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Marriage: Children:
  1. George Yates: Birth: ABT 1674 in South River Hundred, Anne Arundel, MD. Death: NOV 1717 in Baltimore, MD

  2. John Yate: Birth: ABT 1675 in South River Hundred, Anne Arundel, MD. Death: BEF 19 MAR 1721/22 in Baltimore, MD

  3. Anne Yate: Birth: ABT 1677 in South River Hundred, Anne Arundel, MD.

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [roberts.GED] [temp.FTW] [6958.ged] Harry Wright Newman, Anne Arundel Gentry, 2 vols., Westminster, MD: Family Line Publications, 1990, Vol 2, pp. 517-542. The Yate family of Anne Arundel County, MD, began with George Yate, Gent., who settled there on or before 1664. He was a scion of an armorial family of Great Britain, which is proved by the fact that he willed to his eldest son" my silver seal with my Coat of Arms Ingraven thereon," (Wills, Liber 2, folio 228, Hall of Records, Annapolis). Unfortunately the original will has not been preserved to ascertain if he placed in wax his arms beside his signature - a custom of the early Maryland gentry. Nor have any known private documents come down to the present generation with the seal to establish which branch of the English or Irish Yate families he belonged. Furthermore, no old silver has been found by the family displaying the crest or the arms. It was probably a goat's head of some form as that was the most common for the name Yate, particularly in Berkshire (Fairbairn's Book of Crests). It is generally accepted, however that he was of the English branch, in as much as he was a "cousin" of Jerome Whyte, Esq., one time Surveyor General of the Province and Deputy Governor. During a controversy over a land survey of George Saughier, Gent., Jerome Whyte stated on Mar 13, 1670/1, the land be laid out by my cousin George Yate, who is best informed of the situation thereof." (Land Office, Liber 12, Folio 5589, Annapolis). George Yate was always styled "Gent," and was educated, being well versed in mathematics for he was His Lordship�s Deputy Surveyor with Anne Arundel County as his district. He always signed his name George Yate without the s --the latter being added by later generations. Tha earliest reference found for George Yate was on 2 Mar 1664/5, when he was serving on the jury of the Province Court. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 49, p. 393). No record as been found for his original application for land. The next record of George Yate is on 4 Nov 1665, when he conveyed to Daniel Johnson, of Anne Arundel County, the plantation known as "Great Brushy Neck" lying between the Severn River and Magothy Bay consisting of 150 acres of land. The deed was signed as George Yate, with Abell Browne and Abraham Child as witnesses. No wife waived dower. (A.A. Deeds, Liber IH no.2 Folio 240, Ha11 of Records, Annapolis). It is therefore shown that George Yate was in the Province at a sufficient date prior to 2 Mar 1665 to qualify as a juryman, and by Nov 1665 had purchased land, holding it for a time and conveying it to another party. Unfortunately all recorded deeds in Anne Arundel Co., were destroyed by fire in or about 1712, but the above named deed was brought to the Clerk of the Court by John Summerland (Sunderland) who was then seized of the plantation and requested that the deed be duly recorded. It was not so long after settlement in Maryland that George Yate became actively engaged in public service. At the session of the General Assembly held at St. Mary�s City during April-May 1669, George Yate of A. A. Co., was voted 7,200 lbs,, of tobacco for service performed during that year. (Archives of Mary1and, Vol. 2, p. 228). He participated in the punitive expedition against the Nanticoke Indians of the Eastern Shore, and for his service he received by vote of the General Assembly in November 1678, 40 lbs of tobacco. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 7, p.96). By this small amount of tobacco, it is believed that he served in a minor capacity and not as a commissioned officer. This fact somewhat disproves the tradition in one branch of the family that he was formerly an officer in the English Army, and was retired through the loss of an arm in the service. Furthermore, in as much as military titles were used quite frequently in those days, it is believed that If he were a retired English Officer, he would have been referred to or styled with his military title. His most honorable public service, however, seems to be that of Deputy Surveyor of Anne Arundel County, the earliest record of his service in this capacity being 17 May 17 1670. He served continuously until 1684, when he became incapacitated through lameness. At a meeting of the Privy Council held on 22 Nov 1671, it was shown that "George Yate, Deputy Surveyor in Anne Arundel County" in a survey for John Fowellton on 17 May 1670 had inadvertently given a bound oak on the land of Gabriel Scott as a land mark instead of Gabriel Parrott. (Archives of Maryland, Vol..5., p., 99. The following appears under his signature. (Chancery Court Proceedings, Liber CD, folio 230, Land Office, Annapolis). "To the Right Honorable the Lord Proprietor of Maryland and Avalon: Lord Baron of Baltimore & c, 15 Mar 1678/9. By virtue of a Special Warrant bearing a date of the twentieth day of Feb 1677 ..... that I, George Yate, Deputy Surveyor under Baker Brooke, Esq., Surveyor General, have laid out and resurveyed for William Hunt a parcel of land called Maidstone afterward possessed and held of one William Crosley for 350 acres of land as it appears. Beginneth .... and now laid out for 450 acres of land more or less To be held of the Manor of Ann Arundel. Signed, George Yate, Deputy Surveyor." George continued as Deputy Surveyor under Vincent Lowe until 26 Jun 1684 when he was declared incapable to officate as Deputy Surveyor because of lameness and other problems. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 51, p. 227). 1679 - May 13, Geo. Yates sold tract of land "Holland Range," owner in 1702 was Anthony of Herring Creek, Anne Arundel Co. On August 9, 1681, George Yate of Anne Arundel County, Gent., conveyed to Robert Hooper, of the same County, Cooper, "Betty's Choice", of 450 acres lying in Baltimore County, adjoining to the lands of Colonel George Wells, Called "Benjamin's Choice", bordering White Marsh and Cranberry Swamp, for a consideration of 6000 pounds of tobacco together with all buildings and improvements. The conveyance was signed by George Yate while Mary Yate, his wife, waived her dower rights. The witnesses were Henry Hanslap, Mathias Prosper and Mark Richardson.( Baltimore County deeds, Liber R W #--, folio 80 ) At the same time there was recorded in Baltimore County the following: (Baltimore County Deeds, Liber R M, Hs, folio 82 ). "I George Yale of Anne Arundel County in the province of Maryland, Gent., am held and firmly bound unto Robert Hooper of Anne Arundel county, Cooper, for 1200 pounds of tobacco....". On February 6, 1682/3, George Yate, of Anne Arundel County, Gent., conveyed for a consideration of 3500 pounds of tobacco to George Hope, of this county, Planter, the 250 acres tract "Denchworth" lying at Curtin Creek on the south side of the Patapsco River bounding on Shore Branch and Spring Branch, and adjoining the land formerly held by Quinton Barker (Parker) and now in the possession of William Slade, the same tract "Denchworth", having been patented by George Yate on July 18, 1679. Thomas Bland and Henry Hanslap were witnesses to the transaction. George Yate consented to the sale, while his wife Mary Yate, waived dower before Thomas Taylor, Esq., and William Burgess, Esq., two justices of the Provinical Court. The bond was dated February 6, 1692/3 by which George Yate obligated himself to George Hope, Planter, for 7000 pounds of tobacco as security for the performances of covenants in deed of the same date. The witnesses were Thomas Taylor, William Burgess, Thomas Bland and Henry Hanslap. (Baltimore County Deeds Liber RM H5 folio 82.) Perhaps the most significant grant to George Yate was "Yate's Forebearance" which was granted to him by virtue of a warrant dated July 17, 1683, for 500 acres. The survey was made by Thomas Lightfoot, Deputy Surveyor, under Vincent Lowe, the Surveyor General, for 140 acres known as "Yate's Forebearance", lying in Baltimore County, near the main falls of the Patapsco adjoining the lands laid out for John Perss. (Land Office Liber 22, folio 3) On September 3,1684,GeorgeYate,Gent.,and Mary his wife,conveyed toThomas Lightfoot, of Baltimore County, Gent., for a valuable consideration (unnamed) and "for diver other good consideration them thereunto moving" the tract "Stopping", lying in Baltimore County between the lands of Captain Thomas Stockett on Bourn Branch adjoining "Hamers Towne", The deed was signed by George Yate, while his wife, Mary Yate, waived her third. The single witness was Henry Bonner. (Baltimore County deeds, Liber R M # HS, folio 140 ). On December 3, 1684, George Yate, Gent., received from Thomas Lightfoot, Gent., for an unnamed valuable consideration land in Baltimore County lying on the west side of the Susquahanah River about one mile from the River side being a portion of the tract surveyed for Lightfoot for 760 acres, adjoining "Stockett's Choice" and "Bedell's Choice" Pasture, with all dwelling houses and improvements. No wife of Thomas Lightfoot waived dower, but the witness was Henry Bonner. (Baltimore County Deeds, Liber H M # Hs, foliio 117. On July 9. 1689, George Yate, Gent., sold to Thomas Hooker, Planter of Anne Arundel County, "Mascall Nest", lying in Anne Arundel County on the west side of Patapaco River and on the west side of the Land of Orphan's Kinseys, containing 230 acres. The deed further stated that George Yate had received grant to this land from the Lord Proprietor in June 1680. George Yate signed the deed, while his wife Mary, waived dower. The witnesses were Richard Hanslap, James Kilis, and John Elsey. (Balt. Co. Deeds, Liber R M #H3, folio 310.) George Yate was one of the largest patentees of land in the Province during the late seventeenth century, and before his death had acquired a landed estate exceeding several thousands of acres. The following shows a complete list of his patents together with the year of survey, the acreage, locations and the British place name, if any: Year Plantation Acreage County British Place Name. 1666 Lyford 1,000 Talbot Place in Berkshire 1666 Chance 25 Anne Arundel 1667 Radnage (Radnidge) 160 Anne Arundel Parish in Bucking 1668 Ufton's Court 500 Baltimore Place in Berkshire 1667 Birkhead�s Chance 750 Anne Arundel 1668 Yate�s Inheritance 170 Anne Arundel l 671 Mascall's Rest 230 Anne Arundel 1671 Happy Choice 300 Calvert 1672 Locust Thicket 200 Anne Arundel 1673 Rowdown 300 Calvert 1674 Sway 200 Prince Georges Parish in Hampshire 1679 Narrow 100 Anne Arundel 1679 Betty's Choice 480 Baltimore 1679 Denchworth 250 Anne Arundel Place in Berkshire 1680 Stopp 118 Baltimore 1680 Rich Levell 800 Anne Arundel 1681 Padworth Farms 600 Prince Georges Place in Berkshire 1682 Lower Granary 440 Prince Georges 1684 Yate's His Forbearance 770 Baltimore 1684 Yate's Forbearance 140 Anne Arundel 1684 Charley or 360 Baltimore Parish in Leicester Charney Place in Berkshire 1684 Come by Chance 214 Anne Arundel 1685 Lowell's Addition 118 Baltimore Yate's Inheritance on the south side of the Patapsco became the seat of his descendants. Yate's Forbearance near the main falls of the Patapsco also involved his descendants. The first evidence that George had a wife was on 9 Aug 1781 when Mary Yate waived her dower rights at the sale of "Betty's Choyce." Similar waivers were made on 6 Feb 1682/3 at the sale of "Denchworth"; on 3 Dec 1684, "Stopling"; and 9 Jul 1689, Mascall Rest. George Yate sometime after May 4, 1671, married Mary, the widow of Thomas Stockett sometime before June, 1787, and the daughter of Richard Wells, Gent. Mary Wells had married sometime before June 1687, on which day Richard Wells, Sr., negotiated his will and bequeathed personalty to his daughter Mary, the wife of Thomas Stockett, ( Will, Liber 1, folio 387 Hall of records). Thomas Stockett, of Anne Arundel County, drew up his will on April 23, 1671, and devised his wife Mary his entire estate real and personal during her natural life. Upon her death his son Thomas and an unborn child, if it be a son, were to inherit all realty, while the daughters (unnamed) were to receive the personal estate. A small bequest was left to his cousin Henry White. The instrument was proved at the prerogative Court of Anne Arundel County on May 4, 1671. (Wills, Liber 1, folio 430 ). The following is an exact copy of the last will and testament of George Yate. (Wills, Liber 2,folio 228). In the name of God Amen I George Yate of Anne Arundel County in the Province of Maryland being weake in Body but of perfect mind and Memory Praise be God do make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in form and manner following: First I bequeath my Soul to Almighty and my Body to the Earth to be buried after the discretion of my exec. thereafter named. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son George Yates and John Yates all my seven hundred and seventy acres of land Called Yates His Forbearance lying on the north side of Patapsco River to be equally divided between them the said George Yate and John Yate their heirs and assigns forever. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son John Yate all the remaining part of Padworth Farm in sole to him the said John Yate his heirs and assign for ever and in case of his mortality before he cometh to the age of twenty one years then my will is that my son George possess the said land to him and his heirs and assign forever. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son George Yate one hundred and forty acres of land called Forbearance lying on the falls of Patapsco River in Baltimore County to him and his the said George Yate his heirs and assigns for ever. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son George Yate my silver Seal Ring with my coat of Arms ingraven thereon. Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Anne Yate all my three hundred and sixty acres of Land Called Charley lying in the north east branch in Baltimore County to her heirs and assigns forever, and in case of her mortality before marriage then my will is that the same be equally divided between my two sons George Yate and John Yate to them and their heirs and assigns forever. Item: I give unto my daughter (step) Elizabeth Plummer my two hundred acres of land being part unsold of Eight hundred acres of land called Rich Lovell and also my one hundred and eighteen acres called Lovell addition both parcels lying in Baltimore County which said land I give and bequeath unto my said Daughter Elizabeth her heirs and assigns forever. Item: I give and bequeath unto my Dear Loving Wife Mary Yate my two hundred acres of land called the Range lying in Anne Arundel County to her the said Mary Yate and her assigns forever. Like wise I give and bequeath unto my wife Mary Yate my eighty and three acres of Land Called Hogg Harbour lying on the north branch of Putuxin River in Anne Arundel county and one other Tract of Land lying on the said Branch Containing one hundred and thirteen acres all which Three Tracts of land I give unto my said wife Mary Yate and her assigns for ever. ltem: I give and bequeath unto my Dear Loving Wife all my whole Personal Estate Only five pounds except Sterling money of England the Which I bequeath unto my Daughter Ann Yate, which my will is that she be paid at the Day of Marriage or at the age of Sixteen Years. All the remainder of my personal Estate I give unto my said Wife Mary Yale forever. Item: I Constitute Ordain and appoint my dear Wife Mary Yate Sole Executor of this my last will and Testament in Witness whereof I do hereto Set my hand & Seal this Sixth day of June in the Year of our Lord one Thousand six hundred Ninety and One. (signed) George Yate Seal Signed and Sealed in the Presents of Us: George Burges - Arthur Herring Signed Phillips Dennis William Robert Morres James X Duglas Edward Cools Proved in Open Court by the oaths of Geo. Burges, Arthur Herring and Robert Moores Nov. the 11th H Bonner Reg In seeking the origin of George's ancestry in England, both Newman in his works and John G. Hunt, "English Ancestry of George Yate (ca. 1640-1691) of Maryland," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 64 (September 1976) : 3, point to the five above named plantations with like names in Berkshire, ENG. This was not a common practice but other examples are known (see Ref. 6 to Hunt's article). All five were connected to a Yate family of recusants (Roman Catholics) who were under fire from the crown and the accepted Anglican Church. George seems to fit as a son of John Yate of Lyford, Berkshire, and Mary daughter of George Tattershall of Finchampstead, Berkshire. No will survives for John Yate and that of his father, dated 7 Aug 1654 and proved in 1660, names only one grandson, John Yate. The probate file as appended shows that in 1658 the testator had also two minor grandchildren, George Yate and sister Elizabeth Yate, both wards of their mother Elizabeth Yate (see Great Britain,Calendar of the Proceedings of the Committee for Compounding, &c. [with Delinquents], 1643-1660 [London,1891], 1660, p. 304). The Tattershall pedigree states that George and Elizabeth Tattershall's daughter Mary was the wife of John Yate of Lyford. These were all recusants and it was not uncommon to take an alias to cover Roman Catholic names. Elizabeth was certainly more protective than Mary. George's uncle, Thomas Yate, at Douay in 1629, used a changed surname: "Thomas Yate, alias Stephens, aged 15, of Catholic parents, and born in Lyford in Berkshire," was accepted into that community. Thomas was using the maiden name of his mother. This George is our ancestor with little doubt who, not inheriting the estate, fled to Maryland to escape persecution and to build a new life. His youth was probably spent at Ufton Court, the home of his mother's father's maternal ancestors, as Lyford, his paternal home, was mostly in other hands as early as 1641 (see P.C.C., 3:2327-7). is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.