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Marriage: Children:
  1. Machtelt Zabriskie: Birth: ABT 1713.

  2. Christina Zabriskie: Birth: 1713 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey..

  3. Elizabeth Zabriskie: Birth: ABT 1715 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey..

  4. MacHteldje Zabriskie: Birth: 25 Sep 1715 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey..

  5. Casparus J Zabriskie: Birth: 7 Apr 1717 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey..

  6. Feytje Zabriskie: Birth: 26 Mar 1722 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey..

  7. Rachel Zabriskie: Birth: 19 Mar 1724/1725 in Bergen, Hudson, New Jersey. Death: 16 Apr 1812

  8. Antje Zabriskie: Birth: 30 May 1728 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey..

  9. Albert Zabriskie: Birth: 25 Apr 1730 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey..

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Page:   Sophia Romeyn's will
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a. Note:   The will of Sophia Romeyn, the sister of Christian, who was the wife of Frederick Schuurman (Lysbeth's parents), written in 1715, specifically mentions four daughters of Caspar Mebie and Lysbeth Schuerman: Christyntie, Affie, Sophia (Feytie) and Catharine. The baptisms for the latter 3 daughters have not survived. Since Affie married in 1717 and Sophia in 1719 and since Catharine appears to have had her first child in 1725, it is guessed that Affie was born in 1696 or 1697, Sophia in 1697 or 1698, and Catharine in 1703. In addition, Caspar apparently also had a son, Simon, born approximately in 1701 (baptism record did not survive). Therefore, these four children are: Affie (5-4), Sophia (5-5), Simon (5-7), and Catherine (5-8). . Christina Mabie lived with Casper Pieterszen Mebie and Lysbeth Schuermans From 1695 to 1700 Haarlem, Manhatten Island, New York County, New York Christina Mabie was baptized 30 Jun 1692 Reformed Dutch Church, New York City, New York Witness: Fredrick Suurmont; Parents - Fredrick Symonszen, Lysbeth Meby; Child - Christyntie From the Maybee Society files. Not all data is verified. Say dates are estimates and are probably within 20 years. The Maybee Society keeps its data on The Master Genealogist̐▮ư, and has been modified by Gary Hester?s WIT2NOTE̐▮ư to form the GedCom file. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.