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  1. William Abel Teague: Birth: 1693 in Cecil County, MD. Death: 1775 in North Carolina

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [roberts.GED] Edward Teague (also "Tegg") was from Bristol, England, and paid passage to America on Thomas Jones' ship in 1675. He settled in Cecil County, Maryland where he bought 290 acres of land, naming it "Tegg's Delight." Edward immigrated to America in 1675, transported to Maryland by Thomas Jones, a trader from Bristol, England. Edward TEGG patented 130 acres in Cecil County, MD, in 1695. William Abel TEAGUE b: 1693 in Cecil County, Maryland Catherine TEAGUE b: 1695 in Maryland Ann TEAGUE b: 1696 1655. Edward born ca. this year Edward is the earliest known tracable ancestor of a great majority of the present-day Teague families. The names of his parents have not been found in record, but it is beleived that he is related to those early pioneer Teagues who came from England and settled in VA in the 1650's. The early Teagues settled in Northampton Co VA. A commission including Edmund Scargurgh, Randall Revell and John Elzey appointed to bring in settlers at 50 acres per head. Randall Revell's son, Edward rec. a grant of land , on his fathers commission, for transporting John Teague, among others on Nov. 27, 1652. In Nov. 1661 the people of Accomack and Northampton Counties, VA Petitioned Gov. Philip Calvert to be able to settle in Maryland. John moved to Somerset Co, MD and died there in 1675; inventory taken Feb 22, 1675. John is probably the father of Edward, for many of those people removed to Cecil Co. MD June 8, 1675. Prior to this date Edward was transported by Thomas Jones Aug. 26, 1695 Edward Teague came to Baltimore Co. MD and obtained a Patent for 300 acres of land situated in Cecil Co MD. The name "Tegg" contained in the Patent for 300 acres of land assiged to Edward, is without a doubt a misnomer as this is the first and only instance of it's kind where a document has contained the name "Tegg" when referring to this branch of the family, and in view of this it is reasonable to believe that Edward was unable to write or spell his last name. Accordingly, when the assignment and patent papers were made out to him the name Teague was written as it was pronounced, and it came out as "Tegg". May 14, 1714. & June 18, 1737 Two documents that are on file in Elkton, Cecil Co, MD, wherein William sold the above land and the contents of these documents mentioned the fact that William was the only son, and sole heir to his father's estate. The description of the land being sold is identical to the description obtained by Edward "Tegg" in Aug. 1695. Source: Vivian Hagood from information she obtained from the Teague Museum in Teague TX. March 9, 1696/7. Edward died survived by his widow, Susan and three small children. One a son named William, and two daughters. Emanuel Smith was appointed Administrator of Edward Teague's estate, and his final accounting was made on May 4, 1702, a record of which is on file in the Hall of Records at Annapolis, but this accounting contained no mention of the 300 acres of land. Emanuel Smith eventually married the widow, Susan.No further record has been found with regards to Susan, but those of her son William are complete. Sept 30, 1697. Appraisal of estate by Cornelius Comegy and George Almery, Cecil Co. MD. Father: JOHN TEAGUE b: ABT. 1635 in England Marriage 1 SUSAN __?__) TEAGUE b: 1665 Married: BEF. 1689 1 Children Catherine TEAGUE b: ABT. 1689 in Cecil Co MD WILLIAM TEAGUE b: 1693 in Cecil Co MD Ann TEAGUE b: 1696 Sources: Estimated by JBC -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.