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  1. Mary Grafton: Birth: 7 SEP 1660. Death: 1705

1. Title:   Belknap, Henry Wyckoff, <i>The Grafton Family of Salem</i> (E.I.H.C., vol.64) (The Essex Institute, 1928)
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3. Title:   Jim Stevens <[email protected]>, Unpublished document (early 1900s) in the possession of Jim Stevens <[email protected]> who writes: "Almost all (90%+) of the information on the ancestors of Thomas Wren Ward is taken from an unpublished Ward Genealogy that was evidently written in the early 1900's. This Genealogy is now located at the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB). This genealogy is part of "The Ward-Perkins Papers" collection that is at the Library there. A 75 page index to all the Ward-Perkins papers written by Donald Fitch is available as a separate document. Pages 62 and 63 of that index list various genealogy documents that may provide even further detail on this family." <b>Mansfield-Perkins Online </b> &id=I912
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