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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Bigod: Birth: 1176. Death: BET 1220 AND 1271

  2. Margart "Margery" Bigod: Birth: ABT 1182 in Thetford, Norfolk, Wales. Death: 31 MAR 1237

  3. Hugh le Bigod: Birth: 1186 in Thetford, Norfolk, England. Death: 18 FEB 1224/25 in England

  4. William le Bigod: Birth: ABT 1188. Death: BET 1210 AND 1270

  5. Thomas le Bigod: Birth: ABT 1190. Death: BET 1190 AND 1250

  6. Alice Adeliza Bigod: Birth: ABT 1192. Death: BET 1220 AND 1270

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