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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christian Doig: Birth: 14 May 1736 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Death: 7 Mar 1799 in Manse, Ardrossan, Ayr, Scotland

  2. David Doig: Birth: 15 Feb 1740 in Maybole, Ayr, Scotland. Death: 11 Jan 1819 in Of Newton-upon-Ayr, Ayr, Scotland

a. Note:   rgaret Watson. His daughter Christian was born in Edinburgh. See file DAVE1681 at
  In 1740 David was the schoolmaster in Maybole, Ayr, Scotland. In 1747 �40 was paid for two years' salary to David Doig, Schoolmaster. He was again appointed schoolmaster on 10 June 1749. In 1756 he was Master of the Grammar School. On 11 Oct 1756 he was admitted as a Councillor in Maybole.
  David Doig was schoolmaster to Robert Burns and his brother Gilbert, when they lived in Maybole. [Note: Robert Burns visited Stirling on 27 August 1787 when he had dinner at the Golden Lion Hotel with Lieutenant Forrester of the Castle garrison, Dr. David Doig of the Grammar School and Christopher Bell, a singing teacher. He later described Dr. David Doig as "a queerish figure, and something of a pedant." Was there a relation between the two David Doigs? See file ROBX1713 at]
  "Died lately at Maybole, upwards of a hundred years of age, Mr. David Doig, late master of the Grammar school of that place." (Notice in "The Edinburgh Advertiser," 24 Sept 1784). Daved died at age 104, which places his birth about 1679.
  Caledonian Mercury - Friday 24 September 1784: Extract of a letter from Maybole, Sept. 11. "This day, died here, upwards or a hundred years of age, Mr David Doig, late master of the Grammar School of this place. His great learning, and excellent method of teaching, made him, for many years, a blessing to society. His uniform integrity, and simplicity of manners, gained him the esteem of all his acquaintances. He was a warm friend, a cheerful companion, an affectionate father and husband. His habitual temperance was rewarded with uninterrupted health. and the use of his mental powers, almost to the last. His death was occasioned by a fall in his garden."
  "The Rev. Wright describes Maybole as situated on a ridge of high ground with a fine south exposure and amply supplied with excellent water from many springs and wells. He ascribes the excellent health of the eighteenth century townsfolk to the situation and good water supplies and mentions that Mr. David Doig, schoolmaster in the town and a woman also within the burgh both died in the 1780s aged 104 and 105 years respectively. He also records that in 1790 there were ten persons living within the town whose combined ages exceeded 900 years, so Maybole must have been a very healthy place and noted for the longevity of its townsfolk in those days. The population of the Parish had increased to about 3,000 by 1792 from the total of 2,058 recorded by Dr. Webster in 1755, quite a large increase in forty years." Maybole, Carrick's Capital Facts, Fiction & Folks by James T. Gray, Alloway Publishing, Ayr. First published 1972. Chapter 5. See also Chapter 8 for salary.
 For Follow up:
 Papers of the Kennedy Family, Earls of Cassillis (Ailsa Muniments), NAS, GD25/9/76. Note: The Kennedy family owned Cassillis House from the 13th century. It is close to Maybole, Ayr. This John Doak may be the father of David Doig or a relation.
 ** 1671 May -- John, Earl of Cassillis to William Speir in Barndoua, and John Doak (Doock, Duock) in Achnarrach - Balquhirne (Balwhirne)
 ** 1677 Dec. 22 (A) John, Earl of Cassillis to John Doak in Balquhirne - Balquhirne and Craigoche, parish of Kirkmichael, bailiary of Carrick.
  Hearth Tax 1691-95:
 John doak In Balquhirne -- 2 -- --
 John doak yor [younger] In balquhirne -- 1 -- --
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