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  2. Joseph van Swearingen: Death: ABT 1736 in , St. Marys Co., Maryland

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [adgedge.ged] ! (1) Naturalization papers of Garrett Van Swearingen, province of Maryland, Records of th e Maryland General Assembly held at St. Mary's, Apr 1669. Recorded 17 Dec 1792 from W. II fol io 127 of the Law Record Books of MD, General Court Office for the Western Shore of MD. (2) "Garrett Vansweringen and His Family," by Bernard Beary, "Chronicles of St. Mary's," Vo l. 29, No. 5 (St. Mary's Co. Hist. Soc.) p.322. Transcript by Elizabeth F. Randolph. (3) "Family Register of Gerret van Sweringen and Descendants," by H.H. Swearingen (2nd. ed. , Washington, 1894) p.4. ! Birth: (1) Newanstell in Delaware Bay, then under the government of the States General o f the United Provinces. (1,2,3) s/o Garrett Vansweringen/Barbarah De Barrette. (2) Eldest son . (3) About 1663. (2,3) New Castle, DE. Marriage to Martha Devine: (2) Before 1697. (3) Martha __. Death: (2) 1712, St. Mary's Co., MD. (3) Was still an infant when his father moved to MD. (1) 1669, Apr: Petition of Garrett Vansweringen, Barbarah De Barrette, wife of Garrett, Eli zabeth Vansweringen, and Zachariah Vansweringen, children of Garrett and Barbarah, Isaach D e Barrette, Robert Roelands, Jean Jourdaine, John Vanbeoch, Charles De le Roche, and Peter Jo hnson, all residents of MD, to the Right Hon. the Lord Proprietary of the Provinces of Maryla nd, and Avalon Lord Baron of Baltimore. Petitioners have for divers years therein inhabited , being invited to come and dwell within MD, upon the Lordship's declaration of 2 Jul 1649, w herein he empowered his government to grant lands to persons of French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedi sh, or other foreign descent. But because the petitioners are not of British or Irish descent , they cannot take benefit of the laws and customs of the province as others. They therefor p etition the lower house of the assembly for naturalization. (2) 1691, 6 Nov: Was identified as Garrett's son and heir-apparent in an Indenture. (3) 1694: Gerret and Zacharias Van Swearingen joined in the address of the officials and fr eemen of the city of St. Mary's to the Governor against having the meeting place of the assem bly changed from that place to Annapolis. (2) 1709, 15 Mar: Surety for Maria Kirk on the Administrator's Bond, estate of Martin Kirk. (3) His widow Martha, in her will, referred to Zacharias as "late of Saint Mary's county." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.