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  1. Jean (Jane) Hutchison: Birth: ABT 1757 in Of Ayr, Scotland. Death: 23 Nov 1822 in Main Street, Maybole, Ayr, Scotland

a. Note:   Register of Sasines 4282 Ayr 4 Nov 1794 JANET SMITH spouse of Hugh Hutchison of Southfield Seized in liferent 1 Nov 1794 in an acre of ground in KIRKLAND of MAYBOLE; tenements and pieces of ground in Maybole; on Mar. Con. 1 Nov 1794 P. R. 38.236
  Reigster of Sasines 4168 Renfrew 19 Nov 1794
 JANET SMITH, spouse of Hugh Hutchison of Southfield Seised Nov. 3 1794, - in parts of the Barony of Mearns, viz. the �3 6s 10d land of SOUTHFIELD; 12s 8d land in Hazeldenhead, and 8 acres of the lands of Titwood; Temple lands of Southfield, & Meadow land thereof; with parts of the Commonty of Mearns Muir, & Teinds, par. Mearns; in security of a liferent annuity of �60; on Mar. Con. Nov. 1 1794
 G.R. 538.84
  "The Scots Magazine," 1 Aug 1822: 21st - at Maybole, Mrs Hutcheson of Southfield.
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