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Marriage: Children:
  1. Esther Spooner: Birth: 26 JAN 1717/18.

  2. Hannah Spooner: Birth: 18 AUG 1719. Death: 6 FEB 1812

  3. Thomas Spooner: Birth: 3 APR 1721 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA. Death: 1770 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA

  4. Zepheniah Spooner: Birth: 15 MAY 1724.

  5. Amaziah Spooner: Birth: 9 MAR 1725/26.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Elnathan Spooner: Birth: 20 NOV 1730. Death: 29 MAY 1816

  2. Abigail Spooner: Birth: 11 APR 1732.

  3. Seth Spooner: Birth: 31 AUG 1735.

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [roberts.GED] [mjr6387.ged] !MISC: Samuel S. was a farmer; lived to the east of "The-Head-Of-Th e River" was often called upon to fill various town offices. He wa s a thrifty man gathering to himself lands - added largely to his in heritance. !DOCUMENTS: His will is dated September 5, 1777. and was proved Ma y 1, 1781. The great part of his property after making provisions fo r his widow and two daughters of his son Thomas. He gives to his so n Elnathan, and to him he had previously made "deed of gift of my hom estead."His other children had evidently been liberally provided fo r before executing his will. Elnathan remained on the "homestead" . T he "old farm" remained in the family until 1855, when it was sold b y Lemuel Spooner No. 149 to Mr. Dillingham. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.