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Marriage: Children:
  1. Anne Bladen: Birth: 1696 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland. Death: 1775 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland

  2. Thomas Bladen: Birth: 1698 in , , Maryland. Death: 1780 in , , England

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [adgedge.ged] ! (1) Carolyn T.D. Carey, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Cites: (a) "Founders of Ann Arundle a nd Howard." (b) Mrs. Springer of Souix City, IA. (2) "Dictionary of American Biography," p.321-322, biography of William Bladen. (3) "The Tayloes of Virginia and Allied Families," by W. Randolph Tayloe (Berryville, VA, 1 963) p.92. FHL #929.273 T211t. (4) "A Chronicle of Belair," by Shirley Vlasak Baltz (Bowie Heritage Committee, Bowie, MD , 1984) Pt. 2, p.163. Cites: (a) "Legislative Dictionary." (5) "Family Register of Gerret van Sweringen and Descendants," by H.H. Swearingen (2nd. ed. , Washington, 1894) p.4. (6) "Magazine of the Jefferson County Historical Society," Vol. XVI, Dec. 1950 (Charlestown , WV), "The Early Van Swearingens," p.10. (7) "Garrett Vansweringen and His Family," by Bernard Beary, "Chronicles of St. Mary's," Vo l. 29, No. 5, May 1981 (St. Mary's Co. Hist. Soc.) p.323,328-329. Extracts by Elizabeth F. Ra ndolph. (8) Prerogative Court (Wills) 13, p.557-558, MD State Archives, Hall of Records, Annapolis , MD (MSA S538, MdHR 1291-4, 1-11-1-14). Transcript by Elizabeth F. Randolph. ! Birth: (1b) 1680, MD. (2,6,7) d/o Gerret Van Sweringen/Mary Smith. (3,4a) d/o Gerritt Va n Swearingen. Marriage to William Bladen: (4a) 1695/6. (1) St. Mary's Co., MD. (2) 1696. (3,5,6) (7) Some time prior to 29 Feb 1695/6, when a summons was issued to Mr. Hall, the priest living at St . Inegoes in St. Mary's Co., to appear before the Governor and Council and tell by what autho rity he married them. The priest was able to produce a license from the Anglican minister o f William and Mary Parish. Death: (7) Still living in 1727. (8) 1712/3, 17 Feb: Mary Vansweringen of St. Maryes Co., widow, wrote her will. Gives to so n-in-law Mr. William Bladen and daughter Bladen a "Ring of thirty shillings price to each o f them." (7) 1727, 17 Oct: In the Provincial court, William Deacon sued Ann Bladen, Gerard Slye, an d John Park and his wife Teresia for partition of the 224 acre tract near the City of St. Mar y's called "Chancellor's Point." It was near the old fort and the White house field. They hel d the tract undivided as heirs of Joseph Swearingen: Ann Bladen, Gerard Slye in right of hi s deceased wife Sarah, Dorothy Vansweringen, Eleanor Manning, and John Park in the right of h is wife Teresia. William Deacon claimed 2/5 parts by purchase from Dorothy and Eleanor. The d efendants refused partition, but the court ordered the land divided. (7) 1753, 31 Dec: Teresia Ford, widow and relict of Robert Ford, St. Mary's Co., MD, leave s to James Neale, son of Henry Neale of Cob Neck, dec'd, and of Mary Neale now intermarried w ith John Lancaster, 1/5 of "Chancellor's Point," which on a writt of partition was formerly a llotted to Anne Blanden. It abutted the division line between John Parke and Teresia his wif e and Anne Bladen, widow. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.