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Caleb Hopkins: Birth: Jan 1651 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 22 May 1728 in (Harwich, Massachusetts)
Caleb Hopkins: Birth: 1684 in Pamet (Truro), Massachusetts. Death: 21 Oct 1741 in Truro, Massachusetts
Caleb Hopkins: Birth: 1623 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. Death: Bet 1644 and 1651 in Barbados, West Indies
Calvin F Hopkins: Birth: 1839 in Hampden, Maine.
Camilla Knowles Hopkins: Birth: 31 Jul 1839 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 1895
Caroline S Hopkins: Birth: 1836 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 1866
Caroline Hopkins: Birth: 1840.
Caroline Hopkins: Birth: 1853 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Caroline Hopkins: Birth: 12 Dec 1823 in Brewster, Massachusetts. Death: 16 Jul 1838 in Brewster, Massachusetts
Carrie F Hopkins: Birth: 25 Aug 1875 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Caty Hopkins: Birth: 24 Sep 1802 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Chandler Hopkins: Birth: 16 Dec 1792. Death: 14 Jan 1884
Charles E Hopkins: Birth: 8 Mar 1918. Death: 16 Jul 2000 in North Eastham, Massachusetts
Charles A Hopkins: Birth: May 1845 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 9 Jan 1868 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Charles E Hopkins: Birth: 13 Jan 1854 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 23 Jul 1854 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Charles F Hopkins: Birth: 1850 in Vinalhaven, Maine. Death: 1886
Charles W Hopkins: Birth: 8 Aug 1840 in Bucksport, Maine.
Charles W Hopkins: Birth: Nov 1867 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 1952
Charles Hopkins: Birth: 1837.
Charles Hopkins: Birth: Abt 1769 in Standish, Maine.
Charles Hopkins: Birth: 12 Jul 1815 in Framingham, Massachusetts.
Charles Hopkins: Birth: 1847 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Charles Hopkins: Birth: 1871 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Chester Irving Hopkins: Birth: 14 Feb 1891 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: Oct 1977 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Clara A Hopkins: Birth: 26 Aug 1844 in (Truro, Massachusetts). Death: 31 Dec 1916
Clara S Hopkins: Birth: 8 Apr 1863 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Aug 1863 in (Truro, Massachusetts)
Clarence Augustus Hopkins: Birth: 9 Apr 1890 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Clarence R Hopkins: Birth: 20 Nov 1890 in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Clarence Sanford Hopkins: Birth: 13 Feb 1863 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 1875
Claudius W Hopkins: Birth: Nov 1891 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 1947
Clifton P Hopkins: Birth: 7 Mar 1900 in Dennis, Massachusetts. Death: Dec 1989 in South Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Clifton P Hopkins: Birth: 20 Jul 1925 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 30 May 1995 in Littleton, New Hampshire
Constance Hopkins: Birth: Abt 1900 in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Constance Hopkins: Death: Oct 1677 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony
Constant Hopkins: Birth: 7 Feb 1780 in Gorham, Maine.
Constant Hopkins: Birth: 19 Jul 1822 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Death: 1 Apr 1897 in Springfield, Massachusetts
Constant Hopkins: Birth: 28 Jul 1720 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 15 Jun 1800 in Truro, Massachusetts
Constant Hopkins: Birth: 16 May 1747 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 29 Mar 1817 in Truro, Massachusetts
Cordelia Hopkins: Birth: 10 Apr 1849 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 1916 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania
Cornelia A Hopkins: Birth: Jan 1838 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 13 Oct 1838 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Cornelia Abby Hopkins: Birth: 3 May 1856 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Cornelia Hopkins: Birth: 16 Jun 1829 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 5 Jul 1901 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Curtis Hopkins: Birth: 2 Oct 1809 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 1889
Curtis Hopkins: Birth: 26 Oct 1772 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 17 Feb 1847 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Cynthia Hopkins: Birth: 8 Mar 1788 in Hampden, Maine.
Damaris Hopkins: Birth: 1618 in England. Death: 1624 in Plymouth Colony
Damaris Hopkins: Birth: 22 May 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. Death: 1668 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony
Daniel Andrew Hopkins: Birth: 1859 in Bangor, Maine. Death: 1929
Daniel P Hopkins: Birth: in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 20 Jul 1863 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Daniel P Hopkins: Birth: Oct 1839 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 16 Oct 1839 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Daniel P Hopkins: Birth: <1840> in (Eastham, Massachusetts). Death: 16 Jul 1863
Daniel Young Hopkins: Birth: 11 Jun 1796 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
David Hopkins: Birth: Jan 1846 in (Wellfleet, Massachusetts). Death: 28 Feb 1847 in (Wellfleet, Massachusetts)
David Hopkins: Birth: 13 Jul 1707 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
David Hopkins: Birth: 25 Nov 1739 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Death: 15 Feb 1740 in Harwich, Massachusetts
David Hopkins: Birth: 5 Oct 1740 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Davis Sanford Hopkins: Birth: Nov 1826 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 6 Jun 1913 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Davis Hopkins: Birth: 25 Mar 1801 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Death: 6 Sep 1887 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Deborah Hopkins: Birth: Sep 1826 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 23 Jul 1869 in (Truro, Massachusetts)
Deborah Hopkins: Birth: 27 Jul 1774 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 16 Dec 1860 in Truro, Massachusetts
Deborah Hopkins: Death: Bef 1736 in Truro, Massachusetts
Deborah Hopkins: Birth: Jun 1648 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony. Death: Bef Dec 1727 in (Eastham, Massachusetts)
Deborah Hopkins: Birth: 1625 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. Death: Bef 1674 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony
Deborah Hopkins: Birth: 29 Apr 1736 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Delia R Hopkins: Birth: 30 Jan 1848 in (Truro, Massachusetts). Death: 17 Nov 1945
Deliverance Hopkins: Birth: Aug 1770 in (Wellfleet, Massachusetts). Death: 21 May 1842 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Desire Hopkins: Birth: 17 Nov 1714 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Desire Hopkins: Birth: 24 Jan 1733 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Desire Hopkins: Death: 20 Nov 1821
Diana Cole Hopkins: Birth: 28 Sep 1828 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Donald T Hopkins: Birth: 8 Nov 1909 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 28 Nov 1931 in Boston, Massachusetts
Dorcas G Hopkins: Birth: 25 Dec 1831 in Orrington, Maine.
Dorcas Hopkins: Birth: 22 Sep 1794 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 21 Apr 1844 in (Boston, Massachusetts)
Dorothy Oleah Hopkins: Birth: 22 Apr 1899 in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Eben Hopkins: Birth: 8 May 1789 in Hampden, Maine. Death: 3 Jun 1833
Ebenezer Hopkins: Birth: 15 Dec 1783 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Ebenezer Hopkins: Birth: Jan 1707 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Ebenezer Hopkins: Birth: 15 Dec 1783 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Eddie W Hopkins: Birth: 14 Mar 1880 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Edgar Hopkins: Birth: Jul 1860 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 9 Jan 1884 in Natick, Massachusetts
Edith Belle Hopkins: Birth: 1891 in North Truro, Massachusetts. Death: Aft 1940
Edith Belle Hopkins: Birth: 5 Dec 1864 in North Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 1 Aug 1952 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Edith J Hopkins: Birth: 1897.
Edmund Hopkins: Birth: Abt 1764 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Death: 30 Apr 1834 in Brewster, Massachusetts
Edmund Hopkins: Birth: 22 Apr 1796 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Edna B Hopkins: Birth: Oct 1866 in Pennsylvania.
Edna S Hopkins: Birth: 1892 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 1965
Edward Atkins Hopkins: Birth: 3 Jul 1877 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: 13 Apr 1964 in Long Beach, California
Edward F Hopkins: Birth: 23 Jun 1857 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 1 Feb 1929
Edward Francis Hopkins: Birth: 8 May 1832 in Brewster, Massachusetts. Death: 3 Jan 1881 in Milton, Massachusetts
Edward Hopkins: Birth: 28 Apr 1748 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Edward Hopkins: Birth: 8 May 1809 in Brewster, Massachusetts. Death: 24 Jun 1850 in Brewster, Massachusetts
Edward Hopkins: Birth: 4 Feb 1820 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Feb 1886
Edward Hopkins: Birth: 24 Feb 1736 in Harwich, Massachusetts.
Edward Hopkins: Birth: 27 Jun 1767 in Barrington, Nova Scotia. Death: Oct 1836 in Barrington, Nova Scotia
Edward Hopkins: Birth: 17 Dec 1825 in Orleans, Massachusetts. Death: 28 Nov 1849 in Orleans, Massachusetts
Edward Hopkins: Birth: 4 Feb 1794 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 23 Mar 1869 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Eldad A Hopkins: Birth: 14 Sep 1832 in Hampden, Maine. Death: 10 Mar 1880 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Eldad Hopkins: Birth: Abt 1806 in Hampden, Maine.
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