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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret French Strother: Birth: 1758 in Westmoreland, VA. Death: 1835 in Culpeper, VA

  2. Gilly Coleman Strother: Birth: ABT 1762.

  3. Lucy Coleman Strother: Birth: ABT 1764. Death: AFT 1820

  4. Elizabeth French Strother: Birth: ABT 1766.

  5. Daniel French Strother: Birth: ABT 1772. Death: in Louisville, KY

  6. George French Strother: Birth: ABT 1774 in VA. Death: 1840 in St. Louis, MO

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [6958.ged] French Strother was b. 173- in King George Co. He lived on a handsome estate of 1,500 acres, lying on Mountain Run, on the Fredericksburg road between Culpeper and Stevensburg. He was a vestryman and warden of St. Mark's parish. He represented Culpeper Co, VA, for more than a quarter of a century in the General Assembly, before, during and after the Revolution, was a member of the VA Conventions of I776 and I788, opposing in the Iatter, with Patrick Henry, George Mason and others, the adoption of the Constitution of the United States. He was county lieutenant, and also presiding justice of the County Court of Culpeper. He was in every way a useful and public spirited citizen. The General Assembly at various times imposed upon him public duties, as that of trustee of the town of Stevensburg, trustee of an academy to be established in the old gun-factory at Fredericksburg, commissioner to settle certain trustees' accounts, commissioner of a road from Chester's gap in Culpeper to Richmond, etc. He d. intestate in Aug. 1800, and is buried at Fredericksburg. His wife was Lucy, dau of Robert Coleman (d. I793) formerly of Caroline Co. She was connected with the Claytons, Fosters and Stevens. Children: (1)Margaret French Strother (2)Gilley (3)Lucy, d. unm. (4)Elizabeth, m. Nimrod Evans, dsp. (5)Mary, m. Daniel Gray, her first cousin. (6)Daniel French (7)George French (Owen, William Strother of VA, 1898, pp. 24-25). 1757 MIL: Culpeper Co, VA, a list of the Culpeper militia without arms on 26 Jun. 1758 MIL: Culpeper Co, VA, taken from Hening's collection on an act of the House of Burgesses of 14 Sep: Anthony, Francis, and French Strother. 1763 MIL: Culpeper Co, VA, French Strother, Lt., militia, 20 Aug. 1763 COURT: Culpeper Co, VA,18 Mar, John Strother , orphan of James Strother, decd, ward of French Strother, his brother, being of lawful age, his guardian is discharged. 1769 LAND: Virginia Council Land Grants, 1745-1769, Nov 1769, French Strother and 49 others, Wabache River, petition which has not been presented but lodged. 1771 REL: French Strother vestryman of Buckrun Church in Bromfield Parish (Meade, Old Churches of Virginia, 1857, Vol II, p. 78. 1776-1788 GOV: VA General Assembly. He represented Virginia in the Fifth Convention from 6 May-5 Jul 1776. He was a Col. in the VA Mil per DESC: James Allen Harmer, ANC #101933, SAR Patriot Index FILE REF: #6626 S.GED 16 feb 1998. 1779 CEN: Culpeper Co, VA, French Strother, Entry #4180, Amt dep 539 (NGS Quarterly Vol 46, Dec 1958, No 4, p. 203). 1782 COURT: Culpeper Co, VA, 19 Aug, p.6, /s/ French Strother a copy teste D. Jameson, Jr., Dep. Clk. Memorandum The court considers all the above property as taken for Continental service; p. 17, French Strother for 105# stalled beef in Jan 1781; p. 48, French Strother for 800# beef, for 30 bu. wheat in Nov 1781. 1783 COURT: Culpeper Co, VA, 29 Sep, French Strother etal, Gent. present at court to receive and adjust claims for property taken for publick service. 1787 TAX: Culpeper Co, VA, List B. French Strother charged with tax and that of James Wagoner: 1WM 16-21, 16B>16, 18B<16, 20 horse, 38 cattle, 1 riding chair. 1788 GOV: Culpeper Co, VA. The Virginia Herald and Fredericksburg Advertiser of Thur, 27 Mar, reported that the delegates from Culpeper to the 1788 Convention were French Strother and Joel Early, Esqs. (NGS Quarterly Vol. X, Jul 1921, No. 2, p. 86). 1799 DEATH: Fredericksburg Gazette, 4 Jul, died yesterday, French Strother of Culpeper, State Senator. He was on his way home from the Senate in Richmond and is buried in Fredericksburg. 1802 DEED: Campbell Co, VA, 16 Jun, DB 6-148. Francis Gray of Campbell to Philip Slaughter and Daniel F. Strother, admr. of French Strother, decd, of Culpeper Co, for Slaves. George French Strother represented Culpeper County in the General Assembly for more than 25 years from before and after the Revo War. Until 1791, he served as a Delegate moving then to the Senate where he served until his death. He was a member of the VA Conventions of 1776 and 1788. In the latter, he opposed Patrick Henry, George Mason and others in the ratification of the Constitution of the United States. One problem in his mind was religious freedom as he was wary of a strong central government. He was County Lieutenant and presiding justice of the County Court of Culpeper. He lived on a 1,500 acre estate lying on Mountain Run on the Fredericksburg Road between Culpeper and Stevensburg. He was a vestryman and warden of St. Mark's Parish, He was married to Lucy Coleman, dau of Robert Coleman. He died in Fredericksburg on his way home from the Senate in Richmond and is buried in St. George's churchyard there. Two of his descendants, George French Strother II and James French Strother, represented the Culpeper district in the U.S. Congress. The former received a letter from John Quincy Adams regarding the Constitution which may be seen at the Burgandine House in Culpeper. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.