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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [adgedge.ged] ! (1) "Magazine of the Jefferson County Historical Society," Vol. XVI, Dec. 1950 (Charlestow n, WV), "The Early Van Swearingens," p.11. (2) "Garrett Vansweringen and His Family," by Bernard Beary, "Chronicles of St. Mary's," Vo l. 29, No. 5 (St. Mary's Co. Hist. Soc.) p.322. Transcript by Elizabeth F. Randolph. (3) "Family Register of Gerret van Sweringen and Descendants," by H.H. Swearingen (2nd. ed. , Washington, 1894) p.39. (4) "The Maryland Gazette 1727-1761," by Karen Mauer Green (Frontier Press, Galveston, TX , 1989) p.151,194. (5) Dr. Oren Swearingen, 1006 Rose Circle, College Station, TX 77840. Cites: (a) Leanardo A ndrea collection, micrfilm 1-16488 954553. (b) Deeds T, p.688-691. (6) Tim B. Hatfield, 1214 Crestline Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Sources not cited. ! Birth: (1,2,3) s/o Thomas Van Swearingen/Jayne Doyne. (2) Under age 21 in 1708 (b. 1687-17 08). (3) About 1702, probably Somerset Co., MD. (6) c.1696. (NOTE: If b. 1702, would have bee n only 13 at marriage.) Marriage to Mary Ray: (1) (6) 9 Feb 1715, Prince George's Co., MD. Death: (6) 1767, Montgomery Co., MD. (2) 1708, 29 Jul: Thomas Swearingen wrote his will. Left his estate to his wife, eldest so n Thomas and sons Van, Samuel and John, who was under age 21. (5b) 1738, 30 Oct: Samuel Hyde of London, merchant, by two indentures signed by Clement Hil l, Hyde's attorney in fact, conveyed leases on two tracts, both part of "a tract called Bradf ord's Rest" in Prince George's Co., MD, to John Swearingen of Prince Georges and his heirs, e xecutors, and assigns, the first for 2.10.4 lbs. sterling and the "rents and convenants herei nafter mentioned," 126 acres, during the natural lives of John Swearingen himself, his wife M ary, and Thomas Swearingen, son of John and Mary Swearingen all now living, "in return fo r a yearly rental" of 1.5.2 lbs sterling, payable to James Smith or other duly named represen tative of Hyde, and the planting and fencing of an orchard for 126 apple trees within seven y ears. The 2nd tract rental for 46 shillings sterling and similar rental and improvements, 11 5 acres "unto the said John Swearingen, his heirs, executors and admrs. ... during the natura l life of John Swearingen Junior, son of John and Mary Swearingen ... of Ann Swearingen, daug hter of John and Mary Swearingen, and of Kezia Swearingen, daughter of the same, all now livi ng...". (3) Emigrated to Montgomery Co. and settled on Rock Creek not far from where Washington cit y now stands. (1) Lived in Prince George's Co., MD, about the location of the present Rock Cr eek Park. (NOTE: Rock Creek flows through Montgomery Co., MD, which was created 1776 from Fre derick Co., which was created from Baltimore and Prince George's Co. in 1748.) (4) 1755, 6 Feb: John Shelton advertised land for sale, called "Park Hall" in Frederick Co. , formerly property of William Parks, dec'd. Apply to John Sweringen and William Anderson nea r the land for more information. (4) 1757, 16 Jun: Van Sweringen and John Van Sweringen, living near Concococheague in Frede rick Co., advertised land for sale called "Parks' Hall Divided," lying near Moses Chapline's. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.