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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Williams: Birth: in , Maryland. Death: 1775 in , St. Marys Co., Maryland

  2. Benjamin Williams: Birth: in , St. Marys Co., Maryland. Death: ABT NOV 1771 in , St. Marys Co., Maryland

Marriage: Children:
  1. Philip Evans: Birth: ABT 1687 in , St. Marys Co., Maryland. Death: ABT 1738 in , St. Marys Co., Maryland

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [adgedge.ged] ! (1) Naturalization papers of Garrett Van Swearingen, province of Maryland, Records of th e Maryland General Assembly held at St. Mary's, Apr 1669. Recorded 17 Dec 1792 from W. II fol io 127 of the Law Record Books of MD, General Court Office for the Western Shore of MD. (2) Carolyn T.D. Carey, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Cites: (a) "Founders of of Ann Arundl e and Howard." (b) Mrs. Springer of Souix City, IA. (3) "Family Register of Gerret van Sweringen and Descendants," by H.H. Swearingen (2nd. ed. , Washington, 1894) p.4. (4) "Garrett VanSweringen and His Family," by Bernard Beary, "Chronicles of St. Mary's," "M onthly Bulletin of the St. Mary's County Historical Society," Vol. 29, No. 5, May 1981, p.322 . Transcript by Elizabeth F. Randolph. (5) "Maryland Calendar of Wills 1635-1685," Vol. 1, by Jane Baldwin, p.159. Transcript by E lizabeth F. Randolph. Cites: (a) Vol. 4, p.162. (6) Prerogative Court (Wills) 11, p.71-72 (MSA SR 4405), MD State Archives, Hall of Records , Annapolis, MD. Will of John Evans. Transcript by Elizabeth F. Randolph. (7) Testamentary Proceedings, Vol. 19C, p.22, St. Mary's Co., MD Citations. Transcript by E lizabeth F. Randolph. (8) St. Mary's Co., MD, Prerogative Court, MD State Archives, Hall of Records, Annapolis, M D. Transcripts by Elizabeth F. Randolph. (a) Will of Jacob Williams, Vol. 18, p.435. (b) Test amentary Bond, estate of Jacob Williams, Testamentary Proceedings 27, p.247. (c) Will of Eliz abeth Williams, Vol. 21, p.722-723. (9) Land Office Records, St. Mary's Co., MD, MD State Archives, Hall of Records, Annapolis , MD. Extracts by Elizabeth F. Randolph. (a) Unpatented Certificate of Survey No. 462. (b) Un patented Certificate of Survey No. 145. ! Birth: (1) Newanstell in Delaware Bay, then under the government of the States General o f the United Provinces. (1,3,4) d/o Garrett Vansweringen/Barbarah De Barrette. (2) c.1660. (4 ) New Castle, DE. (5) d/o Garret Van Sweringen. (NOTE: If she were b. about 1660, she would h ave been about 48 and 50 at the birth of her sons by her 2nd husband if their birth dates ar e correct.) Marriage to John Evans: (4) Marriage to Jacob Williams: (4) (7) Before Sep. 1707. Death: (4) 1736, St. Mary's Co., MD. (4,8c) Will was dated 23 Sep 1726, proved 6 Dec 1736 , St. Mary's Co., MD. (1) 1669, Apr: Petition of Garrett Vansweringen, Barbarah De Barrette, wife of Garrett, Eli zabeth Vansweringen, and Zachariah Vansweringen, children of Garrett and Barbarah, Isaach D e Barrette, Robert Roelands, Jean Jourdaine, John Vanbeoch, Charles De le Roche, and Peter Jo hnson, all residents of MD, to the Right Hon. the Lord Proprietary of the Provinces of Maryla nd, and Avalon Lord Baron of Baltimore. Petitioners have for divers years therein inhabited , being invited to come and dwell within MD, upon the Lordship's declaration of 2 Jul 1649, w herein he empowered his government to grant lands to persons of French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedi sh, or other foreign descent. But because the petitioners are not of British or Irish descent , they cannot take benefit of the laws and customs of the province as others. They therefor p etition the lower house of the assembly for naturalization. (5a) 1685, 27 Mar: Mark Cordea of St. Mary's Co., MD, wrote his will, proved 7 Nov 1685, i n which he names wife Hester, brothers Anthony and William of Catholic brotherhood of St. Ini goes, eldest unnamed d/o son-in-law Henry Fox, son-in-law Anthony Lecompte, son-in-law Jame s Cullen, Samuel Brockhurst, Mary d/o Col. Jarboe, and goddaughter Elizabeth, d/o Garret Va n Sweringen. He left Elizabeth and heirs a house and lot in St. Mary's Co., MD. Garrett Van S weringen named as one of the overseers of his will, and was also a witness. (2) 1700, 18 Sep: John Evans of St. Mary's City, MD, wrote his will. Left to his wife and M r. William Asquith and their heirs his land in Pocomoke in in Somersett Co., to be sold "wit h all convenient speed for the payment of my Just debts." His personal estate to be divided a ccording to law amongst his wife and 3 youngest children after his debts are paid. Left his h ouse and land in St. Mary's to his wife "the better to enable her to bring up my Children." N ames his wife executrix. (7) 1707, Sep: "Eliza. Evans, admx. Jno. Evans NEI marryed Jacob Williams." (NOTE: NEI mean s non est inventus, not to be found, the Sheriff's indication that he was unable to serve th e citation because he could not locate the parties cited.) (8a) 1725, 6 Dec: Jacob Williams, planter of St. Mary's Co., MD wrote his will. Gives to hi s wife all his lands during during her natural life, and after her decease to be equally divi ded between his two sons. The rest of his personal estate to be equally divided between his w ife Elizabeth and his two sons William and Benjamin after his debts are paid. Names his wif e executrix. (8b) 1725/6, 7 Mar: In the Prerogative Court of St. Mary's Co., MD, Elizabeth Williams, exe cutrix of the estate of Jacob Williams, posted a "Testry" bond of 300 pounds dated 10 Jan 172 5, sureties John Baker Sr. and Philip Evans. (9) 1726/7, 28 Jan: A Special Land Warrant was issued to Elizabeth Williams and her son Ant hony Evans for 130 acres of vacant land, St. Mary's Co., MD. (9a) 1726/7, 2 Feb: A Certificate of Survey was issued to Elizabeth Williams of St. Mary' s Co., MD, widow, and her son Anthony Evans of the same county for a "parcel of land Now Call ed Thursdays Work" on the St. Mary's River at the head of Chancellors Creek "that Issueth ou t of the Sd River," adjoing a tract called "Saturdays Work" in the possession of Joseph Thomp son, containing 40 acres "to be held of Snow Hill Manor." The tract contained a 20 foot dwell ing house and a 30 ft. Tobacco house and 2 acres of cleared ground. (9b) 1726/7, 26 Feb: A Certificate of Survey was issued to Eliza Williams of St. Mary's Co. , MD, widow, and her son Anthony Evans of the same county for 89 acres "to be held of Snow Hi ll Manner" called "Eliza and Anthony's Green" on St. Mary's River at the head of Chancellor' s Creek and adjoining "Saturdays Work" in possession of Joseph Thompson, beginning at a whit e oak "standing between the Brick Church at St. Marys and the mouth of a Creek called the Mil l Creek." The land had been cultivated and contained "a Large old Dwelling House with a Stac k of Brick Chimneys an old Kitchen with a Brick Chimney," a new 50 foot tobacco house with sh ed, and old 40 foot barn, an old Quince orchard and "a Considerable quantity of Fencing." (4) 1736, 23 Sep: Wrote her will, leaving token amounts of money to sons Philip Evans, Anth ony Evans, and William Williams and daughter Mary Pearce. She left the bulk of her estate t o son Benjamin Williams, whom she named executor. (8c) Eliz. Williams wrote her will, callin g herself weak of body. Left to son Philip Evans 5 shillings; to son Anthony Evans 5 pounds ; to daughter Mary Pearce 10 shillings; to son William Williams 5 shillings; to son Benjami n Williams the rest of her estate both real and personal. Son Benjamin executor. Wits. John S tevens, Elener Pearce, Joseph Carmichall. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.