Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Robert Coleman died 1812 in Jefferson, KY. He was the son of Robert Coleman and Sarah Anne Saunders.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Robert Coleman died 1793 in Culpeper, VA.

Sarah Anne Saunders .

Children of Sarah Anne /Saunders/ and Robert /Coleman/ are:
  1. Frances Coleman was born 2 SEP 1705, and died 1783. She married John Paine on ABT 1729. He was born ABT 1705 in King & Queen Co., VA, and died 20 SEP 1770 in Spotsylvania Co, VA.

  2. Mildred Coleman was born 6 MAR 1736/37, and died 1 MAY 1758.

  3. Lucy Coleman was born ABT 1740. She married French Strother. He was born 1733 in Spotsylvania, VA, and died 3 JUL 1799 in Fredericksburg, VA. He was buried in St. George's Churchyard, Fredericksburg, VA.

  4. Gilly Coleman was born ABT 1745.

  5. Ann Colemandied AFT 1793. She married Philip Clayton. He was born 1702, and died 1786.

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  9. Robert Colemandied 1812 in Jefferson, KY.

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