorham, Maine.
Maria Cotton: Birth: 14 Jan 1671 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.
Maria Cotton: Birth: 16 Feb 1641 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 4 Apr 1714 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Mary Cotton: Birth: 21 Jul 1734 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Death: Bef 1794
Mary Cotton: Birth: 14 Aug 1710 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Mar 1769 in Scituate, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Cotton: Birth: 20 May 1794 in Gorham, Maine.
Polly Cotton: Birth: 30 Apr 1796 in Gorham, Maine.
Rowland Cotton: Birth: 27 Dec 1667 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. Death: 18 Mar 1722 in Sandwich, Massachusetts
Rowland Cotton: Birth: 18 Dec 1643 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 28 Feb 1650 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Ruth Cotton: Birth: Abt 22 Jul 1710 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Aug 1710 in Sandwich, Massachusetts
Samuel Cotton: Birth: 10 Feb 1678 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.
Sarah Cotton: Birth: 5 Apr 1670 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.
Sarah Cotton: Birth: 17 Jun 1665 in Martha's Vineyard. Death: Bef 1670
Sarah Cotton: Birth: 12 Sep 1635 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 20 Jan 1650 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Sarah Cotton: Birth: 4 Dec 1761 in Gorham, Maine.
Seaborn Cotton: Birth: 12 Aug 1633 in At Sea. Death: 14 Apr 1686 in Hampton, New Hampshire
Sophia Cotton: Birth: 1755. Death: 1833
Susanna Cotton: Birth: 12 Mar 1791 in Gorham, Maine.
Theophilus Cotton: Birth: 5 May 1682 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. Death: 18 Aug 1726 in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
Theophilus Cotton: Birth: 31 Mar 1716 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 18 Feb 1782 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
William S Cotton: Birth: 1836 in Maine.
William Cotton: Birth: 12 Oct 1802 in Gorham, Maine.
William Cotton: Birth: 24 Oct 1739 in Falmouth, Maine.
William Cotton: Birth: 1 Jul 1773 in Gorham, Maine.
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Thomas Couchman: Birth: Abt 1538 in Rolvenden, Kent. Death: 14 Feb 1586 in Rolvenden, Kent
Jane Couillard: Birth: est 1770 in Maine.
Oliver Couillard: Birth: Abt 1778 in of Buckstown, Maine. Death: Aft 1850 in Frankfort, Maine
Couilliard: Birth: 13 Feb 1870 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 14 Feb 1870 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Amasa D Couilliard: Birth: 1862 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 15 Mar 1941
Clara L Couilliard: Birth: 31 Jan 1861 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 25 Jun 1884 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Lee Couilliard: Birth: Feb 1866 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 27 Aug 1866 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Mary M Couilliard: Birth: 13 Sep 1854 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 27 Mar 1856 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Melville W Couilliard: Birth: 17 Sep 1849 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 31 Jul 1851 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Nathaniel A Couilliard: Birth: 16 Jan 1825 in (Maine). Death: 17 Jul 1899
Phebe D Couilliard: Birth: 25 Dec 1854 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Mar 1856 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
William Couilliard: Birth: est 1863 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: Aft 1914
Sarah J Couillier: Birth: 1832 in Maine.
Keith M Coulter: Birth: 1955 in Schenectady, New York. Death: 28 Sep 2010 in Brewster, Massachusetts
Olive Council: Birth: Abt 1595 in Ashford, Kent. Death: 11 Sep 1654 in Salem, Massachusetts Bay
Ida Elizabeth Counts: Birth: 1922 in Fort Worth, Texas. Death: 11 May 1982 in Texas
William Uriel Counts: Birth: 11 Jul 1920 in Texas. Death: 18 Apr 2007 in Rumford, Rhode Island
William Uriel Counts: Birth: Apr 1898 in Texas. Death: 3 Oct 1986 in Johnson, Texas
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William Courtenay: Birth: 1543. Death: 24 Jun 1630 in London, England
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Covel: Birth: est 1747.
Constant Covel: Birth: Abt 1706 in Monomoit (Chatham), Massachusetts. Death: 10 Nov 1772 in Chatham, Massachusetts
Dorcas Covel: Birth: 1714 in Chatham, Massachusetts. Death: 1803 in Ridgefield, Connecticut
Joanna Covel: Birth: Abt 1693. Death: 16 Jan 1737 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Sarah Covel: Birth: Abt 1705 in Monomoit (Chatham), Massachusetts. Death: Bef Dec 1790 in Chatham, Massachusetts
Solomon Covel: Birth: Sep 1784. Death: 27 Aug 1833 in Hampden, Maine
Betsey Covel*: Birth: 1749. Death: 31 Jul 1833 in Hampden, Maine
Covell: Death: 1763 in Edgartown, Massachusetts
Abigail Higgins Covell: Birth: 25 Jun 1802 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Abigail Covell: Birth: 17 May 1730 in Killingly, Connecticut.
Abigail Covell: Birth: 1 Sep 1787 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 8 May 1879 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Adeline Frances Covell: Birth: 5 Oct 1836 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Alden F Covell: Birth: Apr 1842 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Dec 1867 in lost at sea, sch. Ellery C. Anthony
Alice Covell: Birth: 6 Apr 1689 in Woburn, Massachusetts Bay. Death: in (Killingly, Connecticut)
Almira B Covell: Birth: 11 May 1831 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Amy Covell: Birth: 13 Sep 1743 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Amy Covell: Birth: 23 Jun 1731 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: Bef Sep 1743 in Eastham, Massachusetts
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