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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [roberts.GED] [temp.FTW] [6958.ged] John Yate, second son of George Yate, Gent., and Mary Wells his wife, was born towards the latter part of seventeenth century at the parental dwelling plantation in Anne Arundel County. His wife was Elizabeth Tucker. On February 28, 1706/7, John Yate had patented or surveyed for him "Yate Addition", of 87 acres, lying on the north side of Patapsco River, beginning at the land called "Yate's Forebearance", formerly laid out for George Yates. (Rent Rolls, Balto. and Anne Arundel Cos., no 2, folio 452) On July 1, 1710, John Yate, of Baltimore County, Planter, conveyed to Joshua Sewell. late of Anne Arundel County, but then of Baltimore County, the tract known as "Adventure", lying on the north side of the Patapsco River, it being a part of "Yate's Forebearance". Elizabeth Yate, wife, waived all dower rights. (Balto. Co., Deeds, Liber T R #A, folio 84) On October 10, 1714, "Yate's Inheritance ", of 100 acres, lying on the south side of the main fills of the Patapsco River, was surveyed by patents for John Yate. It was later sold by John Yate, George Yate and Mary Yate to John Hussey on January 10, 1735/6. (Rent Rolls, Balto. and Anne Arundel Cos.) On November 29, 1715, John Yate, of Baltimore County, conveyed to John Israel, Planter, of Baltimore County, "Yate's Addition", situated on the north side of the Patapsco River, and also 182 acres of "Yate's Forbearance", originally patented and laid out for 770 acres for George Yate, Sr. No wife acknowledged the transfer nor gave her consent. (Balto. Co., Deeds, Liber TR, folio 385. On Margh 5, 1715/6, John Yeats (sic) of Baltimore County, Planter, and Elizabeth, his wife, conveyed to Robert Chapman of the same county, Planter, for a valuable consideration, land on the north side of the Patapsco River known as "Yeates Forbearance". The deed was signed by John Yeats. Elizabeth Yeate, his wife waived dower rights, while Darby x Dudney and Mathew x Organ witnessed the conveyance. (Balto. Co. Deeds Liber TR, folio 473.) On January 23, 1719/20, John Yate had surveyed for him "Yate's Delight", of 100 acres, lying in Baltimore County. (Rent Rolls, Balto. and Anne Arundel Cos., no. 2, folio 505.) John Yate died intestate in Baltimore Counry sometimes early in the year 1722. On March 19, 1721/22, his widow and administratrix executed bond in the amount of L 150, with Benjamin Hood and William Tucker as her sureties,(Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 26, folio 12.) The inventory of personal estate was filed on August 15, 1722, showing an appraisement of L 576/14/8. (Testamentary Proceedings Liber 26, folio 31. ) His administratrix, Elizabeth Yate, rendered accounts to the Deputy Commissary of the Prerogative of Baltimore County during September 1724, and July 1725, (Wills Liber 18 Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 27 folios 77, 182.) The will of John Israel, proved in Baltimore County on March 1, 1723/24, devised 385 acres of land unnamed on the north side of the Patapaco which he had bought of George Yate, and 182 acres of "Yate's Forbearance", , purchased from John Yate, (Wills, Liber 18, folio 266.) John received land jointly with his brother at the death of their father in 1691 and mother in 1699. He died intestate with his inventory filed by his wife, Elizabeth, on 22 Jun 1722 after having posted bond as adminx. on 19 Mar 1721 with Benjamin Hood and William Tucker.. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.