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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Roberts\Roberds: Birth: 1788 in Washington Co, TN. Death: 21 JUL 1876 in North Marion Twp., Christian County, Mo buried in Old Boston Cemetery

  2. unk Roberts: Birth: ABT 1790.

  3. William A. "Humpy" Robbirds: Birth: 1802 in Washington Co, TN. Death: 1862 in Texas Co., Mo // killed by bushwackers in Howell Co, Mo

  4. William A. Roberts: Birth: 1802. Death: 1862

  5. unk Roberts: Birth: ABT 1804.

  6. unk Roberts: Birth: ABT 1808.

  7. Person Not Viewable

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [roberts.GED] [stubbymike.ged] Index to Early Tennessee Tax Lists by Sistler ROBERTS, BARTON - Wh-1825 ROBERTS, BENJAMIN - Fr-1812, Wi-1810, Wi-1815 ROBERTS, DANIEL - Fr-1812 ROBERTS, EDMOND - Gr-1799 ROBERTS, EDMUND - Ge-1783 ROBERTS, ELIAS - Ro-1805 ROBERTS, GEORGE - Sn-1817, Je-1800, Sn-1816, Sn-1811 ROBERTS, GRAHAM - B-1812 ROBERTS, H.D.F. - R-1819 ROBERTS, HENRY - Su-1797 ROBERTS, ISAAC - Mu-1811, D-1805 ROBERTS, ISAAC, ESTATE - Mu-1816 ROBERTS, ISHAM - Je-1822 ROBERTS, JACOB - Wh-1811 ROBERTS, JAMES - Bo-1805, Hw-1799(3), Mt-1798, D-1805, Mu-1811 ROBERTS, JEREMIAH - D-1811 ROBERTS, JESSE - Rb-1812 ROBERTS, JOHN - Wl-1804, C-1823, C-1818, Bo-1800, Ge-1783, B-1812(2), Sn-1792, Je-1800, Hw-1799, Ge-1812, Ro-1805, D-1811, Wi-1810 ROBERTS, JOHN W. - Wh-1825(2) ROBERTS, JONAS - Gr-1799 ROBERTS, JONATHAN - Ge-1783 ROBERTS, JOSEPH, heirs - Mu-1816 ROBERTS, JOSHUA - Wl-1804 ROBERTS, LEWIS - Su-1812 ROBERTS, MOSES - A-1805 ROBERTS, NATHAN - A-1805 ROBERTS, PHILIP - Se-1799 ROBERTS, PHILLIP - Je-1800 ROBERTS, RICHARD - Wa-1814(2) ROBERTS, RICHARD, deceased - Wa-1819 ROBERTS, RICHARDSON - W-1812, W-1805 ROBERTS, RIGHT - Ro-1805 ROBERTS, SAMUEL - Fr-1812 ROBERTS, SIMON - Su-1812 ROBERTS, SOLOMON - B-1812 ROBERTS, STEPHEN - Sn-1817 ROBERTS, THOMAS - B-1812, Wi-1815, Ro-1805 ROBERTS, TOM, K*-1815 ROBERTS, UMPHERY - Wh-1825 ROBERTS, WILLIAM - Ct-1798, Ct-1796, Gr-1804, B-1812(2), Ro-1805, Wa-1814, Wa-1819, Gr-1805, Su-1796, D-1805, D-1811, Wh-1825 ROBERTS, WILLIS - B-1812 ROBERTS, ZACHEUS - Ro-1805 1840 TENNESSEE CENSUS ROBBERTS,CLAIBOURNE,HAMILTON,TN,229,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,1,AIS 1374, ROBBERTS,WALLIN,HAMILTON,TN,228,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,2,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,ANDERSON,HAMILTON,TN,155,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,17,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,C,HAMILTON,TN,148,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,34,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,CATHARINE,HAMILTON,TN,164,F,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,38,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,H,HAMILTON,TN,147,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,70,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,JACOB,HAMILTON,TN,147,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,89,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,JAMES,HAMILTON,TN,158,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,91,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,THOMPSON,HAMILTON,TN,220,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,245,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,WILLIAM,HAMILTON,TN,148,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,268,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,WILLIAM,HAMILTON,TN,147,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,269,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,WILLIAM,HAMILTON,TN,157,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,270,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,WILLIAM,HAMILTON,TN,156,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,271,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,WILLIAM,HAMILTON,TN,155,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,272,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,WILLIAM SR,HAMILTON,TN,156,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,284,AIS 1374, ROBERTS,ZEPHENIAH,HAMILTON,TN,155,M,1840,,,,NO TWP LISTED,,295,AIS 1374, 1850 MISSOURI CENSUS ROBERTS,EDWARD F,GREENE,MO,281,M,1850,,,,ROBINSON,92,AIS 1265 ROBERTS,FRANCIS,GREENE,MO,280,M,1850,,,,ROBINSON,120,AIS 1265, ROBERTS,WILLIAM,GREENE,MO,261,M,1850,,,,CAMPBELL,333,AIS 1265, ROBERTS,J,TANEY,MO,341,M,1850,,,,SWAN TWP,AIS 1265,,145 ROBERTS,C C,TANEY,MO,368,M,1850,,,,CASS TWP,AIS 1265,,61 ROBERTS,C,TANEY,MO,374,M,1850,,,,MARION T,AIS 1265,,60 ROBERTS,W,TANEY,MO,374,M,1850,,,,MARION T,AIS 1265,,316 ROBERTS,WILLIAM,TEXAS,MO,011,M,1850,,,,98TH DIST,AIS 1265,,339 ************************************************************************** *** TEXAS COUNTY, MISSOURI Federal and Confederate troops of Texas County, Missouri. This list also contains the resident property owners who paid taxes in the county in 1861-64. Alfred Roberts John Roberts David Roberts W(illiam).N. Roberts *************************** CITIES, TOWNS AND VILLAGES OF EARLY TEXAS COUNTY The first settlers came to Texas County about 1828 and up to 1840 the families were widely separated, living often up to fifteen miles apart. From that period until the war broke out people came in rapidly and Houston and Licking were flourishing little villages, such as are usually found in newly settled counties. At the close of the war few houses were left standing in the county. Alternate raids by the contending parties left it a barren waste, so that 1865 found the county almost depopulated. Cabool was surveyed in September 1882 for Ralph and Frances J. Walker, who acknowledged the plat September 27, that year. Blocks 17 to 20 inclusive are shown south of the railroad, with Fish Lake and Piney River running generally west. The first houses built at Cabool, in 1883 were those of G.M. Roberts. Township 29, Range 10, was first entered in 1848 by William Roberts, Isaac Self, Samuel Self, William Roberts, Charles H. Latimer, John Skiles and James R. Gardner on Sections 20, 21 and 29. In 1857 Launa Smith, Elijah Pruitt, Jerry Bundy, Jesse J. Gardner, G.M. Knowen, Erperia C. Smith and Charles H. Roberts entered lands here, but the larger number of purchasers came in the few years before the war. Millers Cemetery, Texas County, Missouri Row 18 Lurellia Roberts 5/12/1914 9/8/1914 Dulceina Roberts 1/4/1840 3/8/1918 Stepinus Roberts 9/23/1844 4/24/1912 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.