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  1. John FitzJohn: Birth: ABT 1228. Death: 1258

1. Title:   Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages
Page:   p. 353, Mandeville, Earls of Essex
Author:   Sir Bernard Burke
Publication:   Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, England, 1883
2. Title:   jerryc490.ged
3. Title:   roberts.GED
4. Title:   ralphroberts.ged
5. Title:   Automated Family Pedigrees - #1
Author:   United Ancestries, Automated Archives, Inc.
Publication:   CD-100, Banner Blue Software, 1994

a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [jerryc490.ged] John FitzGeoffrey, son of Geoffrey FitzPiers, Earl of Essex, by Aveline, his 2nd wife, being next male heir of that family on the death of William FitzPiers, Earl of Essex, in 1227, paid a fine to the king of 300 marks for those lands which were his father's and did by hereditary right belong to him, where of this last Earl William died seised. In the 19th of Henry III [1345], this John was constituted sheriff of Yorkshire; and in the 21st of the same reign, upon the treaty then made between the king and the barons, whereby, in consideration of the great charter and charters of the forest being confirmed, a thirtieth part of all men's movables was given to the king, this feudal lord was admitted one of the privy council; and the same year, there being a grand council held at London, he was one of these at the time sent to the Pope's legate to prohibit his attempting anything therein prejudicial to the interest of the king and religion. In eight years afterward, John FitzGeoffrey was one of the commissioners sent from King Henry, with Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfok, and others, to the council at Lyons in order to complain of the great exactions made upon the realm by the holy see; and the next year he was constituted justice of Ireland where, for his services, he received a grant from the crow of the Isles of Thomond. He m. Isabel, dau. of Sir Ralph Bigod, 3rd son of Hugh, Earl of Norfolk, sister of John Bigod, and widow of Gilbert de Laci, and dying in 1256, was s. by his son, John FitzJohn. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, 1883, p. 208, FitzJohn, Barons, FitzJohn] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.