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Marriage: Children:
  1. Archibald Alexander: Birth: ABT 1610 in Scotland.

  2. Robert Alexander: Birth: 1610 in Sterling, Scotland. Death: in Drumquin, Tyrone, Ireland

  3. William Alexander: Birth: 1624 in Eridy, Conegal Co., Ulster, Ireland. Death: 1715 in Cecil Co., MD

  4. John Alexander: Birth: 1627 in Donegal, Ulster, Ireland. Death: 1677 in Granville Co., NC

  5. Elizabeth Alexander: Birth: 1632 in Donegal, Ulster, Ireland.

  6. Andrew Alexander: Birth: ABT 1635 in County Coleraime, Ireland.

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [roberts.GED] [alexander.ged] Maryland Heraldic familes pg 69 " John Alexander m. Miss Graham in Scotland, dau of John Grah am. Came to America in 1659. Obtained a grant of 1,500 acres of land in Northampton,Co., Va. , on March 24 1659. In 1664 John Alexander obtaind a grant of 1,450 acres, formerly granted t o John Bagnall and John Walter,and by them assigned to John Alexander 8/10/1659. In J ohn Alexander, Sr.,he patented land in Westmoreland on Attopin Creek.He had issue (1) John Ae xande Jr. mentioned in a patent. 3/3/1664, for land in Westmoreland to Robert Alexander, Joh n Alexander, Jr., and Christopher (Lunn). (2) Robert .(3) Philip. (Birch vs. Alexander Washng ton;s Reports) Wm& Mary Mag. Seeptered Races. Taylor James Historic Families " William Alexander, Earl of Stirling to John Alexander, b.c 1 590, Tarbert,Kintyre, Scotland whose children were William***, and seven other sons (I have a lso Phillip, Robert, and John (born about 1624-53) .William, son of John had the 7 boys and t wo girls who came to Somerset. and Cecil Co. Record of John E,Alexander" John Alexander, the fourth son of William, went to Ireland and se ttled in Londonderry in 1646. His son John,(called John of Antrim) Culp Notes on John Alexander son of William Alexander 1st Earl of Stirling " John migrated wi th relatives and a large numer of other Presbyterians to Ireland in 1610 John and Elizabeth/A gnes had nine children, some of which ( but not William, our ancestor) immigrated with them t o the Colony of Virginia (Stafford Co.) in 1659 Alex Pioneers "From the time of Elizabeth the English Goverment was periodicaly plagued by th e native Irish who were antagonistic, combative and often lawless; constantly demanding freee dom and self gorverment. Durn the reign of Jamesl, !st a Protestant ruler -- He concieved th e idea with populating the counties of Ulster, in the North of Ireland, with a different nati onality,charasteistics and, religious creed. Consequently, in 1610, he confiacated vast tract s of land in Ulster: disposessing the owners and banishing them from that large area. Ulste r was parcelled out in larg tracts to certain Proprietors, who were largely English or Scots. One of these was the Scot, John Alexander whose descendants have been fairly well establishe d -- some of whom finally migrated to this country and ultimately settled in the Shenadoah Va lly area. Maryland Herldic Famalies " (There is a paragraph on Andrew Alexander)..... of of the same an cient family as William the first Earl of Stirling descended also the Earls of Caledon ,Tyron e Co. Ireland. From him descended Nathaniel Alexander of Londonderry m.Elizabeth McClintock o f Dunmore, Donegal Co. and had the following: 1.William, had son Robert who left sons, 2. Rob ert who left several children, 3. Eliza wife of Josias Dupre, Esq. 4.James b. 1736, sat in Pa rliament for Londonderry from 1772-1789. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.