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Marriage: Children:
  1. John William Tayloe: Birth: 30 NOV 1831 in "Buena Vista", Roanoke Co., Virginia. Death: 2 DEC 1904 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama

  2. Elizabeth Henrietta "Etta" Tayloe: Birth: 6 FEB 1833 in , Roanoke Co., Virginia. Death: 30 JAN 1864

  3. Ann Catherine "Nannie" Tayloe: Birth: 1834 in "Mount Airy", Richmond Co., Virginia. Death: 25 AUG 1909

  4. Mary Lavinia Tayloe: Birth: 17 SEP 1836 in "Cloverdale", Botetourt Co., Virginia. Death: 4 APR 1928 in Norfolk, Virginia

  5. George Edward Tayloe: Birth: 28 JUN 1838 in , Roanoke Co., Virginia. Death: 9 MAR 1879

  6. Rosa Matilda Tayloe: Birth: 1840 in , Roanoke Co., Virginia.

  7. James Langhorne Tayloe: Birth: OCT 1841 in "Buena Vista", Roanoke Co., Virginia. Death: 8 MAR 1862 in Hampton Roads, Virginia

  8. Lomax Tayloe: Birth: 1842 in "Buena Vista", Roanoke Co., Virginia. Death: 11 OCT 1863 in Raccoon Ford, Culpepper Co., Virginia

  9. Virginia "Jenny" Tayloe: Birth: 1848 in , Roanoke Co., Virginia. Death: ABT 1929 in "Buena Vista", Roanoke Co., Virginia

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(15) Age 92 in 1896 (b. 1804), s/o Col. John Tayloe of "Mount Airy," Virgini a and the "Octagon," Washington, D.C.. (17) 16 Oct 1804. Marriage to Mary Elizabeth Langhorne: (1,3,7) (5,14,16a,18,19) 14 Oct 1830. (9,12) 1830. (1 6a) By Rev. Mr. Cobbs. (18) By Rev. N.H. Cobbs of Russell Parish, Bedford Co., VA. (19) Bon d issued 11 Oct 1830, Botetourt Co., VA. Edward W. Watts, security. Marriage 14 Oct 1830, Bot etourt Co., VA, by N.H. Cobbs. Death: (1,2a,5,9) 1897. (9) "Buena Vista," Roanoke, VA. (14) 18 Apr 189(?). (17) 18 Apr 189 7. Burial: (2) "Buena Vista," Roanoke, VA. (17) Tayloe Cemetery on the Tayloe estate "Buena Vi sta" in SE Roanoke, VA. Graves from the cemetery were moved to Fairview in the 1930s. (1) Moved to Big Lick, now Roanoke, VA. (16a) 1830, Oct: Of "Cloverdale," Botetourt Co., VA. (8) 1833: William Langhorne's son sold 598 acres to George P. Tayloe, then known as The Bot toms, Roanoke, VA. (1,5,8) 1833: Built the mansion "Buena Vista." (1,5) It became a community landmark and i s now owned by the city of Roanoke. (2) Built about 1833 when Roanoke was still part of Botet ourt Co. Sold by his grandson Tayloe Rogers to the City of Roanoke in 1937. The city operate s it as Jackson Park. The house is a city recreation center. (7) "Buena Vista", between Pickn ey, Colonial and Fenmar Sts., S.E., Roanoke, VA, was originally the home of Col. George Plate r Tayloe and afterwards of his daughter, Mrs. M.M. Rogers. There originally were 1,500 acre s of the estate. (8) 14 slaves tended the mansion. The home was built in the midst of 598 acr es that is now SE Roanoke which he purchased from the Langhornes. He razed the old wooden hom e on the hill and began construction of the home he first called "Roanoke" after the river wh ich flowed at the edge of the land. The walls of the house are 18 inches thick. It was buil t of red brick, said to be imported from England. Of this land, 11 acres were purchased in 19 37 by the city for use as a public park and recreation center. (1) Very active in the affairs of his Episcopal Diocese. (6) 1837: Was a member of the first vestry of St. Mark's Episcopal Church of Fincastle, VA , with Edward Watts of Oakland, James L. Woodville of Sweet Springs, Thomas Shanks of Boxwood , Thomas N. Burwell and Nathaniel Burwell of Rustic Lodge, Jeremiah Whitten, William Langhorn e of Cloverdale, William M. Peyton of Elmwood, Jordan Anthony of Bedford, William H. Terril o f Roselawn, and Alexander P. Eskridge of Montgomery Co. The vestry bought land on the west si de of Roanoke St. and began the construction of the present church. The congregation dated t o 1771. (11) 1844, 2 Apr: Thomas Lomax Jr. wrote to Benjamin Ogle Tayloe from Demopolis, AL, "You r brother George is daily expected." (1) Charter member of the Valley Union Education Society, and for 50 years was a member o f the Board of Trustees of the Valley Union Seminary, later Hollins Institute, later Hollin s College. Was President of the Board 40 years. The gymnasium at Hollins is named for him. (11) 1849, 16 Aug: H.H. Lewis wrote Benjamin Ogle Tayloe at Lenox, MA, from Washington, "W e have had very recent letters from Mount Airy, Sabine Hall & Powhatan as well as from Buen a Vista... Mr. E. Tayloe left for Lexington with his two sons on the 6th & is now doubtless w ith Poinsett & Julia. He expected to see George & his eldest daughters at the Natural Bridg e about the 20th of this month." (10) 1850, 9 Sep: Living in 57th District, Roanoke Co., VA, occupation farmer, value of rea l estate 27500. Living with him were John W., Elizabeth H., Ann C., Mary L., George E., Rosa , James L., Lomax, Virginia, Eliza D. Hur(d?) and children Archilaus?, Charles, Lewelen?. Nex t household is of Joseph Childress, occupation listed as Manager for Tayloe. (1) 1861: Was a member of the convention which passed the Virginia Ordinance of Secession . He personally opposed secession, but he went with VA when it went out of the Union. Four o f his sons fought for the Confederate cause. (7) One of the signers of the Ordinance of Seces sion. (7) "Buena Vista" barely escaped burning at the hands of General Hunter at the time of th e burning of V.M.I., but was saved from destruction by a report that General Early and his st aff were there. (8) 1889: Did extensive remodeling of "Buena Vista," adding a 2nd story to the wing extendi ng to the left of the entrance. (8) One room of furniture from "Buena Vista" is being stored by the Roanoke Valley Historic al Society (1976). (13) A banker of Roanoke, VA. (15) 1896, 17 Jun: George P. Tayloe, of Roanoke County, Virginia, aged 92, and Henry A. Tay loe, of Hale Co., Alabama, aged 88, the surviving sons of the late Col. John Tayloe of "Moun t Airy," Virginia and of the "Octagon," Washington, D.C., signed a certificate of authenticit y drawn up by Edward H. Ingle, stating that they were familiar with the table when it stood i n the library in their father's house in Washington D.C., on which the Treaty of Peace betwee n the United States and Great Britain was signed by President Madison. The certificate was no tarized the same day in Roanoke, VA. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.