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Steven Merrick: Birth: 12 May 1646 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony. Death: 1705 in Taunton, Massachusetts
Thomas Merrick: Birth: 12 Dec 1718 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Death: 3 Feb 1796 in Harwich, Massachusetts
Thomas Merrick: Birth: 10 Feb 1718 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
William Merrick: Birth: 22 Apr 1728 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
William Merrick: Birth: 10 Sep 1770 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Death: 17 Jan 1846 in Kane, Greene, Illinois
William Merrick: Birth: 26 Jan 1693 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 14 Dec 1754 in Eastham, Massachusetts
William Merrick: Birth: 15 Sep 1643 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony. Death: 30 Oct 1732 in Harwich, Massachusetts
William Merrick: Birth: 1 Aug 1670 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony. Death: 21 Mar 1671 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony
William Merrick: Birth: Abt 1615 in Llanlleschydd St.Davids, Pembroke, Wales. Death: 6 Mar 1689 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony
William Merrick: Birth: 15 Jan 1716 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: Bef Apr 1718 in Eastham, Massachusetts
William Merrick: Birth: 1706 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Death: 1742 in Lost At Sea
William Merrick: Birth: 26 Oct 1734 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Jun 1795 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Zenas Merrick: Birth: 15 Jan 1775 in Barre, Massachusetts. Death: 23 Oct 1856 in Vermont
Simeon Merrifield: Birth: est 1706 in Berwick, Maine. Death: 15 Jan 1749 in (Maine)
Barbara Sally Merrill: Birth: 28 Oct 1911 in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Death: 7 Apr 1968
Daniel Merrill: Birth: 1891. Death: 28 Dec 1974
Esther K Merrill: Birth: 1846 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Mary M Merrill: Birth: 1864. Death: 30 Aug 1938 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Mary Merrill: Birth: 7 Apr 1721 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.
Mary Merrill: Birth: 1652 in Exeter, New Hampshire. Death: 30 Nov 1701 in Barnstable, Massachusetts
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Elisha Merritt: Birth: 14 Jul 1720 in Scituate, Massachusetts.
George D Merritt: Birth: 1864 in Granville, Nova Scotia.
Hepsibith Merritt: Birth: 1786 in New Hampshire. Death: 8 Aug 1854 in Brooksville, Maine
Mary Merritt: Birth: est 1692 in (Scituate, Massachusetts). Death: 9 Aug 1755 in Scituate, Massachusetts
Michael Merritt: Birth: 28 Jan 1828 in Annapolis, Nova Scotia. Death: 7 Jan 1889 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Ruth Merritt: Birth: May 1694 in Scituate, Massachusetts. Death: 16 Oct 1721 in Hingham, Massachusetts
Abigail Merry: Birth: 14 Jun 1700 in Martha's Vineyard. Death: 1764 in Chilmark, Massachusetts
Abigail Merry: Birth: 19 Oct 1662 in Hampton, New Hampshire. Death: 2 May 1741 in Tisbury, Massachusetts
Bathsheba Merry: Birth: 16 Jun 1665 in Hampton, New Hampshire.
David Merry: Birth: Abt 1741 in Tisbury, Massachusetts. Death: 8 Jul 1815 in New Vineyard, Maine
Elizabeth Merry: Birth: 16 Jul 1751 in Holmes Hole (Tisbury), Massachusetts. Death: in (Maine)
Hannah Merry: Birth: 29 Nov 1660 in Hampton, New Hampshire. Death: 27 Feb 1758 in Chilmark, Massachusetts
Joseph Merry: Birth: 17 Jan 1711 in Tisbury, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Nov 1789 in Tisbury, Massachusetts
Joseph Merry: Birth: Abt 1607 in England. Death: 15 Apr 1710 in West Tisbury, Massachusetts
Joseph Merry: Birth: 19 Dec 1654 in Martha's Vineyard.
Martha Merry: Birth: Abt 1647.
Samuel Merry: Birth: 16 Nov 1669 in Chickemmoo (Tisbury), Martha's Vineyard. Death: 6 Oct 1727 in Chilmark, Massachusetts
Samuel Merry: Birth: 18 Dec 1702 in Tisbury, Massachusetts. Death: Aft 1755 in Chickemmoo (Tisbury), Martha's Vineyard
Susannah Merry: Birth: Jul 1735 in Tisbury, Massachusetts. Death: 22 Sep 1762 in Tisbury, Massachusetts
Annie M Merryman: Birth: 15 Jan 1838 in Baltimore, Maryland. Death: 30 Dec 1910 in Harwich, Massachusetts
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Betty Meserve: Birth: 2 Sep 1730 in Scarborough, Maine. Death: 6 Aug 1795 in Gorham, Maine
James F Meserve: Birth: est 1870 in of Richmond, Maine.
Jane Meserve: Birth: 1821 in (Dresden, Maine). Death: 1910
John Meserve: Death: Aft 1800 in (Standish, Maine)
Reuben Meserve: Birth: 8 Jul 1792 in (Maine). Death: 1868 in Dresden, Maine
Lillian Estelle Messenger: Birth: est 1860.
Messick: Birth: 23 Jun 1877 in West Harwich, Massachusetts.
Aaron Messick: Birth: Jun 1826 in (Virginia). Death: 24 Jul 1872 in Harwich, Massachusetts
Amos Kelley Messick: Birth: 1850. Death: 20 Mar 1892
Leonard R Messick: Birth: 1869 in Massachusetts.
Sarah Messick: Birth: 28 Sep 1850 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
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Mary Messinger: Birth: 7 Jan 1650 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 1705 in Boston, Massachusetts
Annie Eliza Metcalf: Birth: 1856 in Toronto, Canada.
Thomas Metcalf: Birth: est 1630.
Alice Leonora Metrick: Birth: 25 Jan 1917 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Death: 10 Jan 2008 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Arthur R Metzger: Birth: 16 Aug 1916. Death: 2 Jun 1970
Dennis Meunier: Birth: 9 Jan 1873 in Maine. Death: 27 Oct 1943 in Brewster, Massachusetts
Edward Meunier: Birth: 30 Apr 1892 in Rhode Island. Death: 1959
John Batice Meunier: Birth: 13 Jul 1898 in Rhode Island. Death: 1958
Bertha Meyers: Birth: est 1880 in (Dresden, Maine).
Lena Meyers: Birth: est 1900 in (Perkins, Maine).
Rotraud Anne-Ilse Mezger: Birth: 29 Aug 1927 in Berlin, Germany. Death: 29 Aug 2007 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Bill Michael: Birth: est 1916. Death: 4 Dec 2006 in New Pompano Beach, Florida
Alma Esther Mick: Birth: 1884 in Newton, Massachusetts. Death: 1959
Frances Harriet Midelfart: Birth: 18 Aug 1918 in Wisconsin. Death: 10 Dec 1992 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Delia Midwood: Birth: 1857 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Evangeline Midwood: Birth: 21 Apr 1870 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 5 Feb 1909 in Haverhill, Massachusetts
George Midwood: Birth: 1854 in (Truro, Massachusetts). Death: 1 Feb 1878 in Lost At Sea
Henrietta Midwood: Birth: 20 May 1875 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Henry Midwood: Birth: 1822 in Halifax, Yorkshire. Death: 5 Feb 1878 in Taunton, Massachusetts
James A Midwood: Birth: 2 May 1856 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 8 Jan 1869 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
James Albert Midwood: Birth: 28 Aug 1872 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 20 Feb 1873 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
James Albert Midwood: Birth: 2 Mar 1855 in Truro, Massachusetts.
John Henry William Midwood: Birth: 16 Sep 1852 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 19 Sep 1872 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
William Miers: Birth: 1847 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Allen Mikkonen: Birth: 1928. Death: 25 Feb 2008 in Centerville (Barnstable), Massachusetts
Aune Mikkonen: Birth: 1932 in Hyannis (Barnstable), Massachusetts. Death: 3 Apr 2008 in Marstons Mills (Barnstable), Massachusetts
Emily Miles: Birth: est 1840.
Elizabeth Mileson: Birth: 6 Mar 1762 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Enoch H Miley: Birth: 1845 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 20 May 1898 in Somerville, Massachusetts
James Henry Miley: Birth: 23 Dec 1884 in East Boston, Massachusetts.
William Morgan Miley: Birth: 16 Nov 1872 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.
Albion Millan: Birth: 1881 in Massachusetts.
Alexander Millan: Birth: 13 Nov 1833 in Scotland. Death: 11 Jun 1913 in Lexington, Massachusetts
Annabella Millan: Birth: 1887 in Massachusetts.
Horace E Millan: Birth: 29 Jan 1859 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 1940 in Dennis, Massachusetts
Samuel Millard: Birth: 30 May 1753 in Warwick, Rhode Island. Death: 3 Feb 1839 in Warwick, Rhode Island
Edna St.Vincent Millay: Birth: 22 Feb 1892 in Rockland, Maine. Death: 1950
Miller: Birth: Mar 1710 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Death: Mar 1710 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts
Miller: Birth: Apr 1712 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Death: Apr 1712 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts
Miller: Birth: 9 Nov 1714 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Death: 9 Nov 1714 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts
Miller: Birth: est 1890.
Abigail Miller: Birth: est 1790 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Addie Balch Miller: Birth: 1859 in Brattleboro, Vermont.
Albert Miller: Birth: 1856 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Benjamin Miller: Birth: 25 May 1765 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 4 Sep 1863 in Laurens, Otsego, New York

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