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Mary Bickford: Birth: 19 Apr 1712 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Mercy Bickford: Birth: 3 Jan 1716 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Micajah Bickford: Birth: Aug 1791. Death: 8 Jul 1854 in Hampden, Maine
Namon Bickford: Birth: 1855. Death: 29 Jan 1858 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Palemon Mayo Bickford: Birth: 25 Jul 1807 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Death: 27 Jun 1860 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Rebecca Bickford: Birth: 3 Dec 1718 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Robert Bickford: Birth: 29 May 1801 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.
Robert Bickford: Birth: 27 Nov 1796 in Dresden, Maine.
Ruhamah Bickford: Birth: Bef 1755 in (Truro, Massachusetts). Death: 29 Jun 1803 in Orrington, Maine
Sally Bickford: Birth: 15 Jul 1790 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 11 Nov 1855 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Samuel Bickford: Birth: est 1680 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard.
Samuel Bickford: Birth: 17 Oct 1736 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Samuel Bickford: Birth: Abt 1642 in Dover, New Hampshire. Death: 14 Sep 1681 in Woodbridge, New Jersey
Samuell Bickford: Birth: 16 Apr 1710 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: in (West Haddam, Connecticut)
Sarah R Bickford: Birth: 1847 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Death: 8 Sep 1810 in Brewster, Massachusetts
Sarah Bickford: Birth: 14 Jun 1730 in Truro, Massachusetts. Death: Bef Oct 1732 in Truro, Massachusetts
Sarah Bickford: Birth: 15 Oct 1732 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Sarah Bickford: Birth: est 1763. Death: 1 Jul 1834 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Thankful Bickford: Birth: 3 Aug 1714 in Truro, Massachusetts.
Thankful Bickford: Birth: est 1755 in (Truro, Massachusetts). Death: 28 Oct 1820 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Thankfull Bickford: Birth: 5 Feb 1701 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts.
Thomas Hopkins Bickford: Birth: 10 Apr 1809 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Dec 1867 in Sherborn, Massachusetts
Thomas Bickford: Birth: 1818 in New York. Death: Aft 1880
Thomas Bickford: Birth: 30 Dec 1853 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Death: 6 Jul 1917 in Brewster, Massachusetts
Abner Bicknell: Birth: 7 Mar 1764 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 27 Jan 1844 in Frankfort, Maine
Abner Bicknell: Birth: 6 May 1794 in Maine. Death: Feb 1868 in Maine
Alfred Bicknell: Birth: 3 Aug 1779 in Ashford, Connecticut.
Clara M Bicknell: Birth: 1839 in Frankfort, Maine.
Deborah Bicknell: Birth: 7 Sep 1762 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
Deborah Bicknell: Birth: Abt 1800 in Maine.
Delia Swett Bicknell: Birth: 18 Mar 1807 in Frankfort, Maine. Death: 2 Jul 1883 in South Truro, Massachusetts
Eliza Bicknell: Birth: Feb 1805 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Death: 3 Apr 1869 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Bicknell: Birth: Abt 1624 in England. Death: 25 Jun 1688 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay
Fanny Bicknell: Birth: 11 May 1785 in Shirley, Massachusetts.
James Bicknell: Birth: Abt 1814 in Maine. Death: 1884
John Bicknell: Birth: 7 May 1769 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
Lemuel Bicknell: Birth: 25 Jun 1739 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 24 Feb 1788 in Westford, Massachusetts
Lemuel Bicknell: Birth: 24 Jan 1770 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
Lydia Bicknell: Birth: 4 May 1765 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
Mary C Bicknell: Birth: 29 Apr 1814 in (Truro, Massachusetts). Death: 5 Feb 1892
Rebecca Bicknell: Birth: est 1802 in Maine.
Ruth Bicknell: Birth: 6 Oct 1776 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
Sarah Bicknell: Birth: 16 Apr 1761 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
William Harry Warren Bicknell: Birth: 12 Jul 1860 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 21 Nov 1947 in Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Elizabeth Biddle: Birth: Jul 1626 in England. Death: 15 Feb 1705 in Rochester, Massachusetts
Francis Beverley Biddle: Birth: 9 May 1886 in Paris, France. Death: 4 Oct 1968 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Samuel Bidford: Birth: est 1670.
Ira McLeod Bidwell: Birth: 31 Jan 1803 in Hartford, Connecticut. Death: 28 Jul 1880 in Norwich, Connecticut
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Abigail Bigelow: Birth: 11 Apr 1793 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Death: 26 May 1880 in Eastham, Massachusetts
Daniel Bigelow: Death: 29 Aug 1769 in Worcester, Massachusetts
Daniel Bigelow: Birth: 4 Jan 1729 in (Worcester, Mass). Death: 29 Aug 1776 in Worcester, Massachusetts
David Bigelow: Birth: 19 Sep 1730 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Death: 10 May 1810 in Worcester, Massachusetts
Deliverance Bigelow: Birth: 22 Sep 1695 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Death: Aug 1762 in Worcester, Massachusetts
Edith M Bigelow: Birth: May 1847 in Nova Scotia. Death: Aft 1900
Elijah Bigelow: Birth: 21 Mar 1737 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Death: 1740 in Worcester, Massachusetts
George W Bigelow: Birth: 1843 in Circleville, Ohio. Death: in Ohio
Henry Jacob Bigelow: Birth: 11 Mar 1818. Death: 30 Oct 1890
Joshua Bigelow: Birth: 5 Nov 1655 in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay. Death: 21 Feb 1745 in Westminster, Massachusetts
Josiah Bigelow: Birth: 30 Jul 1730 in (Waltham, Massachusetts). Death: 15 Jul 1810 in Waltham, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Bigelow: Birth: 1743 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Death: 1745 in Worcester, Massachusetts
Samuel Bigelow: Birth: 28 Oct 1653 in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay.
Silence Bigelow: Birth: 29 Jan 1742 in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Timothy Bigelow: Birth: 12 Aug 1739 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Death: 31 Mar 1790 in Worcester, Massachusetts
Alice Bigge: Birth: Abt 1548 in Benenden, Kent. Death: 13 May 1593 in Tenterden, Kent
David Biggs: Birth: est 1750 in of Truro, Massachusetts. Death: Bef Nov 1781 in (Danvers, Massachusetts)
Daniel Gideon Bigney: Birth: 16 Jan 1876 in River John, Pictou, Nova Scotia. Death: Apr 1964 in Massachusetts
Frederic Ledyard Bill: Birth: 13 Jun 1873 in Paxton, Massachusetts.
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Bertha Billings: Birth: 1875 in Brockton, Massachusetts.
Lydia Billings: Birth: 1742 in (Boston, Massachusetts). Death: 14 Jun 1782 in Nantucket, Massachusetts
Samuel Billings: Birth: est 1640. Death: Bef 1673 in Rhode Island
Dorcas Billington: Birth: 25 Feb 1651 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. Death: Aft 1711
Elizabeth Billington: Birth: 10 Jul 1635 in Plymouth Colony. Death: Aft 22 Mar 1710
Francis Billington: Birth: Abt 1605 in Spaulding, Lincolnshire. Death: 3 Dec 1684 in Middleborough, Plymouth Colony
Isaac Billington: Birth: 1644 in Plymouth Colony. Death: 11 Dec 1709 in Middleborough, Massachusetts
John Billington: Birth: Abt 1580 in Spaulding, Lincolnshire. Death: Sep 1630 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony
John Billington: Death: Bet 1627 and 1630 in Plymouth Colony
John Billington: Birth: Abt 1635 in Plymouth Colony.
John Billington: Birth: est 1760.
Joseph Billington: Death: Aft 7 Jan 1685 in (Block Island, Rhode Island)
Lydia Billington: Birth: 1677 in Plymouth Colony. Death: 22 Sep 1716 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Martha Billington: Birth: 1638 in Plymouth Colony. Death: Aft 9 Jun 1704 in (Plainfield, Connecticut)
Mary Billington: Birth: Abt 1640 in Plymouth Colony. Death: Aft 28 Jun 1717 in (Rehoboth, Massachusetts)
Mercy Billington: Birth: est 1653 in Plymouth Colony.
Rebecca Billington: Birth: 8 Jun 1647 in Plymouth Colony.
Anna Bills: Birth: 28 Jun 1673 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Elizabeth Bills: Birth: 23 Aug 1675 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Gershom Bills: Birth: 5 Jun 1686 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Joanna Bills: Birth: 2 Dec 1688 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Mehitabel Bills: Birth: 26 Mar 1681 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Mercy Bills: Birth: 14 Apr 1679 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Nathaniel Bills: Birth: 25 Jun 1677 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Thomas Bills: Birth: Abt 1655. Death: 2 Feb 1721 in Shrewsbury, New Jersey
Thomas Bills: Birth: 22 Mar 1684 in Eastham, Plymouth Colony.
Clyde Lewis Billups: Birth: 13 Nov 1901 in Ohio. Death: 7 Mar 1972 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts
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