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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jean (Jane) Hutchison: Birth: ABT 1757 in Of Ayr, Scotland. Death: 23 Nov 1822 in Main Street, Maybole, Ayr, Scotland

a. Note:   Christened as Hugh McHutchon. Register of Sasines 2245 Renfrew 14 Oct 1788
 HUGH HUTCHESON of Southfield, as heir to Alexander Hutcheson of Southfield, his brother, Seised Sept. 8th 1788 in SOUTHFIELD; part of Hazeldenhead, part of Titwood & parts of the Commonty of Mearns Muir & Teinds parish of Mearns, - on Pr. Cl. Con. by John Stewart of Stewarthall, and David Stewart W.S., liferentees, & Sir Michael Stewart of Blackhall, fiar, Aug. 11. - 16 1788
 P.R. 28.304
  Register of Sasines 2309 Renfrew 19 Feb 1789
 HUGH HUTCHISON of Southfield, Seised, Feb. 7 1789 - in part of OVER JOHNSTONE, called Mosside of of Over Johnstone, and piece of ground at the south east of the Laigh park of Auchinanes, &c., Maillen & Tenandry called Robston, and Teinds, par. Kilbarchan; - in security of �500; on Bond and Disp. by the Trustees of Archibald Speirs, Surgeon, son of John Speirs of Wardhouse Feb. 7 1789
 P.R. 28.389
  Register of Sasines 4281 Ayr 4 Nov 1794
 HUGH McHUTCHEON or Hutchison of Southfield Seized 1 Nov 1794 in an acre of land in KIRKLAND of MAYBOLE and tenements and piece of ground in Maybole, Par. Maybole; on Ch. Resig. by the Commissioner of Jean, Countess of Crawford, Frances Hamilton spouse of John Ferguson of Greenvale, Margaret Hamilton, spouse of Sir John Cathcart of Carleton, and Eleanor Hamilton, spouse of Lieut.-Col. Hugh Montgomerie of Skelmorlie 31 Oct 1782; on Ch. Resig. by David, Earl of Cassillis, 17 Apr 1792 P. R. 38.233
  Register of Sasines 4670 Renfrew 23 May 1796
 HUGH HUTCHESON of Southfield, as heir to Maitland Hutcheson of Greenbank, his brother, Seised, 20 May 1796, - in 2 acres 1 rood & 17 falls of the land called BAREFLATT; House Steads, loaning and 2 yards in the Town of Flender; piece of land consisting of 1 acre 2 roods & 30 falls adjoining Hardacre; & part of the Commonty of Flender, par. Mearns; - on Disp. by Andrew Renwick, Portioner, Flender to the said Maitland Hutcheson, 2 Jul 1794; and Ret. Gen. Serv., 22 Apr 1796. P.R. 37.351
  Register of Sasines 6519 Renfrew 5 Nov 1801
 HUGH HUTCHESON of Southfield, Seised, Sept. 12, 1801 - in the divided share of the COMMONTY OF MEARNS MUIR corresponding to the lands of Southfield, Hazletounhead, Greenbank, Flander, and others, measuring 115 acres on the North side of the road leading to Kilmarnock; 72 acres of the Commonty of Mearns Muir on the North side of the King's Turnpike road; and the undivided share of the Lochs in the said Muir corresponding to the said lands, par. Mearns; - in security of �1000, on Disp. by Alexander Graham of Fareneze 28 Aug. 1801
 P.R. 46.201
  The will of Alexander Hutcheson of Southfield was proved 12 Mar 1789 in favor of his brother Hugh Hutcheson. Hugh served heir to his brother Alexander in the Templelands of Southfield in the parish of Mearns, Renfrewshire on 26 Feb 1789, recorded 28 Mar 1786. Hugh became known as a Gentleman of Southfield.
  Hugh's will was written 12 Aug 1813 and proved on 6 Sept 1813 (5 pages), with inventory and deed proved 8 . His son-in-law David Doig was executor, and David's eldest son Hugh Doig served as heir to the property at Southfield and debts owing. Includes bill by John Hutchison, late of Jamaica, 2 bills by Alexander Hutchison, Tradeston, Glasgow, by James McHutchison,
  Notes by Mary H. Atkinson
 The family name was McHutchison or McCutchison. Hugh became a baillie in Maybole in 1770 and the minutes for the council meetings are in the National Archives. Hugh�s signature first appears in the minutes in 1770 and from that time until he signs the minute of 20th May 1789 his signature is Hugh McHutchison. He uses the signature Hugh Hutcheson for the first time in the council minutes on 27th October 1789. Hugh�s signature is quite unique I don�t think there is any doubt that the signatures McHutchison and Hutcheson are by the same hand. Alexander was using Hutcheson in 1781, I have seen his signature on a bond; the spelling is Hutcheson.
 Southfield is in the Parish of Mearns in Renfrewshire. Southfield no longer exists, the area became the grounds for Meanskirk Hospital: opened as a children�s tuberculosis hospital in 1930 but by 1959 designated as a general hospital.
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