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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Yates: Birth: 1752. Death: JUL 1820 in ,Adair, KY

  2. Charles Lewis YATES: Birth: ABT 1754 in <, Caroline, VA>.

  3. James YATES: Birth: BEF 1756 in <, Caroline, VA>.

  4. Frances YATES: Birth: ABT 1758 in <, Caroline, VA>.

  5. Richard YATES: Birth: ABT 1760 in <, Caroline, VA>.

  6. William YATES: Birth: ABT 1762 in <, Caroline, VA>.

  7. Molly YATES: Birth: ABT 1764 in <, Caroline, VA>.

  8. George V YATES: Birth: ABT 1766 in <, Caroline, VA>.

  9. Warner YATES: Birth: ABT 1768 in <, Caroline, VA>.

a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [roberts.GED] [temp.FTW] [6958.ged] 1735 COURT: Caroline Co, VA, Order Book. George and Michael Yates sons of George (III) bound to their uncle Michael Guinney; father failed to instruct in Christian principles. 1743/4 COURT: Caroline Co, VA Order Book, Folio 250. George was a minor in 1744 and selected his guardian on 10 Feb in Caroline Co as William Conner, Gent., one time vestryman of St. Margaret's Parish of that county. He would have been between 14 and 18. William Conner was a neighbor of George Yates III, a prominent subject of the county, and at one time vestryman of St. Margaret's Parish. 1747 COURT: Caroline Co, VA, Order Book, Folio 22,12 Jun, George on appeal fined 5 pounds for playing dice in James Martin's Ordinary on 26 Jul of last year. His guardian, William Conner, was one of the other players. 1748/9 COURT: Caroline Co, VA, Order Book, Folio 135. George Yates appointed with William Conner and others to appraise the estate of Thomas Martin, decd. He thus had turned 21. 1758 MIL: Caroline Co, VA, Order Book, Folio 347, 13 Apr. He was appointed lieutenant in the Caroline Co. Militia. 1759 COURT: Caroline Co, VA, Order Book 1759-1763, 8 Mar. George Yates was appointed to divide the estate of GeorgeChapman. Ibid., Folio 103, 8 May. George Yates was commissioned to report on road conditions, as follows: "On the petition of Sarah Young and ordered William Conner, George Yates, Aquilia Johnson and Thomas Scott or any two of them being first sworn view the convenient way into the road by Robert Taliaferro and make report to the next Court." At the same court George Yates was relieved of his duties as overseer of the roads and was succeeded by William Childes. Ibid., Folio 90, 12 July. George Yates and Anthony Thornton were "added to the Gentlemen appointed to settle the account between Rogers and Scott." 1763 COURT: Ibid., Folio 433, 14 July. George Yates, John Estes, Aquilla Johnson and John Griffin ordred to appraise the estate of John Cason, decd, and make a return thereof to the Court. Ibid., Folio 436, Jul. George Yates and the executors of the estate of William Conner sued John Wely for what was not stated. 1765 COURT: Ibid., 1765-1767, Folio 106, 8 Aug. "George Yates, Gent., produced a Commission from His Honour the Governor appointing him Captain of a company in this County and He took the oath according to law and signed the Test." 1767 COURT: Ibid., 1767-1770, Folio 73, 10 Dec. "Ordered that William Buckner, George Todd, George Yates and George Buckner any three of them being first sworn do appraise the estate of Charles Holloway, deceased, and return an Inventory thereof to the Court." 1768 COURT: Ibid., Folio 133, 12 May. Ordered that Anthony Thornton, William Buckner, George Holloway and George Yates or any two of them do agree with some person to repair and build the bridge at Guiney's. 1769 COURT: Ibid., Folio 462, 14 Dec. Anthony Thornton, Samuel Hawes, Gent. and George Yates and Patrick Kennon or any three of them (being first sworn) are appointed to settle Aquilla Johnson's account of his executorship of his father's estate and that they also assign to the widow her dower. 1770 COURT: Ibid., Folio 497, 12 Apr. Ordered George Yates, Aquilla Johnson, John Estes and Joseph Flippo or any three of them being first sworn according to law do appraise the estate of John Ashburn. 1771 COURT: Ibid., Folio 371, Nov. Ordered that John Downer, Joseph Flippo, George Yates and John Estes appraise the estate of William Oliver, deceased, according to law. 1772 COURT: Ibid., 1772-1776, Folio 86, Jul. George Yates was relieved of his duties as overseer of the road and was replaced by William Arnold. Folio 143, Oct. Samuel Hawes, Aquilla Johnson, George Yates and John Estes or any three of them being first sworn to appraise the Estate of Augustine Elliss, decd, according to law. Folio 155, Nov. Samuel Hawes and George Yates are added to those appointed to appraise the estate on Mattapony of Thomas Buckner, decd. 1774 COURT: Ibid., Minute Book, 1774-1781, Folio 56, 13 Oct. It was ordered that George Yates, Anthony Thornton, Sr., Anthony Thornton, Jr., and Samuel Hawes Sr. appraise the estate of John Woolfolk, decd, according to his will. The entry in the Order Book for that period gives a slightly different angle to said commission. "Anthony Thornton Sr., Anthony Thornton, Jr., Samule Hawes, George Yates or any three of them are appointed to divide the estate of John Woolfolk, decd, amongst the several Legatees agreeable to the Will of the said deceased." 1774 DEED: Fauquier Co, VA, DB 12-190. George Yates and William Rogers of Caroline, executors of William Conner, sell 119 acres to Martin Pickett. 1775 COURT: Caroline Co, VA, Order Book 1772-1776, Folio 591, 13 Apr. George Yates, Thomas Scott, John Estes and Charles Vivian or any three of them being first sworn before some Justice of the Peace for this County are appointed to appraise the Negroes and personal estate of Andrew Monroe. Ibid., Folio 611, Oct. George Yates, Samuel Hawes, William Conner, John Downer, or any three of them being first sworn, are appointed to appraise the Negroes and personal estate of Joseph Flippo, deceased." 1776 COURT: Ibid., Folio 617, Mar. There having been a former Order of the Court of appointing Anthony Thornton Sr., Samuel Hawes, Anthony Thornton Jr., and George Yates or any three of them to divide the estate of John Woolfolk, decd, among the several legatees, it's ordered that the same gentlemen or any three of them do again divide and allot to the several children their portion of the decedant's according to the will. Ibid., Folio 151. "The Court are of opinion that the executors of George Yates, decd, be allowed the sum of L10 for maintaining William Raines a soldier in the service of the United States while in the small pox and the sum of L3 to Doctor William Yates for attending the said soldiers." 1778 COURT: 12 Mar., Caroline Co. VA Court Min. Bk. 1774-1781, p. 151 [A.A. Gentry v.2 p.528]: "The court are of opinion that the exors of George Yates, decd, be allowed the sum of l0 pounds for maintenance William Raines a soldier in the service of the United States while in the small pox and the sum of L3 to Doctr William Yates for attending the said soldier". Anthony Thornton, Sr., and Anthony Thornton, Jr., appointed appraisers of the estate of George Yates, deceased. His death may have been from small pox caught from one of the sick soldiers whom he cared for. That same record has the last will and testament of George Yates admitted to probate by Mary Pitts and William Raines and on motion of the Executrix and Executors. Michael Yates[brother] and John Yates[son] were executors (Minute Book, Liber 1774-81, Folios 60 and 151). The executrix was not named. 1778 COURT: Caroline Co, VA, 1777-11780, Folio 94, 9 Jul. "Inventory and appraisement of Estate of George Yates deceased, was returned and ordered to be recorded." 1781 Court: Oct, the children of George can be established by court records even though his will is not extant. William an orphan of George, above 14, selected Michael Yates[uncle] as guardian while the minor orphans, Molly, George, and Warner were made wards of Benjamin Winn (Court Order Book, Liber 1781-85, folio 25). John, the eldest son, was an executor. Charles named James as his brother, while James declared John and Charles as his. The descendants of Richard declared themselves as cousins to Charles. At the same time, it was ordered that Anthony Thornton, Richard Johnson, Samuel Hawes, and Benjamin Thompkins or any three of them divide the estate of George Yates, deceased, between the legatees agreeable to his will. Who was the wife of George Yates IV who gave the significant names of Lewis, Warner and Frances to his children. As it has now been proved, it was George Yates IV (not William Yates as it had been claimed earler by many) who was the parent of these children. A careful study of the Court Order Books and the Minute Books failed to find any difinite proof concerning the absolute identity of the wife of George Yates IV. She was probably living at the time her husband's will was under review in 1777, inasmuch as the Court Order Book speaks of "executrix and executors". We learn later that Michael Yates and John Yates were the executors, but no references were made to a third party (Michael Yates is proved as the brother of the deceased and John Yates is placed as the eldest son and heir). The expression "executrix and executor" may have been a "stock" phrase, used by the county clerk at that time. In collating the orderbooks, however, the usual expression used was "executor" when there was one, and "executors" when more than one had been named. If, however, an executrix were appointed or named by the testator, she either refused to act or died before letters of administration were granted in February, 1778. Family names given to children as baptisimal names were customary and establish clues to the genealogist in seeking relationship. Family names of Warner and Lewis appearing among the children of George Yates IV offer the best clues to the identity of his wife's parents. After a very careful study of all possibilities, every thing points to the fact that George Yates IV married Frances Lewis, the youngest daughter of John and Frances (Fielding) Lewis, of Warner Hall, Gloucester, Virginia. Derrow Egerton Sorley, in his book entitled "Lewis of Warner Hall", when he referred to Frances Lewis states " seems almost conclusive that she died at a tender age." Mr. Sorely compiled his book more upon family tradition and family papers than from source records from the county seats. He used, however, the register of Abington Parish, Gloucester County, which is extant, but, owing to the destruction of the Gloucester County records by fire, an intelligent analysis of source material from Court entries was not possible. The mother of Frances Lewis died shortly after her birth in 1731, and inasmuch as Mr. Sorely found no futher references to her owing to the lose of the records, he reasonably concluded that she died shortly after her mother. Her death is not recorded in the parish register of Abington to prove definitely that she died young and unmarried. The death of her older unmarried sister, Mildred, however, is recorded. The will or the administration of her father's estate after his death in 1754 is not extant to prove if she shared in his estate. She was abour twenty-three years of age at the time of her father's decease, and was no doubt married at that time. It was probably while visiting her brothers Fielding Lewis, of Fredericksburg, and Charles Lewis of Spotsylvania County, later of Caroline County, that she met the then young Lieutenant George Yates of His Excellency's Colonial Militia. It is also significant that a Bible record proves the birth of her youngest daughter, Molly Yates, on August 17, 1767, at Fredericksburg, and not at her home in Caroline County. Her brother, the youngest son next to her, Charles Lewis established his residence in Spotsylvania County, but afterwards in Caroline County where his estate was divided in December 1781. It was this brother, Charles, no doubt a playmate of her childhood days, after whom she named her second son. The first son and presumably the eldest child of George Yates and his wife was given the name of John. John is common to all families, but it was sometimes the custom to name the first born son after the mother's father, particularly if well to do. In this case, we find that the father of Frances Lewis was John Lewis, of Warner Hall, who had died in 1754. As was already stated, the mother named one of the older children Charles Lewis Yates. Then there is the significant name of Frances among the daughers after Frances Lewis as well as of her mother, Frances Fielding. Futhermore, Frances was carried down in succeeding generations, The family name of Warner was given one of the youngest sons and this name came down in this branch of the Yates family as consistently as the name of Warfield came down in the Family of Michael Yates. The proof of the marriage of George Yates and Frances Lewis may never be proved, but to ensure its authenticity it can never be disproved. Children of George Yates IV 1. John Yates 2. Charles Lewis Yates 3. James Yates 4. Frances Yates 5. Richard Yates 6. William Yates 7 Molly Yates 8. George Yates V 9. Warner Yates. John, executor of the estate, declared James as his brother. Charles Lewis Yates named James as his brother. The parents of Frances are placed by circumstances. Richard's descendants were known to be cousins to Charles. William's parentage proven by court records as are those of Molly, George, and Warner. This site is under construction and none of the information is necessarily complete. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.