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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elisha Young: Birth: est 1680 in (Eastham, Plymouth Colony). Death: Bet 1732 and 1735 in Eastham, Massachusetts

  2. Nathan Young: Birth: Abt 1683 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony. Death: 1749 in Eastham, Massachusetts

  3. Hannah Young: Birth: est 1685 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.

  4. Mary Young: Birth: est 1692 in (Eastham, Massachusetts). Death: Bef Oct 1716 in Eastham, Massachusetts

  5. Rebecca Young: Birth: 1694 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 30 May 1753 in Billingsgate (Eastham), Massachusetts

  6. Mercy Young: Birth: 1694 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 2 Aug 1733 in Truro, Massachusetts

  7. Hope Young: Birth: est 1697 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: Aft Jul 1743

  8. Zebulon Young: Birth: 1700 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Dec 1788 in Eastham, Massachusetts

  9. Judah Young: Birth: Abt 1702 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: Abt 1766 in Eastham, Massachusetts

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