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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [adgedge.ged] ! (1) Carolyn T.D. Carey, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Cites: (a) "Founders of Ann Arundle a nd Howard." (b) Mrs. Springer of Souix City, IA. (2) "Family Register of Gerret van Sweringen and Descendants," by H.H. Swearingen (2nd. ed. , Washington, 1894) p.4. (3) "Magazine of the Jefferson County Historical Society," Vol. XVI, Dec. 1950 (Charlestown , WV), "The Early Van Swearingens," p.10. (4) "Garrett VanSweringen and His Family," by Bernard Beary, "Chronicles of St. Mary's," "M onthly Bulletin of the St. Mary's County Historical Society," Vol. 29, No. 5, May 1981, p.322 ,328-329. Transcript by Elizabeth F. Randolph. (5) Prerogative Court (Wills) 13, p.557-558, MD State Archives, Hall of Records, Annapolis , MD (MSA S538, MdHR 1291-4, 1-11-1-14). Transcript by Elizabeth F. Randolph. (6) Prerogative Court (wills) 6, p.210-211, MD State Archives, Hall of Records, Annapolis , MD. Will of Garrett Vanseringen MSA S538, MdHR 1286, 1-11-1-8. Transcript by Elizabeth F. R andolph. (7) Prerogative Court (Accounts) 38, p.20-22, MD Archives, Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD . 4th Additional Account of the estate of Joseph Vansweringen. Transcript by Elizabeth F. Ran dolph. ! Birth: (2) Probably 1677. (2,3) St. Mary's Co., MD. (2,3,4) s/o Gerret Van Sweringen/Mar y Smith. (4) Deposed in 1717 that his age was about 35 (b. 1682). Marriage to Mary Neal: (3) Mary (Neal) Egerton. (4) Prior to 9 Apr 1715. Her third husband . Her 2nd d. 1713. Death: (4) Died intestate between 10 Dec 1720 and 23 Jan 1720/1. (6) 1698, 25 Mar: Garrett Vansweringen of City of St. Mary's in St. Mary's Co., MD, wrote h is will. Left his "now dwelling house and land thereunto belonging also ye Councill Roomes an d Coffee house and land thereunto belonging" to sons Joseph and Charles Vansweringen. If eith er of them should die, houses and land to go to the surviving brother, but if both should die , then they go to "my Girles gotten by my now Liveing wife" if unmarried or unprovided. Name s Joseph and wife executors. If his wife remarries, the executorship to remain the sole execu tor, allowing his mother 1/3 of the estate. Joseph to be guardian of the "unaged children" wi th the advice of Mr. John Hall of St. Innegoes. If Joseph should do them any injustice, the o ffense to be referred to Mr. John Hall, Mr. Charles Carrolle, Mr. Charles Egerton, Mr. Thoma s Georing?, or any two of them. (5) 1712/3, 17 Feb: Mary Vansweringen of St. Maryes Co., widow, wrote her will. Gives to so n Joseph VanSweringen all the tract of land lying in St. Maryes County near St. Maryes calle d the Point, containing 200 acres, and he is to maintain her two said daughters handsomely un til they are married. Gives him all of her estate both real and personal not otherwide bequea thed after, and him executor. (4) 1720/1, 23 Jan: Administrator's bond for the estate of Joseph Swearingen for 3,000 poun ds sterling names Mary Vanswearingen as administratix and Thos. Waughop and Vitus Herbert a s sureties. (4) 1727, 17 Oct: In the Provincial court, William Deacon sued Ann Bladen, Gerard Slye, an d John Park and his wife Teresia for partition of the 224 acre tract near the City of St. Mar y's called "Chancellor's Point." It was near the old fort and the White house field. They hel d the tract undivided as heirs of Joseph Swearingen: Ann Bladen, Gerard Slye in right of hi s deceased wife Sarah, Dorothy Vansweringen, Eleanor Manning, and John Park in the right of h is wife Teresia. William Deacon claimed 2/5 parts by purchase from Dorothy and Eleanor. The d efendants refused partition, but the court ordered the land divided. (4) 1755, 8 Apr: Orders were issued to the Sheriff of St. Mary's Co. to summon William Deac on, Esq., and Ann his wife, lately called Ann Vansweringen, to show cause why they do not pas s a final account of Joseph Vansweringen's estate. The account was rendered 28 Jun 1755 by Wi lliam Deacon alone. (4,7) 1755, 28 Jun: The 4th additional account of Joseph Vansweringen's estate made by Will iam Deacon shows the following disbursements to representatives of the deceased: 1/2 of the b alance due to this account by marriage with the deceasds widow... To Chas. Craycroft per orde r of Henry Welch being one of the representatives. To Robt. Ford for his Wifes Part, and fo r Mary Neale and Susnh Craycroft. Daughters of Mrs. Sarah Sly... To Benja. Williams for his m others Part... To Gerd Vansweringen Brother of ye Deced... To Joseph Kirk for his Mothers Par t... To Robt. Pearce for his Wifes Part... To Mark Rodes for his mothers Part... To Thos. Van sweringin for his Brother and Sisters Part... To Eliza Mitchel,Thos. Vansweringen, Gerard Boa rman. "Several other Representatives of the Deced are known to this accountant..." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.