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Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] David was the younges son of Benjamin and Judith Cagel and died at Sufolk, VA. August 22, 1861, his age was 20 yrs, 8 months, 16 days. He was a member of the 4th Regiment of N.C.V. and remained with the came up to the time of his death discharging his duties with a cheerfulness and patriotism well worthy of imitation . The 4 Regiment NC Voluteers was redesignated the 14th Regiment , NC Troops, which name its regimetn, bore until the end of the war. The Regiment which began the war with over 1,000 troops had only 115 men left in its ranks when it surrended at Appomattox Court house , VA. in April 1865. Daniel Poplin , the other soldier buried in the cemetery , served in the 27th NC State Troops, CSA. Jesse Poplin relation unkown , enlisted with David D. Cagle in the 4th regiment on May 5, 1861. (Daniel Poplin is buried in the David Cagle Cemetery ). Daniel Poplin 1826-1864 , of 27th regiment , North Carolina , State Troops , CSA. Biographie for David reads, Cagle, David D. Private resided in stanly county, and was by occupation a farmer prior to enlisting in Stanly county, at age 20, on May 05, 1861. Present or accouted for until he died at Camp Ellis , Virginia, August 24, 1861. Cause of death is not reported His mother Judith had his headstone placed in the cemetery . There is a lond of pure delight, shere saints immortal reign, eternal day exceeds the night, and pleasures banish pain . there everlastin Spring abides, and never fading flowers, . Death like a narrow sea divides this heavenly land from ours. The abbreviation "N. C. V." is David's epitapth presumably means "North Carolina Volunteers" . There is a letter of Rebecca Cagle form 1826 mentions that Benjamin Cagle ( David's father was living on logh creek at that time and thelocation of Benjamin's home place is not known , as yet . Old Creek flow a short distance to the west of Albemarle. The David Cagle Family Cemetery in Albemarle, Stanly County, North Carolina . The cemetery is located # 1267, beside west main st. extesion, Albemarle, and Old City Water Filtration Plant, said to Cemetery in two parts. one for Whites and one for the slaves . 100 or more graves but only one marker readable . is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.